Tech Gear for Camping: Everything You Need to Know

The camping experience used to be simple but uncomfortable, with only a tent, a fire, and sleeping bags. However, camping today has become high tech.

Owning high tech gear for camping makes the experience much easier and can even extend the trip significantly. It can make camping feel like home and has made the camping experience available to many new groups of people.

There are various types of tech gear that is available to campers today. From portable stoves to better lighting, everyone uses different pieces of tech based on their needs. Here are some of the best pieces of tech gear for camping on the market today.

1. Solar Chargers

Unless you’re looking for a completely tech-free adventure (in which case, you may want to hop on to another article), you will probably need to recharge items like your phone, GPS, and even your iPad. That is where solar chargers will come into play.

By using solar power to charge up and energize your devices, you will both be promoting environmentally friendly device use and keeping yourself safe by giving you access to your communication devices. Obviously, solar chargers won’t work when it is night time or a particularly cloudy day, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

2. Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags used to be a hassle to carry around when camping. Luckily, new technology has made it so that you can stay warm at night without having to break your back carrying a heavy sleeping bag.

By using “goose-down” material instead of the typical synthetic material, you can be assured that you will be shedding some pounds from your camping bag without sacrificing your warmth at night.

Many goose-down sleeping bags come with a 10-degree temperature rating, meaning that most campers will be comfortable sleeping in 10-degree weather. This makes your goose-down sleeping bag perfect for camping any time of the year!

3. High Tech Cooking Gear

Cooking has always been one of the coziest, most memorable experiences of camping. The joy of cooking by a warm fire and making food naturally has a great vibe that goes along with it. Unfortunately, cooking while camping can be a struggle.

Whether it’s a fire that just won’t start or a site that won’t allow you to do much outside of boiling water, there are always ways to make cooking easier for the average camper. Luckily, new technology has made cooking easier and has helped the average camper diversify their cooking options.

Items range from a device that provides a consistent stream of air to help light a fire, to a high-tech heat pack that can react to water and reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes cooking food much more accessible.

What’s most important is that high-tech cooking gear allows for campers to cook wherever they may want to. Whether they are in windy or rainy conditions, the gear available now can heat up and prepare your food no matter where you choose to set up.

4. Personal Water Filter

Thanks to the technology we have today, water filtering can be done in only seconds, so any water that we find can become drinking water.

If your campsite is by a stream or river, or even if there’s some rain overnight that you want to be able to drink come morning, you will be best off buying a personal water filter. Many personal water filters can filter out up to 99.9% of all bacteria and particles in the water that you find around your campsite.

These filters will ensure that you have a steady supply of clean water, meaning one less worry for your camping trip. These filters are great to have on hand for emergencies too, as you know you can have clean drinking water as soon as you find a source to fill up.

One perfect example of where to use this personal water filter is by the many riverside camping sites offered by Campsited France campsites. Once you are set up next to any of the many rivers or streams that these sites offer, you’ll be good to go for some long-term camping fun!

5. Handspresso

Even campers need to start their morning off the right way, and the Handspresso is the tool to help you do just that.

Basically a portable coffee maker, the Handspresso will allow you to make your favorite brew every morning which will have you ready to go on any adventure. There is no reason why camping should stop you from enjoying a great tasting coffee in the morning!

6. BioLite Camp Stove

One of the most difficult parts of camping is starting a solid fire for cooking. Luckily, the BioLite Camp Stove solves exactly that problem. It is an easy-to-use, portable device that will burn all of your fire-starting concerns away.

By gathering some small sticks around you and placing them inside this device, you can start a smokeless fire perfect for cooking, boiling water, and even as a light source.

The BioLite also doubles as a battery that uses the heat from the fire to power up a portable charger – perfect for your wireless devices! All of these features in one small device shows just how advanced tech gear for camping has become.

7. LifeProof Phone Case

Even when camping, our phones are among the most precious items we own. When going on a camping expedition, you may encounter many chances where your phone may be damaged, whether it be rain, dangerous terrain, or even animals.

The LifeProof Phone Case seems to solve all of your phone worries when camping. This phone case can survive 2-meter drops, seals off your phone from dirt and ice, and is waterproof up to 2 meters for an entire hour.

The LifeProof phone case is the perfect line of defense for your cell phone and will be a worthwhile investment the second your phone slips out of your hands and into that stream.

Are You Ready To Use All the High Tech Gear for Camping?

The most important benefit that each piece of high tech gear for camping offers is the chance to stay at your favorite campsite even longer. Whether that means more stories by the fire, more memories made, or even more time to explore, any camping enthusiast can appreciate more camp time!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy any gear you may need, and pack up, because your next camping adventure awaits you!