The 7 Best News Apps to Keep You Informed

When you want to keep up-to-date with the news, you should use more apps. But what are the best news apps to use to keep you informed?

There are a lot of apps out there to choose from. If you’re looking to get your news faster, then you need to check out these 7 apps.

1. AP Mobile

The AP provides media outlets with articles every day. And you can access those articles faster with their news app.

This app will give you everything from breaking news to in-depth journalism. You can browse the top news stories of the day or check out other sections that might interest you. It’s even available in Spanish.

2. NPR News

You can get articles and radio broadcasts from the largest non-profit news source in the U.S. You can access live NPR radio programs from across the country by searching for a specific station or city.

The app allows you to create playlists of its radio shows to listen to later. It also makes it easy to share news with your friends.

3. Apple News

One of the top curated news apps is only available on iOS. It has partnerships with major news outlets, including The New York Times.

Apple News focuses on quick-loading images and videos to keep you informed, but you can browse just about any news article from around the world. You can also adjust the options so it gives you the news that most interests you.

4. Google Play Newsstand

For those without an iPhone, Google has its own app for Android users. It’s a personalized news feed with access to thousands of free and premium news sources.

Google will give you a reason why you’re seeing each story in your feed, and you can give feedback to help it learn to find news you’re interested in reading.

The app will keep you informed of everything you need for your day. You’ll stay informed on stories that include prescription drug smuggling.

5. Flipboard

This is app allows you to save articles to read later and share them. It also offers users suggestions for types of articles to read.

Most people use Flipboard to save long-form journalism to read later when they have more time.

6. Reuters

Reuters is a top name in news and the company specializes in breaking news. This app will keep you informed of news all over the world.

With its thousands of journalists worldwide, Reuters offers users a wide variety of news and information. They publish a lot of news for investors as well.

7. Feedly

This news aggregator allows you to choose the publications you want to read. It’s basically an RSS feed that you can fill with news.

By choosing the media you want to see, you get curated news in your app that you want. It may not provide you with breaking news stories, but it will give you all the best stories that are important to you.

Get News Apps to Stay Informed

There are many customizable news apps out there to keep you informed. You may just want one that offers a limited scope of news.

If you’re interested in more than just news, you can find more about apps to improve your life in our technology section.