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How to Build A Mobile App For Fitness

February 21, 2018 - By 
mobile app for fitness

The mobile app marketing is one of the largest markets in all of tech, generating billions of dollars each year.

Of course, part of a successful app creation strategy requires you and your team to focus on a popular market.

And perhaps no market is quite as in-demand as the fitness industry. Thanks to wearable tech like the Fitbit, people love combining their love of technology with their desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a mobile app for fitness is a great idea, but how can you create an app that has both staying power and popularity?

Read on for a brief list of tips to help you create a great mobile app for fitness.

Determine Your Market

The first step to creating a revolutionary fitness app is to determine your app’s intended audience. There are millions of apps downloaded on digital marketplaces each day. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Therefore, the more targeted your fitness app, the better.

What kind of audience are you looking to attract? Casual fitness lovers? Yoga experts? New runners?

The fitness world itself is quite splintered, but this is to your advantage.

Your app doesn’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, it just needs to serve your audience well. Find your audience, then create your app with them in mind.

Focus on Your User Interface

The core of an app’s staying power comes from functionality and usability. Customers will typically forgive a lackluster app as long as it looks nice and is easy to navigate around.

So how can you create a great, user-friendly UI?

First, make sure your app isn’t too cluttered. If it’s too busy, it may overwhelm your user. Try and keep things simple and concise.

Next, include easy to find search and help functions. It’s likely that someone, somewhere will encounter a problem. Give them the resources needed to find what they’re looking for or let them get in touch with the dev team if a problem is new.

Beat Strong Fitness & Nutrition is a great example of a simple, easy to use design. Everything you need to know about the business is presented front and center for the user, including information about the company and contact info.

Break Your App

Before we continue, no, we don’t literally mean break and delete your app.

In this instance, breaking is a synonym for stress-testing the app before releasing it to the public.

When you think your app is perfect, enlist the help of some family and friends. Let them mess around with the app and get feedback.

Encourage them to test every button and interact with your app in every way possible.

Believe it or not, finding bugs is a good thing. It lets you know what kinks still need to be ironed out before release. Just allow enough time to fix any errors you or your testers find.

Change The World With Your Mobile App For Fitness

Creating a great fitness app is going to take plenty of time and effort. Remember to test for bugs, create a simple UI, and always design with your audience in mind.

For more great information on app creation, marketing, and digital downloads, be sure to check out Pligg!


6 New Fitness Apps to Keep Track of Your Daily Home Workout in 2018

February 16, 2018 - By 
daily home workout

Not all of us can find the time to get in a quick workout every day.

In fact, less than 5% of adults engage in 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

With new technology every day, sometimes you need a great fitness app to make that daily home workout routine happen.

Read on for 6 of the hottest fitness apps you can use to make exercise happen at home:

Use Aaptiv For Your Daily Home Workout

Ever wish you had your own personal trainer? We do! Think of this app as your personal trainer for your daily home workout. It’s an audio app so it gives the experience of a trainer in your ears during your workout.

The app has certified trainers that run classes for you! Choose classes that range from strength training to meditation. Every workout has a playlist with popular artists so you won’t have to worry about making your own.

The Playbook App

Think of Playbook as a huge meet up of trainers and your favorite social media influencers! In this app, you can watch their workouts and get inspired every week by these people.

They each have their own channels and publish videos of their daily workout routines. Playbook only keeps their 10 newest videos. To make sure you’re getting their recent progress.

Find videos that focus the body that range from full-body exercises or just arm strength. Get tips on nutrition and wellness too!

Keep Track With MyFitness Pal

This app is actually made with Under Armour. It’s really great to help you keep track of what you’re eating. It has features that allow you to count your calories and input your meals. This will help you keep up with your diets.

It even lets you scan bar codes to help you look at the nutrition of what you’re eating. In this app, you can set goals for your calorie intake and also log exercises. With this and healthy food delivery, you’d be unstoppable!

The best part is that this app is free! If you want an upgrade or other features you can upgrade to premium by paying as well.

Official 7 Minute Workout

This app was made by an actual exercise physiologist and is extremely science based. It offers 72 exercises and 22 extra workouts that can be arranged into over 1,000 combinations.

It also has a feature called Smart Workout. This helps analyze your motivation and fitness levels and recommends which workouts will be best for you.

The workouts include video instruction, music playlists, and a timer to help make sure you keep on track.

Run With Couch to 5k App

Couch to 5k is a great app for beginning runners. It offers an 8-week plan to help you build your strength. The plan only has you running 3x a week!

The plan also lets you keep track of how many calories you burn and how fast you’re running. The app also syncs up with other apps on your phone like Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

These workouts range from 30-40 minutes and you can even do them with a running coach in your ear!

Check Out Keelo

Are you someone who’s all about high-intensity workouts? Keelo is just the app for you.

Check out their HD videos to get inspiration for your next daily home workout. Keelo also helps you keep track of what body areas you’ve worked on.

Track calories burned and achieve personal high scores on exercises. Then try to beat your own scores. There’s also a coach available in the app for your fitness questions.

You can even sync the app with your Apple watch.

More Great Health Apps

Working out isn’t always the most fun thing to do. But with these apps, exercising might become your new favorite thing!

For more great apps to help with health, check our article: Top 10 Health And Wellness Lifestyle Apps.


The 10 Best Flight Apps for Tracking, Booking, and More!

February 16, 2018 - By 
best flight app

Are you looking for the best flight app?

There are hundreds of flight apps on the market today. They can track flights, help you book them, find cheap flights, and send your tickets right to your phone.

Perhaps you’re looking for a low-priced getaway or preparing for a business trip. Maybe you just love tracking planes.

Whatever you’re looking for, stay tuned for the top 10 best flight apps.

1. Flightradar 24

This is the best flight app for tracking flights.

The free version lets you see all flights in the skies in real time as well as departure and arrival times.

The paid version has a few different levels. If you want to play air traffic controller, you’ll want to consider the Silver or Gold versions, which give you more data to work with.

You’ll get flight histories, weather data, and aeronautical charts.

FlightRadar 24 is available for iOS and Android devices. The Silver version is $10 a year while the Gold version is $4 a month or $35 a year.

2. Kayak

Would you like to book a cheap flight to Panama City to look at Panama real estate?

Kayak can help. It’s one of the most used sites for travel because it finds great flight deals as well as hotels and car rentals.

Kayak searches several travel sites at the same time, saving you time and energy from researching each site individually.

The app also predicts whether a flight price will rise or drop. You’ll know if you need to buy your ticket ASAP or if you can save money by waiting longer.

Kayak is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

3. Flightstats

If you need a simple app to track a flight, Flightstats is for you. It’s the best flight app if you need to pick someone up at the airport, letting you track their flight.

There’s a basic interface where you can enter the route, airport, or flight number.

You’ll see a map of where the plane is and departure and arrival times.

It’s free for iOS and Android, but it runs a lot of ads.

4. Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog is a great way to get cheap flights. What sets this app apart from the others is that you can access pricing information for all airlines.

Kayak and other apps don’t include pricing for carriers like Southwest while Airfare Watchdog does.

This app is only available for iOS devices.

5. Flightview

Flightview’s website set the standard for flight tracking years ago. The app takes the same clean interface of the website and puts it into this neat app.

The best part about Flightview is that you can keep track of all your trips in one place. Just forward your itinerary to Flightview and you can access it across every device.

6. iFly Airport Guide

How would you like to know the best things about an airport before you get there?

iFly will give you the goods on over 700 airports. You’ll be able to find the best restaurants near your gate and what the WiFi situation is at the airport.

You’ll also get parking rates, ATMs, and transportation options once you arrive, great for frequent travelers.

7. Hitlist

You dream of swimming at a pristine beach with clear blue water. Yet, you have no idea where to go or how to book your trip.

That’s where Hitlist comes in.

You tell the app what you’re looking for and it will find the best deals for you and tell you the best time to go.

8. GateGuru

This app was originally crowdsourced, meaning users would enter information about a particular airport and the app would disseminate it.

TripAdvisor saw that value of GateGuru and bought it in 2013.

Since then, TripAdvisor has used its partnerships with travel companies and airports to create a complete app. That’s why it’s the best flight app for finding door to door information.

The app has different cards that give you your travel itinerary, car rental options, airport maps, and amenities at the airport.

This app is free for iOS and Android devices.

9. Hopper

This free app has quickly become the best flight app for cheap flights.

Hopper will tell you when the best time to fly is and then it will tell you the best time to book your flights. You can save up to 40% versus traditional booking.

Plus, you’ll get phone notifications that will give you a heads up when there’s a price drop.

10.Plane Finder – Flight Tracker

How many times have you looked up at the sky and wondered where a flight was going?

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker will tell you. You can point your iOS device at the sky, and learn about the planes overhead.

This app is great if you live along a flight route and you have planes flying overhead often.

You can also search for flights by flight number, airport, location, airline, and aircraft. The app will allow you to set up alerts, so you’ll be able to know when a plane is nearby.

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker is available only for iOS devices for $5.

Caveat Emptor When Using Pricing Apps

The one caveat with Kayak and other flight pricing apps is that they just give the price for economy class. Oftentimes, you’ll pay for a cheap flight, but it doesn’t include charges like baggage fees, food, and seat selection.

Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Airlines have made $82 billion off of those extra fees last year.

When you do find a cheap flight, you should go to the airline’s website to see what their baggage policy is and what their other charges are. Those fees add up, so that super cheap flight might be much more.

The Best Flight App for Your Travels

Now that you know what the top flight apps are, it’s time to book your next trip.

With the right apps, your travel experience can be completely seamless and easy. Not to mention that you can save a bit of money with a cheap flight.

To make your trip even easier, you can use a number of apps to handle arriving at your destination. Interested? Check out this article on the top 5 travel tools.


10 Best Photo Editing Apps

February 13, 2018 - By 
best photo

A good camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone, but sometimes, it’s just not enough on its own.

We all need a little extra help to get our photos just right, and when built-in apps won’t do the trick, you need to download something extra. That’s where photo editing apps come in.

In this article, we’ll give you the ten best photo editing apps on the market.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has turned it’s hugely successful photo editing software into a mobile application, so you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go.

Just like with the computer software, you can crop, flip, rotate, filter and edit images to your heart’s desire. Once you’re done, you can add a frame or border to finish it off.

2. Aviary

This app has it all.

If you’re looking for a quick way to edit photos without getting technical, you can use the one-touch editing tools that this Aviary offers. However, if you’d rather take control and do it manually, you can do that, too.

You can play around with contrast, saturation, warmth and brightness. You can also crop, rotate and blur photos, as with most apps. However, this one has some extra cool features.

It also allows you to make some cosmetic adjustments to your photos. You can edit out red eye, whiten teeth, and remove blemishes.

3. My Postcard

Do you miss the good old days when we would print out photos instead of just storing them digitally? Photos can personalize a room and give it a much warmer feel.

They can be great gifts, too.

With My Postcard, you can turn your photos into personalized greetings cards to send to your loved ones. You can choose from 10,000 designs and templates to enhance your pictures to fit any occasion, whether you’re commemorating an engagement, sending Christmas wishes, or just letting someone know you’re thinking of them.

This app lets you enjoy all the comforts of sending and receiving postcards without any of the hassles. Create, edit and send everything straight from your phone!

You can also have your best-edited photo printed and sent to you or a loved one in a stylish gift box.

4. Pixlr Express

This free photo editing app doesn’t come with any of the annoying advertisements that other free apps are often littered with.

It has a huge range of effects, overlays, borders and stickers, so you can edit endlessly until you get the best photo. Many of these effects need to be downloaded before they can be used, but it’s quick and easy to do.

5. Snapseed

This app has a powerful collection of tools that does much more than the usual filters and effects you’re used to.

The stand-out feature is the ‘healing’ tool, which allows you to remove unwanted objects or elements from your photo. Previously, you could only do this with complicated software like Photoshop. Now, it’s right at your fingertips!

The tool uses the surrounding scene to cover the object you’d like to remove. If a passerby has wandered into the frame, or if the scene is looking a little cluttered, you can remove the extra elements to get your photo just right.

With this app, you don’t have to let an ex ruin a perfectly nice photo. Simply edit them out, and no one will ever know!

6. Airbrush

If you take a lot of selfies, this is the app for you.

Airbrush has quick, one-touch editing tools that will make your eyes look brighter, your teeth look whiter, and your skin look clearer. With just a few edits, you can get the perfect selfie!

If you’re a blogger or business owner, you’ll also love this app. Your airbrushed photos can be a great addition to your Instagram marketing.

7. Facetune 2

This app takes photo editing to the next level.

It automatically detects facial features, allowing you to make them bigger or smaller, or even reshape them altogether. You can also smooth out blemishes and wrinkles.

Lighting is everything, and it can make all the difference between a flattering photo and an awful one. That’s why some people go to great lengths to get the perfect selfie lighting. Some people even buy specialized lights to plug into their phones just for this purpose.

With Facetune 2, you don’t have to do any of that. This photo editor allows you to add extra lighting effects, and even change the direction of the lighting.

Another great feature is that you can make edits before the photo has even been taken. This makes it much easier later on, without so many minor adjustments to make.

8. Filterstorm Neue

If you’re looking for an app that has more advanced editing tools, try Filterstorm Neue.

As well as the usual preset filters and color, contrast and sharpness adjustments, it has plenty of extra tools, too. There’s a masking brush for selective editing, a cloning tool to move, replace or edit out objects, and gradient filters, too.

9. Enlight

This photo editing app lets you get really creative.

Turn any photo into a masterpiece with its artistic effects, filters and tools. You can tweak your pictures with slight adjustments or manipulate them to create something completely different from your original snapshot.

With so many features, it can be a little difficult to get your head around. Thankfully, there are built-in tutorials and a great help section to guide you through it all.

10. BeFunky

This is another great app for those with artistic flair.

It has a range of tools for color, exposure, light and saturation adjustment, as well as cosmetic tools to filter out any imperfections. You can remove red eye, whiten teeth, and even change lipstick color.

You can also create photo collages. Once you’ve achieved the perfect photo, you can add it to a collection along with your favorites.

Create Your Best Photo

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture and create beautiful images.

With our best photo apps, you can retouch your photos to make them picture perfect, and wow your family, friends and followers with your skills. If you prefer to edit your images on a computer, you can do that, too.

To improve your photography skills even further, check out the photo effects software we recommend.


The Top 10 Dogs Apps for Pet Owners

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dog apps

Did you know that there are over 89 million dog owners in the United States? As technology has grown, having the latest dog apps will help you and your furry friend in your day to day adventures!

Take a look at the 10 best dog apps every dog owner needs to have this year.

Dog Park Finder

The Dog Park Finder app is only on IOS, but it is well worth the $1.99 purchase. The app gives you the ability to find parks, beaches, and dog rest stops. The app is also continually growing as users have already submitted over 6,000 points of interests.

You can also filter your results by state, zip code, and also share any wonderful locations with friends or family.


This app can be considered the Tinder for dogs. You can add photos of your dog to the app, and swipe left or right to find matches of other dogs in your area. This app isn’t just valuable for the dogs but can allow the owner to connect with other dog owners in the area.

You can also change setting to sort by distance and age of the dogs you would like your four-legged friend to connect with.

While relatively knew it is a unique concept and should be a new addition to any dog owners app collection.

Paw Tracks

This dog app is an all in one dog monitoring center. One main feature of the app is that you can track the time and distance of your dog walks.

There is also the options to track the length of time between meals, and each time they do their business.

You also have the unique ability to add other people on the app that may take care of your dog. This will allow you to monitor what a dogsitter or dog walker may do when you aren’t around.


One of the best dog apps out right now is Rover. This is a dog sitting service that allows owners to connect with people that can take of their pet for reasonable prices.

You can filter by distance from your home, price, rating, as well as other options.

Another great feature of the service that the selection process for the dog sitters and walkers are extremely stringent, with less than 20% of all applicants being accepted.

This means only the best of the best will take care of your pup!

Dog Vacay

Similar to Rover, Dog Vacay allows owners to drop their dogs off for overnight stays with reputable dog sitters.

There is even a great option for some sitters to provide taxi services, which gives them the option to take your pet to a scheduled appointment for an additional fee.

The app also provides tips for training your dog, keeping them healthy, and a cool Vacay Cam to keep track of all the fun photos you take on your trip.

Pet Coach

The Pet Coach app is like having a vet in your pocket 24/7. This free app not only gives you access to licensed veterinarians, but you can also look up their glossary of questions if you need an answer in a quick pinch.

Pet Coach Also has hundreds of blog articles that you can read to learn more about improving your dog’s health, and how to develop a nutritious eating plan for them.

Pet First Aid

Powered by the Red Cross, Pet First Aid gives every dog owner the ability to handle emergency situations when getting to a veterinarian may not need to be an option.

The app teaches you preventative care to keep your pet safe, and you can learn over 25 ways to tackle common first aid scenarios.

It is one of the highest rated dog apps on the Google Play store for its category and should be downloaded today!

Dog Breeds

Whether you have a small chihuahua or a larger dog who may be a ringer for Crump’s Bullies, the Dog Breeds app allows you to look up any information you need for over hundreds of different dogs.

There are over 1,500,000 pictures of dogs on the app and is connected to the main website,, a social networking site for pet owners.

The app is still updated regularly and it’s solid reviews make it a must-have for dog owners.

ASPCA Pet Safety

This pet safety app allows owners to plan for emergencies while including the furry members of their family. The app shows you the best way to prepare for an emergency, how to search for lost pets, and even shows you how to create a lost pet kit.

Safety should be the number one priority for any pet owner and this is one of the best dog apps to have on your devices.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Much like their Pet Safety app, the Poison Control Center app gives the owner a guide to which household items and plants to keep away from dogs, it also includes a color-coded risk assessment.

The app also has a poison calculator for items such as chocolate and rat poison, but the biggest feature is a one-touch dial option to the Animal Poison Control Center.

Which Dog Apps are Right for You?

Whether you need to train your dog to perform a specific task, or need to find a dog sitter for a family getaway, there are a number of dog apps on this list that can immediately become helpful to you and your dog.

If you can easily determine the benefits these apps can have on your dog’s health your four-legged family member wil be jumping for joy!

If you are thinking of breeding your dog contact us today to see how we can help! Don’t forget to check out our blog for the great content involving your adorable pup!


4 Helpful Dental Apps You Need to Know About

February 13, 2018 - By 
dental apps

Need a little extra assistance brushing your teeth, improving your oral hygiene, or even explaining complex dental procedures to your patients?

Good news: there’s an app for that.

You might be surprised to learn that the world of dental apps is rapidly growing, but the market is only getting bigger every day.

No matter the industry, more apps than ever include tutorials, information about specific issues, and even charts and diagrams to help you better grasp a concept.

No matter the concept you need to explain or the enthusiasm you need to instill in younger brushers, there are tons of dental apps that help to make it easier.

So, which ones should you download?

Read on to find out.

1. If You’re A Dental Professional

Wouldn’t you love to be able to spend less time explaining procedures and basic hygiene to your patients during their appointments?

With the DDS GP app, you’ll be able to do just that.

If your patient is in need of a dental surgery, or is at severe risk for oral hygiene disease and other issues, then you can use the app to help you explain what’s going on.

You can even upload your own photos to the app, to show more real-world examples of the concepts you’re explaining. You can print out charts and treatment options to email to your patients, and even draw and take notes on the screen.

Explain things like dental implants, cracks, cosmetic procedures, tooth decay, restorative procedures, and much more.

You’ll be able to choose from more than 200 different videos and diagrams, all of which you can zoom in on to pinpoint specific areas.

It’s so popular, that it’s currently used by more than 13,000 dental professionals.

2. The Oral-B App

It’s no surprise that one of the top dental apps out there comes from one of the biggest names within the teeth and dental industry: Oral-B.

This app uses incredible technology to actually connect with your toothbrush. Then, it examines and studies your brushing pattern, looking for the teeth and other areas that you’re missing.

It’s even able to monitor whether or not you’re spending enough time brushing the individual “zones” of your mouth. As you can imagine, an app like this will work wonders for your smile and your overall oral health.

No matter which kind of electric Oral-B toothbrush you’re using, the app will work perfectly with it.

If you’re trying to teach your children the importance of oral hygiene, then this is a wonderful app to help you do just that. You can create fun themes, avatars, and even receive special game rewards the more times you brush your teeth.

You can even compete against friends to really take your brushing experience to the next level.

In addition to brushing assistance, the app will also over advice about oral hygiene and health. Finally, you’ll also get product recommendations from Oral-B that will help you to enhance your brushing experience.

Keep in mind that the Oral-B app is not a diagnostic tool. If you suspect you have a cavity or other dental issue, make an appointment with Ideal Dentistry to have a professional exam done.

3. If You Have Lots Of General Dentistry Questions

Considering a career in oral hygiene? Just interested in brushing up — no pun intended — on your general dentistry knowledge?

Has your dentist pointed out a few potential problems in your mouth that you’d like to learn more about?

If so, then enter the Bonebox app, your source for all things teeth and gums.

The app contains tons of helpful videos that break down the basics of oral hygiene. They’re so helpful, that even many dental professionals show them to patients when they need to explain a concept.

Learn about your individual teeth, the overall anatomy of your mouth, and much more. And if you’re in dental school and cramming for an exam? Well then, we know you’ll love using Bonebox as a helpful study tool.

4. If You Need Helping Making It Through Those Two Minutes

Did you know that 30% of Americans aren’t brushing their teeth as much as they need to?

Part of the problem?

Even if you’re brushing them twice a day, chances are, you aren’t actually doing it for long enough. And it doesn’t matter if your technique is perfect. If you aren’t brushing your teeth for a full two minutes every time? Well then, you’re still putting yourself at risk for gum and tooth decay and disease.

One of our favorite dental apps is called Brush DJ, and it’s designed to make the time spent brushing fly by. The concept is the perfect combination of brilliance and fun.

The app collects top hits that are two minutes in length, then creates an awesome toothbrushing playlist. This way, you can be sure that you’re brushing for the required two minutes while jamming out to your favorite songs.

If you’re trying to teach your kids to keep on brushing, Brush DJ also has tons of videos that will distract your children and teach them about the importance of brushing.

Thinking Of Creating Your Own Dental Apps?

Now that you’ve read this post, you have a much better understanding of what goes into making some of the best dental apps on the market today.

Whether you’re a dental professional or a tech guru looking to partner with a dentist, maybe you’re even considering making a dental app of your own.

Remember, the right app will be the perfect balance of education, gamification, and most of all, fun. If your patients don’t even realize that they’re learning about oral hygiene, then you’ve done things right.

Need advice on how to design the best app possible? Looking for more information about all things digital download? Want to read an e-book on dentistry?

Spend some time on our website and blog to learn everything you need to know to create an app that’s as appealing and awesome as a megawatt smile.


The 10 Best Hookup Apps for 2018

February 12, 2018 - By 
best hookup apps

Tired of hitting up the bars every other night trying to find a hookup? You’re certainly not the only person to feel tired of the grind.

Plenty of people are now skipping the bar or club in favor of staying home and hanging out on their phone. Yes, that’s right, you can actually find a hookup directly from your phone.

But a cursory glance at the term ‘best hookup apps‘ at the app store of your choice will bring up thousands of results. As you can imagine, not all of these apps are worth your time and data.

Read this list of 10 of the best hookup apps you can download right now.

1. Tinder

We’ll start our list of the best hookup apps with the elephant in the room, Tinder. Even if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, you’ve likely heard about the smashing success of this awesome app.

Tinder uses your GPS location to find dates or hookups within a specified range. Best of all, it prioritizes users who share common friends with you on Facebook.

If you’ve never used Tinder before, you’ll want to be aware of a few things. Namely, you can’t message the other person unless you both like each other.

The only downside to this fantastic app is that it’s filled to the brim with bots. Especially if you’re a guy looking for a girl, expect a little over half of all matches to be bots. Have a strong opening line prepared to test whether you’re talking to another person.

2. Blendr

As of writing, Blendr is a bit of a relative unknown, but it’s by far the closest thing to a social network on this list. It’s not nearly as popular as its counterparts like Tinder or Bumble, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great hookup on it.

When it comes down to it, Blendr is like a more GPS-centric version of Tinder, prioritizing location above other factors.

This means that, ideally, you’d use the app when you’re out for a night on the town with your friends or grabbing some food. Since it’s hyper-focused on location, you’re more likely to meet new people on the app the more you go out.

3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Adorable name aside, Coffee Meets Bagel is intended primarily as a dating site. And that’s okay! Hookups are only going to sustain you for so long.

Still, there’s nothing to stop you from using it as one of the best hookup apps on the market.

Much like Tinder, you can only chat with a user once you two have matched. Those worried about safety no longer have to worry about unsolicited pictures or rude messages.

Setup is easy thanks to the app using your Facebook profile to fill out some basic information. Download the app and within a few minutes, you’ll be ready for a fun date like a WINKS sensual massage.

4. Bumble

It’s no surprise that the best hookup apps don’t exactly offer women the best security. But Bumble is looking to change that, with its self-proclaimed feminist focus.

The mechanics of the app itself work much like the rest of the best hookup apps on this list.

However, it lets women choose whether or not they want to match or talk to a user. Women have a 24-hour time frame to match with the person once they receive a notification of the user’s interest.

After that, it’s all up to the female user to send the first message. Women looking for a safer hookup app should give Bumble a shot.

5. Hinge

Hinge is perhaps the only app on this list to pretty much forego the GPS-centric route. Sure, you can still find users in your area, but Hinge is more focused on helping you connect with those who share mutual friends.

So if you’re tired of awkward first dates and never know what to talk about, Hinge may be for you.

6. Down

Out of the best hookup apps out there, Down is the most versatile. As its name might suggest, it’s an app primarily used to see…well, if others are down.

But you can also use it as a dating site, as users have the option to put what they’re looking for in their profile picture. And yes, that means you can change it on a daily basis if you’re looking for something different two days from now.

7. Tingle

Tingle differentiates itself from the competition by allowing users to connect via voice and video chat. If this sounds like a bad idea to you, you’re not alone. However, it’s worth noting that users are in control over what they share and who they are it with.

With Tingle, you can choose when and what information to share with another user. So while it’s a bit more communication heavy than some of the other apps, you can still exercise common sense.

8. Grindr

For a while, Grindr was the only gay hookup site on the market. And recently, Grindr has expanded its reach to be a bit more inclusive.

It’s still used for gay hookups, but now women, bisexuals, and trans people can enjoy the fun. We’d go as far as to say that Grindr is actually one of the more forward-thinking apps on this list in that sense.

9. Whiplr

Let’s be blunt for a minute, explaining your kinks to your partner isn’t always a fun conversation.

But now you’ll never have to worry about an awkward sexual conversation again thanks to Whiplr, which matches users based on kink.

Create an account and prioritize which kinks excite you the most, then meet those with similar or complementary kinks.

10. OkCupid

Yes, out of all the hookup apps out there, OkCupid is still one of the top choices for those looking to score.

While dating apps are considered a bit old-fashioned at this point, there are still plenty of users out there looking to hook up on the most popular platforms.

Find the Best Hookup Apps

So there you have it, the best hookup apps to help you find someone to spend the night with. There are tons of new apps popping up every day, so don’t forget to check back if you don’t see your favorite listed.

And if you’re looking for more tips, but sure to visit Pligg’s relationships page to find dating handbooks.


10 Best Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Students

February 12, 2018 - By 
medical apps

Have you read about Apple’s new health effort that’s going to be a part of iOS 11.3?

According to reports, Apple’s Health app will have a new Health Records section, which will let users gather and view all of their medical records. At the moment, it’s still in beta testing, but the company’s optimistic it will be available to all iPhone users soon.

Now, if you can’t wait for this update, no problem. There are other awesome medical apps you can download on your device. Here are our top picks.

For Doctors

There’s no lack of health apps on the market today. But most of them cater to patients. In fact, only 15% of mHealth apps are designed for those working in the medical field, in particular, doctors.

But don’t worry. We’ve done the legwork for you. Check out three of the best medical apps for physicians.

1. Epocrates

As far as medical apps go, it’s not hard to see why this is considered the gold standard by a lot of doctors. Epocrates, Inc. boasts that one out of two physicians in the US uses their app. And we can believe it, based on the number of downloads it has on iOS and Android (Hint: It’s over a million).

The app is free to use but it offers in-app purchases for premium content. The free features include drug information and interactions, latest medical news and research information, access to providers for consults and referrals, and so on.

2. UpToDate

This app doesn’t have as many downloads as Epocrates but it’s getting there. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the UpToDate app helps users find answers to clinical questions when they need it the most.

It’s free to download but if you want to get the most out of it, you or your organization should pay the annual subscription fee. This will give you access to the UpToDate database, which has the latest evidence-based clinical information covering medications, treatment protocols, and more.

3. Read by QxMD

Based on reviews, this is another popular app among physicians. Some even describe it as “the Flipboard for medical journals.”

It’s an apt description considering its simple interface, which lets users turn the app into a personalized digital journal. Here, doctors get to read new medical and scientific research, search PubMed, and browse through thousands of topic reviews.

Read also has sharing capabilities so you can post your favorite articles on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. You can download Read on any Apple/Android device.

For Patients

We’ve already featured medical apps for patients in a previous post. But we only listed five.

With so many good health apps for patients though, it’s only fitting we add more of them here.

4. AskMD

On your own, you would probably just go on Google, type your symptoms, and prepare for the worst.

Rather than doing that, AskMD will help you understand your symptoms better by giving you insights as to the possible causes. It will also recommend physicians covered by your insurance based on your location.

AskMD, like other apps we’ve mentioned so far, is available for both Android/iOS users.

5. Simple Contacts

Do you need to renew your contact lens prescription? This FDA-registered app will help you do it even without visiting a doctor’s office.

For first-time users, the app will ask you some questions about your medical history. Based on your answers, the app can check if you’re eligible for remote prescription renewal.

Then, with your lenses on, you’ll take a vision test, which will be done over video. The app will check if your current contact lenses are still accurate. If not, an Ophthalmologist will approve your prescription renewal within 24 hours.

6. Flo

Flo is a sexual wellness app that helps women track their cycles, periods, and PMS. It also features a Pregnancy Calculator, as well as a Lifestyle & Fitness tracker.

We like that it’s easy to use and free to download for both iOS and Android devices. If your concerns about sexual health are more pressing though, we urge you to check out Elna Sexual Wellness. The site offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating urological and sexual health problems.

7. CareZone

Patients who have low compliance are those who frequently forget to take their meds on time. CareZone can help by letting users organize their medical information.

With the app, you can take pictures of your meds and it will automatically detect names, dosages, and other details. It also alerts users to take their meds and provides other tools such as Blood Glucose, Sleep, and Weight trackers.

For Students

Gone are the days when medical students only have heavy medical books as their primary tool for learning. Today, along with books, there are numerous medical apps designed to aid med students in their studies. These include:

8. Prognosis

Want to test your diagnosis, testing, and treatment skills? Prognosis allows you to do that in a risk-free environment.

It works like a game but the patient examples are based on real-life scenarios. All your answers will be compared to ideal protocols.

Prognosis is free to download for iOS and Android.

9. Brainscape

It’s no secret that med students do a lot of studying. If you’re the type who likes making study guides, this app is for you.

Brainscapes lets users make their own decks (flashcard style), which they can then share with classmates. If you’re not a med student yet and just preparing for med school, you can check out the app’s MCAT study subject.

10. 3M Littman Soundbuilder

Students and practicing clinicians who wish to improve their auscultation skills should use this app. It contains 14 lessons focusing on key heart sounds.

Investing in the premium content will give you access to normal and abnormal heart and respiratory sounds, complete with animations and imagery. Soundbuilder is only available for iOS devices.

Looking for More Medical Apps?

One of our goals is to regularly feature the best apps in different categories. If you’re looking for more medical and health-related apps, feel free to browse our blog.


The 10 Best Spending Tracker Apps to Manage Your Finances

February 12, 2018 - By 
spending tracker

Sticking to a budget is no easy feat in a world where anything can happen at any given moment. Especially if you don’t set aside money for savings, a monthly budget disrupted by unexpected expenses can send you flailing into debt overnight.

But it’s important to keep a budget written down where it’s easily accessible for review and updates. Knowing it in your head alone can get you into financial trouble because it’s near impossible to remember everything you spend. You need a way to actually manage your money so that you may be able to foresee a way to handle those expenses that you aren’t planning for.

If you’re serious about finding a better way to manage your finances and the old-fashioned methods are wearing you out, there is a better way. Introducing spending tracker apps that can be downloaded right to your trusted mobile device. And, there’s plenty to choose from so that you can find the best one to suit your needs.

Best Spending Tracker Apps to Keep You Organized

There are a lot of reasons to organize your finances. Maybe you’re preparing for a big purchase, like a home or a new car and you want to make sure your finances are in tip-top shape. If you’re house hunting, especially, it’s important to know where you stand financially so that you can budget for additional expenses.

You can always take out a loan like those offered at StockLoan Solutions to balance your budget. And, then use the spending tracker app of your choice to keep everything in check. Even if you don’t have any loans or credit card debt to manage, these apps can help you budget your finances more confidently.

1. HomeBudget

The HomeBudget app design is simple to use and easy to read. It separates your finances into five categories: Expenses, Bills, Income, Budget, and Accounts. You’ll also see a chart that displays your total income and total balance with three functions at the bottom of the page: Payees, Reports, and Search.

This app is ideal for people who like a quick overview right away.

2. Expensify

Expensify is a free app for your smartphone or you can use the web-based tool. It’s easy to use and navigate your spending with features like SmartScan, which allows you take photos of receipts and file them electronically. You can also manually enter the information.

This app also allows you to add your credit or debit card which can help you track your daily expenses, earnings, and balances more accurately.

3. Unsplurge

Unsplurge is only available on iOS but it offers some unique features that can not only help you track your spending but also help you create more and better financial goals. You’ll benefit from savings tips from the app. And, see what others’ savings goals are in the app’s community.

4. HelloWallet

HelloWallet is another app that is reserved for iOS but it’s worth a mention because it not only provides a way for you track your spending but also increase your net worth. All you have to do is spend a few minutes updating your details and everything lines up for you on the homepage.

This app is designed to help you plan for your financial future.

5. Pocket Expense

The Pocket Expense app allows you to visualize your spending and create a budget at the same time. Simply enter your spending and account balances and Pocket Expense will color code everything according to money that you have and what you need to pay.

This app is also good for people that keep multiple accounts with additional tools that allow you to see all of your spending and balances at once.

6. Digit

Digit is more of a savings app but it’s also worth a spot on the list because it helps you save around your spending.

The primary focus of the app is to create a savings account that draws from your checking a few dollars at a time. It does this by monitoring your spending so that it will only draw funds when it thinks you don’t need it anyway.

This app offers a great alternative way to save for people that don’t regularly do so.

7. Clarity Money

The Clarity Money app is available for both Android and iOS and boasts several unique designs.

First, the app is organized into four tabs: Home feed, Accounts, Search, and Profile. You’ll find charts, spending trackers, and illustrations on the homepage so that you can quickly and easily see your finances at a glance.

This app will organize your spending by week, month, or year and allow to perform other important financial functions, like checking your credit score.

8. BillGuard

With BillGuard, you can sync your accounts right to the app to save time and hassle of entering the information manually. Then, the app will show your balance and total spending for the month.

One of the most important features that this app has is protecting your cards from fraudulent charges. Because it monitors your spending, it will ask you about suspicious charges.


Mint started as a website and was later acquired by Intuit and became available across the board: online, Android, and iOS. This app will help you create a solid overview of your finances including bills, recent transactions, and monthly spending. It’s a trusted app that continually brings new and important features to the table.

10. Credit Karma

Credit Karma isn’t a spending tracker app but it deserves a mention because it’s an amazing tool for those that want to be on top of their financial game. Once you have your spending in control, you’ll want to be sure you have your credit in order, too. Credit Karma can help provide a clear picture of your debts and could come in handy during tax season with a built-in tax preparation service.

Final Thoughts

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful all the time. Just keep these spending tracker apps in mind and give one or two of them a try to ensure that your spending stays in line with your budget.

And, remember, the key is to be diligent with your favorite spending tracker app. Don’t just download the app and forget about it. You must use it every time you make, spend, or move money to get the most accurate results. Set up reminders for yourself or set aside a special time of day to spend some time with your app and utilize all of its features and functions.

The more effort you put into monitoring your budget, the more and quicker results you’ll see. You’ll also learn more about yourself and your spending habits which translates to a better and more enhanced awareness of your overall financial picture.

No matter which spending tracker app you choose, you’re making a sound and responsible financial decision for your future.


9 Auto Apps Every Car Owner Needs In Their Life

January 26, 2018 - By 

From messaging to shopping and sharing, smartphone apps have made our lives a whole lot easier over the past decade. Auto apps for cars can be some of the most convenient.

Smartphone naturally lend themselves to being a helpful tool in the car, as they have built-in GPS technology and there are lots of nifty gadgets to hold them on the dashboard for easy access while driving.

What are the best auto apps out there that you should be taking advantage of? Here are our top 9 to start with.

1. iSeeCar’s Used Car Search Pro

As Pixel Productions Inc. points out, e-commerce is solving many challenges for the automotive industry.

One of these hurdles is how to reach customers in a digital age. Apps like iSeeCar’s Used Car Search Pro are allowing people to search for loads of different cars through private sellers and dealerships.

It has 59 filters to help you narrow down your search to a tight corner of the market. And it provides automatic scores for the cars listed in the results, as well as ordering by price to help you get the best deal.

iSeeCar says that users have saved over $90 million using this app. It’s great for customers as well as auto retailers.

2. Auto Guard

Dash cams can help to prove fault after an accident, but they can also be expensive.

Why shell out for an expensive piece of kit when you can download Auto Guard for free? This records the road ahead, and you can immediately upload videos to YouTube for future reference.

It supports resolutions of up to 1080p (which might vary depending on the quality of your cell phone camera) and also tracks speed. You’ll be very glad of these features if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

If you want to run other apps on your phone at the same time, you can upgrade to the pro version for a very small fee. This also gets rid of ads.

3. Waze

Waze is a community-led traffic monitoring tool.

Drivers exchange knowledge about the traffic in their area. If they’re stuck in a jam up ahead, they let the community know. Other users can then choose to go a different way, saving time, and money spent on gas.

It relies on an active community of drivers to supply this real-time information, so be prepared to pitch in to get the most out of this app. You can’t just rely on others doing all the work or the community will fade out.

So far, it’s working like a charm for commuters.

4. GasBuddy

You’re low on gas. The needle is sinking into the red. You need to stop and fill up – and as luck would have it, here’s a gas station.

You fill up the tank and carry on driving… straight past a gas station selling gas for 10 cents less per gallon.

You can hardly turn around and demand a refund. Next time, check the prices in the area first with GasBuddy. You can use the map tool to see your local area and figure out if there’s a better price just a few streets over – it happens!

5. Repair Pal

If your car breaks down, Repair Pal can help you find a good deal at a local garage.

You feed in some information about your problem, and it’ll help you troubleshoot it yourself if possible.

If it’s not fixable at home, it can help you to estimate what cost to expect from a garage for repairs.

6. Carbuzz News

If you’re a petrolhead looking to keep up to date with the latest auto news, check out the Carbuzz News app.

This specialist magazine will fill up your tank with car news and reviews, as well as great features.

Like the story about a guy fooling Tesla autopilot with… an orange.

7. Spotify

OK, Spotify isn’t just for the car. But who can cope with a long drive without any tunes?

Spotify is free, so long as you can put up with the ads, but there’s also a premium version. This is just $9.99 a month, which is pretty good value considering your use isn’t just restricted to when you’re driving.

Make those long highway drives better. Use the app to send your favorite songs to the stereo via Bluetooth.

Plus, these days, Spotify has a good collection of comedy shows and podcasts. Great if it’s a little early in the day to start cranking the volume.

8. Honk

If you’re a sports or live music fan, you’ll know that going to big gigs can be a pain.

Not because you didn’t enjoy the spectacle, but because afterward, you’ve completely forgotten where you’ve parked.

Honk helps you to find your way back to your vehicle with step-by-step instructions. It can also keep time on parking meters so you don’t get slapped with a fine.

You can also leave yourself voice and handwritten memos in the app. It can become an alarm for other things. Such as a dentist appointment, or a reminder to pick up the kids.

9. iOnRoad

If your vehicle doesn’t already have some form of collision detection built in, this handy app calculates how safe the distance is between your car and the car in front.

The screen supplies an indicative ‘collision’ time, which you can glance at and keep reasonably high. This will give you time to react to sudden braking, for example.

Don’t stare at the number and let it distract you from the road. However, a quick glance every now and again can help to keep you safe.

Auto Apps Make Your Life Easier

Why struggle to find a parking spot or pay more for gas?

The technology to help you out is available right now. In many cases, it’s completely free – or very inexpensive.

By simply installing these 9 apps on your smartphone, you’ll make the ride far smoother.

Looking for more ways technology can make your life easier? Check out our Top 10 Health and Wellness Lifestyle Apps or 5 Investment Apps Every Investor Needs to Download.


10 Smart Home Devices and Appliances That Will Change the Way You Live

January 23, 2018 - By 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made huge strides over the past few years, interconnecting almost everything you can imagine. The result is a stunning array of smart home devices that allow you to automate and control almost every inch of your living space.

We now live in a world where your appliances can go out to the internet for information, communicate directly with you, and respond to your voice commands.

Whether you want to start small with something like voice-controlled lightbulbs or go for full-house automation, the key lies in choosing the right smart home devices and appliances. Here are ten of our favorites.

1. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Perhaps one of the most valuable things you can do with smart home devices is to increase security. Installing 12-volt LED lighting and a WiFi camera system can help deter criminals and make your home feel safer.

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is weatherproof and sends out 1080p video that you can watch using a mobile app or on a computer. You can also set it up to send you alerts when there’s sound or movement in a specific area.

2. Adobe Home Security Starter Kit

The Adobe Home Security Starter Kit is the perfect way for a beginner to upgrade home security without spending a fortune. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require an expensive ongoing monitoring service.

It covers all of the basics you’d look for in a home security system, and third-party integrations allow for major upgrades. This system pairs with many other smart devices like door locks, switches, lighting, and Nest home devices.

3. Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

This intelligent home protection system gives verbal warnings and tells you exactly where the danger is detected. It sends notifications directly to your phone and allows you to turn it off remotely. Nest Protect integrates with all of the other Nest smart home devices, offering additional safety measures.

4. Eobee4 Thermostat

Save money and increase comfort by installing the Ecobee4 smart thermostat. It had built-in sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, proximity, and motion. This helps the device know whether you are home and change temperature settings accordingly.

This device is superior to its competitors partially due to the inclusion of a remote sensor that helps regulate temperatures throughout your home. The 4th generation of this device also has built-in Alexa voice capabilities. This means that it can do everything Alexa can do, including controlling other devices, playing music, and providing weather updates.

5. Philips Hue Lightbulbs

Adding Philips Hue WiFi lightbulbs to your home allows you to control not only the light from room to room but also the color scheme. This personal wireless lighting system lets you easily create an ambiance to fit every occasion.

Turn lights on and off remotely to make it look like you’re home when you’re not. Set them to wake you up to a gentle sunrise every morning or create a virtual thunderstorm indoors.

6. June Intelligent Oven

Feel like a whiz in the kitchen with the June Intelligent Oven. This countertop oven uses WiFi and has a built-in camera. What makes it really awesome, though, it the artificial intelligence (AI) that seems to know how to cook everything with almost no input from you.

Simply put your food in the oven and tell it how you’d like it cooked. Once the oven confirms that it’s understood you correctly, all you need to do is sit back and wait. It sounds too good to be true, but this oven actually creates excellent results when cooking an array of dishes like meat, vegetables, fish, and even waffles.

7. iRobot Roomba 690

We all have better things to do than spend hours cleaning our homes each day. The iRobot Roomba 690 zooms around your home picking up dirt and debris from the floor. This model features a navigation camera and it links to a smartphone app so it can deliver detailed cleaning reports.

8. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Generation 2

There are few things more frustrating than realizing you’ve left your sprinklers on during a rainstorm. The second generation Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller features both scheduled and weather-controlled watering settings.

You can use the system to manually begin and end watering in eight or 16 different zones, depending on the model you choose. It also integrates with many third-party smart home devices.

9. Robomow RS622

The Robomow automatic lawn mower offers the ultimate in homeowner convenience. The RS622 model is perfect for areas of up to 23,000 square feet. Simply program in the perimeter you want it to follow and let it go.

The dual blades spin at 4,000 RPM and mulch while they mow, eliminating the need for clean-up.

10. Amazon Echo

As you add more smart devices to your home, a quality controller will make your life much easier. Amazon’s Echo products, powered by Alexa, allow you to control almost all smart home devices with simple voice commands.

The Amazon Echo features a high-quality Bluetooth speaker while the newest edition, Amazon’s Echo Show, has a video touch screen. If you’re looking for simplicity, opt for the small and inexpensive Echo Dot.

Plan Ahead When Designing Your Smart Home

When designing a smart home, it’s important to choose quality appliances and plan ahead to ensure everything you purchase will work together. A high-end dealer, like Eurohome Canada, can help you choose the perfect devices for your needs. Find out more by taking a trip to the showroom for a hands-on experience.

Security Precautions When Using These Smart Home Devices

Since many of the devices in your home will be connected to the internet, it’s important to take basic security precautions. Make sure to keep up with software updates to help ensure your devices are able to protect themselves from potential hacking attacks. For your protection, also make sure to change the default password that comes with security systems and other devices.

Once you start experiencing the power and convenience of a smart home, you’ll be hooked. Stay on top of the latest innovations and digital trends with the Gadgets and Gizmos blog on


Why Lawyer Apps are a Great Way to Reach Clients

January 22, 2018 - By 

With Americans now spending 5 hours a day on their smartphones, an increasing majority of personal business is now conducted through apps. Whether checking bank accounts, ordering food, or monitoring their health, just about every part of our lives can be accessed through apps.

This has created a need for lawyer apps.

Apps serve the dual function of allowing you to reach your clients through notifications and allowing them to reach you 24/7. If you have clients who are experiencing legal issues for the first time, your app could ease them into the attorney-client relationship.

If you haven’t figure out whether lawyer apps are would be the right fit for your firm, here are 10 ways they can help improve client services.

1. Get Everyone On The Same Page

It can be frustrating for clients to figure out what has been agreed on during the legal process. Emails can be deleted over time, meaning that agreements, forms, and conversations will be lost.

Having an app with a communication portal could catalog communications and forms. This would give clients easy access to forms, contracts, and anything they need to refer to. Having a common place to see everything makes all communication clearer.

Look at how this real estate lawyer in Houston addresses their contact information. Have a “contact us” button on every single page of your app.

2. Offer Extra Services

Your app can be a marketing platform that takes into account the services your client is already using. You can offer extra services that are catered to the needs of your client.

By knowing your client’s case intimately, lawyer apps can send notifications about extra services that are offered by your firm. Your app can be a great marketing tool while offering lots of practical applications.

3. Better Billing Process

Including billing details in your app allows clients to be in control of their billing details at all times. If they’re curious about a charge or need to change services, they can get ahold of you through your app.

You won’t have to have conversations about billing with your client. They can either direct their questions through the app or to your billing department, allowing lawyers to have better communications with their clients.

4. End Email Attachments

Using a client portal connected to lawyer apps, firms can send big documents and contracts to their clients. Using additional tools, clients can sign and approve forms.

After forms are approved, firms can be notified that they can move to the next step. If there are any corrections, they can be addressed through the app rather than sending one attachment after another.

5. Better Client Loyalty

By creating a collaborative environment through your app, clients will feel more connected and more in control of the legal process. The value will increase as client engagement increases.

You can have a record of all correspondence that will help clients make smarter decisions. They will be loyal because of that increased engagement with your firm and your shared ability to reach out to one another so easily.

Clients expect fast responses from law firms and expect to get answers any hour of the day. A shared app will let your staff have more flexible schedules, catered to address the needs of your clients rather than an arbitrary schedule.

6. Easier Auditing

Your app will make it easier in the case that either you get audited or you need to perform a self-audit. Lawyer apps will keep a record of every client document and report so that you can back up any claims that are made.

Your payment portal will keep a record of every payment made and received to allow auditors to see the details of your transaction history. If there are any discrepancies, they will be illuminated through your app.

7. Address FAQs

Apps allow clients to get quick answers to inquiries. Connect your app to the resources that are kept on your site so that your clients can search through for answers to common questions.

Think about setting up a chatbot so that your clients can communicate with either a live 24/7 agent or an AI program jam-packed with legal data. Look at which services are within your budget and run some tests.

You could even integrate an SMS app with your app to allow for customers to contact their attorney directly.

You might find that hiring an answering service or outsourced chat service will help you to communicate with clients better and retain a higher number.

8. Better Work Flow

Setting up document systems through your app allows everyone to be in the loop at the right time. Once the first person has signed off on their part of a document, the next person in line can receive a notification that they need to add their signature.

You’ll be increasing your interoffice efficiency by only forwarding documents to your office when they’re ready to be finalized. You’ll save legwork for your office staff while also ensuring that every t is crossed and every i is dotted.

9. Flexibility

When clients get acquainted with lawyer apps, they will feel better about their relationship with a law firm. They’ll feel like they’re always a part of the conversation by being able to watch everything as it happens.

Your lawyers are used to clients who need a lot of time and energy from them. They’re often overworked and stressed out. They will send paralegals around to collect things that you could be collecting through your app.

Once you’ve installed your app and get clients to start using it, you’ll see that work will breeze by.

Lawyer Apps Increase Client Engagement

Setting up a useful lawyer app doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Consult with developers and construct a list of “must-haves” for your app and then see how you could scale over time.

If you’re interested in finding out how lawyer apps can work for your firm, contact us for more info on how to start designing yours today.


How to Build a Restaurant Menu App for Your Business

January 22, 2018 - By 

Technology is revolutionizing every single aspect of how we conduct business. Restaurants are no exception, but many restaurant owners haven’t yet caught up with the times. Currently, only 22% of restaurant owners are using a restaurant menu app.

Some of the benefits of using a restaurant menu app include:

  • Presents your menu in an attractive way
  • Regularly updated to reflect your stock
  • No printing costs for updated menus
  • Reduces pressure on staff with in-app ordering
  • Accurate orders
  • Avoids billing errors
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Offer special rewards to loyal customers

With customer-centric marketing being so important in today’s business world, focusing on delivering a world-class customer experience and an exceptional brand image have never been more important.

To help you make the most of this trend, we’ll teach you how to build a shiny new restaurant menu app of your very own!

How To Build A Restaurant Menu App

Having a dedicated app for your restaurant helps your business stand out from the imitators, like you can see with the restaurants in Grapevine TX.

Follow these steps to help think through your restaurant app. It’ll make the design process that much easier.

Decide On An Appearance

Customers absolutely CAN and DO judge apps by their appearance. Deciding on a visual identity for your restaurant menu app is the first step in launching your online culinary empire.

Spend some time thinking about your visual branding. This will help you decide on the design elements to amplify those impressions to your customers.

The logo should be the first thing you design for your restaurant app. It’ll help clarify your brand image. It’ll also solidify aesthetic decisions like a color scheme that will be important at every stage of the app design process.

If you’re creating an app for a pre-existing restaurant, your restaurant menu app should remain consistent with the rest of your visual branding. This enhances customer loyalty and lets them know what to expect.

Decide On A Programming Language

Once you’ve settled on a visual identity for your restaurant app, you’ll need to decide on the programming language to implement it.

Some popular programming languages for mobile apps include:

  • HTML5
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java

Not all programming languages are created equal. Some of these languages will be better suited for iOS. Others will be better for a web-based app.

Commenting fully on each programming language for mobile development is beyond the scope of this article. Do some due diligence before beginning app development to make sure you settle on the language that will best suit your needs.

Include Your Info

The #1 reason customers look up restaurants on Google is for practical information like store hours, directions, or to check if it’s open. Make sure you include that information on your restaurant menu app, as well.

One of the joys of featuring a custom app is the ability to control how that information is presented. Custom graphic design makes our restaurants seem more original and authentic. Considering that 78% of consumers find companies that create custom content are more trustworthy than those that create generic content, you simply can’t overlook the opportunity to broadcast your restaurant’s unique identity.

Show Off Your Menu

Of course, one of the main reasons to feature a restaurant menu app is the ability to show off your delicious food in all of its glory.

Hosting your menu in a custom restaurant app makes it easy to show off daily specials and seasonal dishes. You can even reach your customers when they’re offline via Push Notifications.

Incorporate Mobile Ordering

Huge restaurant chains like Domino’s handle up to 50% of their online ordering through a restaurant menu app. It increases order accuracy, as well as freeing up your employees to do other things.

Restaurant menu apps are also a great opportunity to upsell products, like offering a deal on a larger size. You can also offer special promotions and pairings that your customer might not otherwise have known about.

Mobile ordering also allows you to put high-quality photos of your food in front of your customers. They’re more likely to purchase an item that they can see.

Offer Rewards

Increasing brand loyalty is another of the main incentives to feature a custom app is to capture your customer’s loyalty. Many independently-owned restaurants don’t have the resources to match the corporate competition. They’re stuck using archaic technologies like punch card programs. Restaurant apps can level the playing field.

It’s incredibly easy to keep track of loyalty programs using an online app. Keep track of your customer’s purchases and offer reward points for repeat business. These programs are some of the best methods for producing repeat business. They can also offer a goldmine of information for your marketing department.

Offer Coupons And Discounts

Offering coupons and discounts is a great way to encourage your customers to download your app. Offer an exclusive discount for first-time users as a way to get them involved. Continue to roll-out discounts to keep customers engaged and coming back to your app.

Coupons and discounts are also a great way to re-engage occasional customers. Nothing is more enticing than the words ‘50% Off’, no matter who you are.

Combining It All

Many of the benefits of using a custom app are available in other online channels as well. A mobile app brings them all together in one bright, shiny, attractive package.

Many of the most popular online restaurant sites can be integrated into mobile apps using plugins, as well. It’s never been easier for a restaurant to feature a custom app even with limited technical knowledge.

Mobile apps for restaurants combine the best of traditional restauranteering with the best of what technology has to offer. They let you show off your restaurant in the best possible light, with high-quality visual branding. They emphasize outstanding customer service by allowing your employees to focus on what’s important. It’s truly a bright new world for high-tech dining.

Ready To Find Out How A Custom App Can Help Your Business?

Mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere. The number of smartphone users is projected to surpass 5 billion by 2019. Check out the rest of our Mobile App articles and learn how to stay ahead of the curve!


10 Best Sobriety Apps

January 22, 2018 - By 

Having an app for everything isn’t always a bad thing.

Sure, there are some pretty awful apps out there. But there are also useful ones that help a lot of people. These medical apps, for example, are recommended by users and doctors alike.

Now, if you’re in recovery, there are also sobriety apps that can help you lessen your alcohol consumption or quit drinking altogether. Here are 10 of them.

1. Sober Grid

It’s easy to think of Sober Grid as just another social networking site. But saying it’s like “Facebook for sober people” doesn’t seem right. This award-winning app does more than that.

Whenever the need arises, users can press the app’s “Burning Desire” button to alert other people in the community that they need help. Users can also find sober individuals who are on The Grid while traveling. It uses geosocial networking to connect those in recovery locally or from anywhere in the world.

You can download Sober Grid for free on the App Store and Google Play.

2. Quit That!

Despite its simplicity, this is one of our favorite sobriety apps. And it’s not just people in recovery who can use it.

Anyone who wants to quit anything – junk food, coffee, smoking, and other bad habits – can use it. What it does is track a user’s progress in days and hours, as well as money saved.

One of the best things about this app is you can add as many habits (or addictions) as you want. There’s also the welcome absence of ads and prompts, which makes it a joy to use.

The only downside is it’s not available for Android users. But if you’re a fan of all things Apple, you’ll be glad to know that it’s supported by Apple Watch.

3. Twenty-Four Hours a Day

This app features 366 daily meditations from the best-selling book of the same name. It also contains prayers and religious teachings, helping users practice sobriety wherever they are.

With the latest update, users can now share daily messages by text. Twenty-Four Hours a Day works great for both Android and iOs devices.

4. recoveryBox

For tracking triggers, emotions, and events that may cause a relapse, this is one of the best sobriety apps you can download on your Apple device. It works as an accountability tool that takes note of both positive (green lights) and negative habits (yellow and red lights).

The more you track “yellow” and “red,” the more you can see patterns. Eventually, the data can help you pinpoint your triggers. If you wish, you can send a report of this to a counselor, friend, sponsor or anyone you consider as an accountability partner.

recoveryBox also lets users earn badges for their accomplishment, which works like AA coins or tokens. You can check out The Token Shop to know more about how AA coins work. It’s also a good resource for anyone who’s dealing with alcohol addiction and recovery.

5. Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking

Sobriety is a serious matter but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to spend the rest of your life in recovery having no fun whatsoever. Sobriety Counter – Stop Drinking is a good example of that.

By gamifying certain aspects of the drinking journey, it will help you stay the course through positive reinforcement. Its bright dashboard shows users how much money they’ve saved by staying sober.

The app also features a game called Memory. Users can play it whenever they feel the urge to drink. Other great features include Scientific Statistics, Badges, and Sharing.

6. SoberTool

Most sobriety apps are solely for people in recovery. But SoberTool offers a wealth of information that can be used by counselors, sponsors, psychiatrists, and those working in treatment centers.

It features a sobriety counter, rewards system, daily motivational tips, search engine, and community forum. A lot of users appreciate this app because it was created by a drug counselor who has been in recovery for almost three decades.

You can download SoberTool on Google Play.

7. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

If you suspect that your alcohol intake is getting out of hand, this app will let you know.

AlcoDroid lets users log their drinks and see how often they’re imbibing. Another solid feature of the app is it can give an estimate of your BAC or blood alcohol content. Plus, you can play with the settings to see how much money you’re actually spending on drinks.

8. Nomo

Motivation is a common theme among sobriety apps. Nomo is no exception.

It features multiple clocks that can track how long you’ve been sober down to the minute. When you reach a recovery milestone, it will give you a chip to celebrate and keep you motivated.

The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, also lets users connect with people in their support group.

9. 12 Steps Companion

Every person in recovery will be familiar with the 12-step program from AA. This app is based on that.

Aside from a sobriety calculator, the app also features an anonymous icon, prayers, promises, contacts, and The Big Book. You can use this even if you have no internet connection.

12 Steps Companion is free to download for Apple and Android users.

10. Happify

Happify is not exactly a sobriety app but you can use it to take control of negative emotions that lead to dangerous behaviors. You can say it works like the mental health apps we’ve talked about in a previous post.

Since emotional well-being is a huge part of the recovery journey, sober individuals should take care to keep it stable. Happify can help you achieve that through techniques and programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology.

You can download Happify on Google Play or the App Store for free.

Looking for More Sobriety Apps?

We regularly feature awesome apps here on Pligg. Keep checking back in to find the best digital downloads including this e-book on how to overcome alcoholism.

For more helpful articles and books, please don’t hesitate to browse our site. These resources can be useful if you or someone you love needs help battling alcoholism.


10 Best Law Apps for Law School Students

January 17, 2018 - By 

It seems like there’s an app for everything. From CandyCrush to bathroom locators to music recommendation apps – everything you could need comes in app form.

And this is certainly true for the needs of law students. There are hundreds of law apps out there that can make your life easier. But with so many apps out there, how can you know which are the best and which are a waste of your download data?

We’ve narrowed down the top 10 best apps for law school students. Keep reading to find out which apps are worth your time.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that can help you organize and share your notes from lectures, research, and work. It can work on virtually all devices, from iOS to Android to iPhone, which makes it easy to share your work between all of your various phones and computers.

Evernote can organize your notes into separate notebooks, making it easy to identify which notes are for what. You can also create checklists, reminders, to-do lists, and voice memos. Everything you create on Evernote is easily shareable via e-mail or device syncing.

Evernote also allows you to attach web sources and images to your notes.

There’s a free version that consists of the note-taking, sharing, and organizational features. There’s also a paid version that offers increased storage space, unlimited syncing across devices, as well as the ability to work offline.

2. CamScanner

In law school, you’ll often be swamped with papers, notes, law journals, case reviews, and other law books. Instead of lugging these things around with you all the time, a scanner app like CamScanner will allow you to turn these hard copies into digital PDF files.

This app is free to download and works on both Android and iPhone.

3. Research Database Apps

It’s no surprise that law school involves a lot of studying and a lot of research. You can make your life a lot easier by downloading a research database app that will allow you to search for cases and do legal research directly through the app.

Some good database law apps to consider are WestLawNext and Lexis Advance. These are both free apps. However, you will need a subscription to them, which many law schools provide. Check with your school’s library to make sure you have a subscription.

4. Legal Dictionary Apps

At the beginning of law school, the amount of terminology you are going to be learning is going to be overwhelming. Instead of carrying around a huge law dictionary, you can download a legal dictionary app.

A legal dictionary app is one of the best law apps you can download. It will make it convenient and easy for you to look up terms you’re unfamiliar with. The most popular would be Black’s Law Dictionary, but it will cost almost 60 dollars.

For those who can’t swing that expensive of an app, you can try using the free Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary app.

5. Law Dojo

Studying isn’t always the most fun activity, but with the app Law Dojo, it can be. Law Dojo is an app that helps you study through a variety of games.

You can pick from many different subjects to test on, from contracts to criminal law to ethics. You then proceed to answer questions until you get three wrong. This fun app can break up the monotony of reading hundreds of pages of reviews and cases while still helping you learn.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is another app you can use for studying. This app allows you to create flashcards easily with a simple, understandable layout.

You can create a new set of flashcards for each class, test, semester, or however you want to organize it. The app allows you to add and delete flashcards from a set whenever you want.

Quizlet also has various ways to test you. You can go through flashcards normally, or you can click “learn” where one side of the card is shown to you and you type out the answer on the other side. Quizlet also can generate tests and games from your flashcards.

7. SCOTUSblog App

As a law student, it’s important to keep up with the rulings and cases of the Supreme Court. The SCOTUSblog app will allow you to keep up with Supreme Court news, rulings, and decisions.

Through the app, you can also access statistics, polls, as well as filings and other resources.

8. ABA Journal App

The American Bar Association Journal (ABA Journal) app will allow you to keep up with important legal news via summaries, articles, and legal analysis.

The app is updated each day so you can be sure to have the most recent and important legal knowledge as you work through your schooling.

9. US Constitution App

All USAttorneys and aspiring attorneys should download the US Constitution App. The constitution is the basis for our law and our government as we know it; understanding and reading it is crucial for becoming a lawyer.

10. Rulebook App

Rulebooks are big, numerous, and a hassle to carry around with you.

Rulebook app fixes this problem for you. It’s free to download, but it does have in-app purchases where you can download a variety of useful additions including The Bluebook(R), numerous federal rulebooks, and the US Constitution.

Rulebook app allows you to:

  • Search for keywords
  • Research cases and laws
  • Highlight important sentences
  • Use an active table of contents
  • Quickly make citations
  • Take in-app notes
  • Bookmark pages

This app will allow you to replace many of your huge rulebooks while also providing you with the helpful, in-app features.

These Are the Best Law Apps You Can Get

Law school is a long, tough road. These 10 law apps will help make that road a little easier to walk along, and they’ll also save your back from lugging around five 1,000 page volumes of law rulebooks and case studies every day.

Hopefully, these apps will help you out on your law school journey. Check out our other legal articles for some other law related tips and information.


10 Best Garage Door Apps of 2017

January 11, 2018 - By 

A garage door app solves problems of theft. Unclosed garage doors are responsible for 50 percent of burglaries that happen to homes. This situation occurs when owners are negligent.

Luckily, smartphones have come to give smarter homes. As convergence devices, they have replaced security devices.

In this generation, we can do anything with our smartphones. Smartphone functions include connecting your phone to your garage door opener. Hence, you control your garage door with your smartphone.

It’s not science-fiction. With a good garage door app, homeowners can rest. With this in mind, you want to have the best app controlling your door.

Read on to know more.

10 Garage Apps to Check Out

While trying to make your choice of a great garage door application to use, check these out:

GarageMate by BTmate

BTmate GarageMate app is highly compatible with various garage door openers. Purchasing a complete kit from BTmate is for less than are affordable. Installation is a simple process; done for five minutes.

To install it, follow the instructions in the DIY YouTube video.

The Andriod application pairs the Bluetooth headset.

Then, the application operates like the regular remote. It connects well; while several meters away from the Bluetooth.

It is free for up to 30 clicks. After this, the license fee is pocket-friendly. Download from either BTmate or google play. The app is easy to use.

Tap It Open by Simon Says

This app works like the BTmate’s solution. Bluetooth technology is also employed here.

The app is free, but the Tap Open kit is quite inexpensive. The BTmate kit is highly compatible with various brands of garage door openers.

Installation is easy. Download it from Google Play store. After download, there’s a “password” option.

Users have rated it 5-star, and reviews are encouraging.

Craftsman Garage Door by Sears

This smartphone app works in conjunction with Craftsman’s AssureLink. It works perfectly with Craftsman garage door openers. It is barely compatible with other garage door openers.

The app does not depend on Bluetooth connectivity. It uses internet connection instead. It is available for download from iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

The range covers far more than the apps using Bluetooth connectivity. It is possible to see your garage from anywhere with your phone and an internet connection.

You can also control lights using this app.

There are mixed reviews on this app.

Liftmaster Home Control Garage Door App

The Liftmaster control app is from Chamberlain. It works hand-in-hand with MyQ-enabled garage door openers.

It also works with gate operators and house lights. The connection is where your phone has an internet connection.

The app controls many garage door openers.

It also switches lights on or off. For efficient use, select usage at security levels. The passcode option is an extra security vice.

The app is free after registration.

The reviews are mixed. There are several reports of a poor tech support. Some people complain about the spotty coverage too.

Nexx Garage Door App

Nexx garage door app uses wifi network in conjunction with your garage door opener. The result is a device accessed from anywhere. This app is helpful in securing garage buildings.

The trigger for opening the door is the Nexxa Garage Controller. It is cheap.

MyQ Smart Garage Control

This app, by Chamberlain, is used in conjunction with MyQ-enabled products.

It allows for easy opening, closing or inspection of your garage door.

The MyQ home lighting can also be monitored from anywhere; using your smartphone or tablet.

You can be confident knowing the main entrance to your home or business is safe. Instant security alerts are sent based on the activities around your garage door.

With one tap, you can see the status of your door when you put on your internet connection.

Using the app, add schedules to close your door at certain times. This ability takes away the bother that your garage door is open.

Nold Open Garage Door App

With this app, you hold your phone instead of keys. It can recognize your phone when you are close and opens your gate.

It gives your guest access to your garage using their email address. It gives you the chance to revoke this access once their stay is over.

This solution is a comfortable and secure solution for family and friends. You can manage a large number of guests using your phone and internet connection.

Gsm Gate Opener

You can use this garage door app in conjunction with the GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch RTU5024 device. The device itself is simple yet powerful. With a connection to your mobile phone, it sends a call to your mobile phone.

With caller ID-technology, you can get notifications about your garage door.

You can use it in places where you are required to put off all your devices. It gives access to doors and controls gates.

It helps to provide an order for car parking arrangements too.

Bzgarage Garage Door App

Using the Bluetooth of your Android device, you can securely connect your garage. Due to the Bluetooth coverage range, you can only operate from any part of your home.

After downloading this app, you have to buy the hardware too. Purchase the receiver unit to connect many android devices.

It is helpful for the whole family.

You can make the connection within seconds.

The application is simple to operate. It has three buttons; the connect button, the close button and the open button.

Garage Door Remote Open Sesame App

This garage door app does not use an internet connection. Once purchased, pairing is done using Bluetooth.

H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth device is used to enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Using the app, you can clone many garage remotes for free.

It comes with a default password for security. Change it for personalization and additional security.

Open Sesame comes with a default password that you need to change for added security.

To Wrap It Up

Smartphones have replaced many products. Garage remotes are one of these products. Remotes could get misplaced.

Also, when you compare costs, smartphone use is inexpensive. Smartphones are taking over every market. They are slowly substituting wallets, video players, and games. Also, it is easier to install these apps.

However, you must check your door type before installing an app. Conduct your research and ensure that the app meets up to the demand of your door and your garage remote.

To know more about automation devices for garage doors or garage purchase, read our blog today!


The 8 Best Real Estate Apps For House Hunters

January 11, 2018 - By 

The search for a new home can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and disappointing. Lucky for you, with mobile apps and online search systems, it no longer has to be.

With fantastic real estate photos available through easy-to-use, seamless apps, you can set up an appointment to see a home you like in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, you won’t be surprised when arriving at the home. Apps offer detailed listings with all you need to know about the home before you make an appointment.

You can now brose real estate and find the deal of your dreams while filling your gas tank or while standing in line at the grocery store. The best real estate apps have made the market a smaller, more accessible place for house hunters.

Here are 8 of the best apps you need while you shop for your next home.


Zillow comes in at numero uno on our list because it is the most widely used and the most powerful real estate app. More Americans even search “Zillow” in the Google search bar than “real estate”.

With almost 70 million buyers and sellers each month, Zillow is the king of the best real estate apps. When searching for your home, you can count on Zillow to bring you an extensive and expansive list of resources.

What’s more? It’s free. You can submit new rental or sales listings and even claim the listings with your information on them.

Zillow is a seamless app and lets you click on any home location, see the street view, and take a thorough tour of the home.


Another one of the best real estate apps is Trulia. Similar to Zillow with fewer users, it allows house hunters to peruse millions of listings nationwide. It offers you everything from updated listings of homes for sale, open houses, apartments for rent and foreclosure options.

Trulia demands high-resolution photo galleries of all of their properties for a qualified listing. They also require comprehensive information about each listing. The listings will come complete with school ratings, price and tax histories, and a Trulia estimate of what the home’s worth is.

Redfin is One of the Best Real Estate Apps

Redfin is another massive destination for home hunters. You can buy and sell real estate on Redfin. Theirs is one of the best real estate apps and is available in 83 different U.S. markets.

They have incredibly up-to-date listings, and the system self-updates every 15 minutes. This offers the latest information to a buyer for every listing they are considering.

Buyers won’t waste any time using Redfin by inquiring about a home that is now off the market or doesn’t meet their specifications because the information posted will always be the latest.

Redfin is one of the best real estate apps to do comparables on. You can establish a price range for the home you want based on the market activity and information Redfin has gathered. They include every aspect, from last sale price to lot size and condition of the home.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Houzz makes our list of best real estate apps because it is able to streamline a home renovation process for you. In 2009 the app renewed its technology and interface an now lets you design a home.

It gives house hunters access to millions of interior design photos and decorating ideas. This is great for people who are shopping for lots to build a custom home on or people who need help deciding what they want.

Realtor.Com makes our list of the best real estate apps because it offers property listings that are sourced right from 800 MLS. Much like Redfin, their listings are refreshed and updated every fifteen minutes as well.

Their listings offer great photos of properties and will give you all of the fine print details like sales history, property tax, and nearby amenities. It has very user-friendly search options.


ZipRealty is great for people both buying and selling a home. One of the best features ZipRealty offers is the drawing feature. You can simply draw a line around your desired area of real estate.

Once you apply the drawing, it will bring you only the listings in that area. It also has augmented reality features that let you see homes nearby for sale. You can tour homes and see potential open houses too.


Oh, snap. Homesnap made our list of best real estate apps because it allows users to take photos of homes nationwide and upload them. Homesnap gives a collaborative and thorough listing of every home, with the help of users.

Homesnap is especially useful for real estate agents and brokers. There is a private message feature that lets them communicate with house hunters for free and in a secure forum. There is a great mapping feature and the app lets you keep a history of all the photos of homes you’re considering.

Coldwell Banker

The biggest plus of Coldwell Banker is that it lets you search internationally, which few other apps do. It can even help you plan your move abroad and buy a vacation home.

Looking for a home in the Rockies? Find one at Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties. It has a cool property notification option that will let you know the minute new properties or an open house is released that meets your set of standards.

My Mama Told Me…

…you better shop around. And now it’s easier to do than ever. With so many fantastic real estate apps you can find homes you’re interested in, compare them to others, and set up an appointment within minutes.

These apps will give you the most information about their listings. You’ll get accurate photos and in-depth descriptions of what is going on with any given property. This will save you time by eliminating the homes you know you don’t want to see through all of the information given.

For more tips, tricks, advice, and manuals on shopping for a home and what to look for, learn more here.


The Best Phone Apps For Cannabis Enthusiasts

December 30, 2017 - By 

Cannabis is a plant that’s been around for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean it’s not solidly part of the digital age.

As the legal cannabis market has boomed, so has the technology that can help stoners, medical marijuana patients, and other cannabis lovers find what they need.

Are you up to date with the latest phone apps for cannabis enthusiasts? With new developments constantly being made, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we put together this essential guide to the cannabis phone apps you need to download today.

Go grab your smartphone, then keep reading to learn about the best cannabis apps for you!

1. Leafly

Probably the best-known cannabis app, this one remains on a constant can’t-live-without-it status. Leafly’s app is regularly updated so it stays relevant and useful as the cannabis market changes.

This is a catch-all app for information related to cannabis. It combines information about the nearest dispensaries, reviews of strains, and news and updates about the industry seamlessly.

Not only that, but the app includes options for networking and product deals, so you’ll always be in the loop. This is first on the list for a reason – if you want a one-stop app with lots of information, start with Leafly.

2. HighThere

Getting sick of Tinder? Why not try a dating app that’s full of cannabis enthusiasts just like you?

Dating apps are notoriously unpleasant for many people. However, HighThere is a different story – it’s specifically targeted towards cannabis lovers, so you already know you can meet someone who shares at least one of your passions on this app.

To sweeten the deals, this app is free, unlike many niche dating sites that charge for a subscription. Say goodbye to dating disasters by downloading this app now.

3. MassRoots

For the budding photographers in the cannabis community, MassRoots is the perfect platform.

This app is like Instagram for stoners: you’ll share pics and vids of all things cannabis, from gorgeous glass to amazing home growing setups.

Whether you love documenting your weed-related activities, or just want to see what everyone else is posting, this creative app is sure to inspire you!

4. WeedMaps

When it comes to finding medical and recreational dispensaries, Google Maps won’t always cut it. For a more accurate map of where to get what you need, download WeedMaps.

The name says it all: this is a maps app for dispensaries and medical shops. You can easily filter your search if you’re looking for something specific. No more aimless driving around looking for a promising sign – this app can show you exactly where to go.

5. simLEAF

Phones are great for work, education, and communication – but sometimes, you just want to play.

One of the top phone apps for cannabis-related recreation is simLEAF. This grow simulator is both fun and educational – it’s the next best thing to having your own grow op.

Adjust the settings to make each play experience unique. You can grow different strains, use different lamps, and change the nutrient or pH level of the soil in the app.

To add to the realism, the plant you grow in this app can die if you neglect it. You’ll learn to stay on top of the plant’s needs, just like if you had your own grow room.

The payoff of taking care of the virtual plant is a satisfying virtual harvest – and a lot of knowledge that can actually help prepare you for real growing in the future. When you’re ready to start growing for real, make sure you read more here.

6. Hemp INC

For another cannabis game with real-world benefits, you need to download Hemp INC.

This game has a bigger purpose: to help get cannabis legalization in more places faster. It has ties to the activist group NORML, which seeks to legalize marijuana by changing widely held misconceptions about this plant.

If you’ve ever played Farmville, you’ll be familiar with how Hemp INC works. However, this app doesn’t feel like work – it’s fun and will keep you engaged as you run into famous stoners in the app, including Jimi Hendrix and Tommy Chong. Ever dreamed of selling weed to Snoop Dogg? In Hemp INC, you can!

This app sets you up to manage and maintain your very own weed business. You’ll grow a variety of strains, develop a customer base, and buy property as your virtual business grows. Fulfill your weed entrepreneur dreams while supporting this app with a cause.

7. Ultimate Weed Trivia

Who says stoners can’t be smart? With the Ultimate Weed Trivia app, you’ll learn all about weed and keep your brain engaged as you challenge your reaction time.

From history to chemistry to botany, all aspects of cannabis and weed culture are covered in this trivia app. If you don’t know the answers yet, even better- this is a great opportunity to learn.

8. Eaze

Ever caught yourself wishing there was a marijuana delivery service (besides that unreliable friend-of-a-friend who sometimes does house calls)?

Eaze is aptly named: this app fills the gap in marijuana home delivery services, making access to cannabis easier than ever. You’ll place your order through the app, then watch your driver’s progress until they arrive.

This app lets you order medical bud, edibles, or extract, making it a great choice for anyone with health issues that sometimes prevent them from leaving the house.

Even better, this app can help you find a marijuana doctor who can write you the prescription you need. No medical marijuana card? No problem – use this app to help you get one.

Download These Phone Apps Now

Cannabis culture is constantly changing as legalization moves forward. To keep up with the times and get the most from your cannabis experience, you need to download the right phone apps.

Choose from the apps on this list to make a curated list that will take care of all your cannabis-related needs, from finding bud to finding information. Or just download them all – you never know when phone apps like these will come in handy.

Ready to learn about more great phone apps? For a different way to digitally go green, check out these amazing eco-friendly apps.


10 Interior Design Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

December 14, 2017 - By 

While many smartphone and tablet apps are strictly for entertainment purposes, many put a powerful tool in the palm of your hand.

There now seems to be an app for everything. In fact, as of March of 2017, there were 2.2 million apps to choose from in the Apple Store alone.

The interior design world hasn’t missed out on exciting apps that help bring creativity to your home improvement projects. From accurate planning to help with color schemes, there are interior design apps for all steps in the decorating process.

To help you choose the best app for your next home improvement project, we’re going over ten of the most popular apps on the market.

Let’s start designing.

1. MagicPlan

Do you have a vision of your new room but aren’t so great at crunching numbers when it comes to dimensions? MagicPlan has your back. With this helpful app, you can take a picture of your room and it will tell you the dimensions.

You can also use the app while you shop. If a piece of furniture catches your eye, take a picture of it and the app will let you know if the dimensions will work in your room. MagicPlan takes care of the mathematics and leaves the vision to you.

2. Zillow Digs

We all know Zillow, the online real estate database. Now they provide an app that brings price estimation to the interior design world. Zillow Digs provides estimates on design projects to help you get a bird’s eye view of the cost before you start.

Need help finding retailers that carry the products you need? The app will point you in the right direction.

3. ColorSnap

Interior design apps need to enhance your eye for color, and Colorsnap does just that. Sherman-Williams has built an app that lets you find a paint color that exactly matches your source of inspiration.

By taking a photo of your favorite piece of art, car, window curtains or just about anything, the app will tell you exactly which shade of Sherman-Williams paint matches your object. You can also look through 1,500 shades of paint and apply it to virtual rooms in the app.

4. Houzz

This is a monster when it comes to interior design apps. Houzz contains over 5 million high-resolution images of homes and rooms for you to peruse. These are all categorized and tagged based on style, type of room and location.

Houzz works as your ultimate idea guide. Save your favorite ideas and let the app’s design consultants give feedback on the direction you should take the room. Think of this app as your own personal interior decorator at your fingertips.

5. Homestyler

This app calls itself a “virtual fitting room,” and this makes sense once you see what it can do. Homestyler allows you to sample different styles for your home by superimposing virtual models of furniture, light fixtures and more onto a picture of the room you’re working on.

This gives you an accurate look at a rooms end result using certain products. Definitely a huge time and money saver. The app also includes a gallery where you can view other user’s ideas along with portfolios of actual interior designers.

6. Chairish

If you love pre-own or vintage furniture, this is the app for you. Chairish provides a buyer and seller market for used furniture. And rest assured, quality is key when it comes to Chairish products.

The app lets you browse furniture, save your favorites and message sellers if you’re interested. Even the buying process is done through the easy-to-use interface.

7. Curate

If you need interior design apps that help with choosing artwork, Curate is the way to go. With this app, you no longer have to use your imagination when trying to decide how a piece of art will look in a room.

Curate sets up a virtual environment where you can upload a picture of any wall and see how a piece of art will look. If also lets you browse art by your favorite artists or art galleries. Forget about playing a guessing game when trying to pick artwork for your home.

8. MyPantone

Think of this app as your color guru. If you’re questioning the exact color of a shade, MyPantone will set you straight. The company has included its entire library of colors in this app so you never have to question if you’re looking at teal or green.

MyPantone also lets you share your color choices with decorators and manufacturers so they can provide you with news about their products and services. It can also identify colors in a specific photo and give feedback on complementary color choices.

9. BrightNest

Interior design apps are meant to help, but this one goes above and beyond. BrightNest acts as a virtual personal assistant during your home improvement project. Using this app lets you remain organized, making sure you maintain your initial vision throughout the project.

Keep track of tasks and stay on schedule with helpful reminders. BrightNest even gives you advise on completing tasks more effectively. Projects you thought would never get done finally become attainable with this app.

10 Sun Surveyor Lite

This cool app helps you achieve the perfect amount of natural light in your home. Sun Surveyor Lite includes a 3D compass that measures the angle of the sun with respect to your home.

By walking through your house with the app, you can decide where to position furniture or plants in order to get the best natural light. Also, use it when planning for a remodel or if you plan on adding new furniture.

Which of These Interior Design Apps Are for You?

The first step in successfully completing an interior design project is knowing exactly what you want. While you may not have a use for all of the apps listed above, it’s likely that two or three will benefit you.

Ask yourself what you need help with the most and go from there. You’re sure to find something that works.

Visit for more articles on home improvement to help out with your next project.


Go Green: Top 5 Eco Apps to Download Right Now

December 11, 2017 - By 

Looking to start going green, but not sure where to start?

Technology is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal to help us lead more eco-friendly lives.

The average American adult spends up to 86 hours a month on their phone, which amounts to about 3 hours a day! As for tablets, in 2016 156 billion minutes were spent browsing the web on these nifty gadgets in the US alone.

With so much time spent on mobile screens and tablets, it seems silly not to use their convenience to do good for our planet in some way.

You may be wondering how this is possible. The answer is apps. As of January 2017, there were 2.2 million apps available in the Apple app store.

With so many on offer for you to choose from and test out, where do you start? Not to worry, read on to discover our top 5 recommendations for eco apps. But first…

How Can Eco Apps Help You?

Whether you’re the owner of a smartphone or tablet, you may be on the lookout for more convenient ways to get information on the go. Information that will help you make the most eco-friendly, sustainable choices you can.

Not all eco apps are created equal. However, each eco app we recommend in this article is not only popular but super useful too!

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, the five eco apps listed below are compatible with both. All five are sure to make your quest to be an environmentally conscious consumer much easier.

Read on to find out what they are about and how, individually, they can help you.

1. Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping

If you’re invested in environmental issues that affect endangered wildlife, you’ll already know the deal when it comes to why palm oil is bad. If not, let us explain.

The Low-Down on Palm Oil

Palm oil is an ingredient which regularly appears in all kinds of products ranging from food to cosmetic products. However, it is also the root cause for some of the most disastrous of environmental issues.

It is one of the lead causes of deforestation, which in turn destroys the habitats of endangered wildlife such as Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, Malayan Sun bears, and Bornean Pygmy elephants.

Overall, palm oil deforestation is one of the largest contributors to climate change. If you care about our planet, then it’s definitely worth looking into. The Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app offers an easy way to do so.

Why This App?

Concerned you may be buying products contain unsustainably sourced palm oil? Worry no more! This eco app allows you to shop with confidence with just the scan of a barcode.

Developed by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado, this incredible app can help you check to see if the product you’re planning to buy is ”orangutan friendly”. Its database contains over 6,000 products.

The Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app also helps consumers discover alternative products to those that aren’t R.S.P.O. certified, and explains the crisis, as well as providing tips on how to do your bit to help wild orangutans.

As far as eco apps go, this one is pretty impressive!

2. Light Bulb Finder

Whether you’re going solar in San Diego or Tampa, paying attention to where your energy and electricity is coming from is a great way to maintain strong eco-awareness.

Tying into the theme of sustainable energy and electricity comes the Light Bulb Finder app.

Are you unsure of which bulbs you should be putting where? Worried about how much your electricity bill is racking up from inefficient lamps, as well as the wider effect on climate change? Light Bulb Finder is the eco app for you.

This award-winning eco app makes it easy to find suitable energy efficient bulbs for your home.

Named best overall app by the EPA in 2011, it aids users in their search for eco-friendly bulbs. You can even buy your bulbs directly through the app.

3. #Climate

Fancy yourself a climate change activist? This is one of the best eco apps that will allow you to well and truly fulfill that role.

#Climate makes it easier than ever to uncover and share a variety of actions you can take to battle climate change through over 90 non-profit organizations.

This app also provides statistics to see what kind of personal impact you’re making on the causes you care about. #Climate provides a platform for change and positive global and environmental impact.

Change starts with action, and if #Climate doesn’t make you want to start researching and planning your activism and making protest signs, we don’t know what will.

Harness social power for the greater good with this app, today.

4. Wise Up On Waste

Every year, roughly 50% of food is wasted in the United States. That amounts to about 60 million tons, worth an approximate $160 billion!

It’s a pretty sickening statistic, especially when you consider that 41.1 million Americans are food insecure. This means they are forced to skip meals, or feed their children over themselves, and buy cheap nutritiously lacking food.

If you’re looking to reduce your food waste, this is the app for you. The Wise Up On Waste app can help you reduce the amount of food you throw out by 20% or more.

How Does It Work

This app can help will help you keep track of how much food you waste or spoil. The king of waste management eco apps, you can permanently stamp out kitchen waste with this app with some of its awesome features. These include:

  • A means of identifying where/when you generate waste
  • Trackers for weekly progress and savings
  • Audits for waste at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With all of these features and more, this is definitely one of the eco apps you need on your phone if you’re looking to save the planet, as well as your wallet!

5. iRecycle

iRecycle will help you find convenient eco-information and recycling options across the US. With over 1.6 million ways to recycle more than 350 different materials, you’ll never be short of recycling ideas again!

You can review the latest recycling tips and tricks and browse recycling news and updates. This really is an app for those who are passionate about the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Even if you’re just a casual user who simply wants to make a difference, this app uses your current location to help you find nearby resources, with information about their operating hours and directions.

No matter the material, get organized with this app and get to know your local recycling depots.

Honourable Mentions

In the world of eco apps, there are no losers. In our book, any app that exists to help make a difference to the planet is worth giving a go.

With this in mind, here are more amazing eco apps but almost, but didn’t quite make the top five.

Bunny Free

Trying to go cruelty-free? Bunny Free is the app for you! Developed by PETA, it gets its data from their lists of companies, along with their animal testing policies.

With the app, you can type in a name or scan a barcode of a number of products:

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal-care products
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • General Household Products

Not only will it tell you whether a company tests or not, but it can tell you if it is owned by a parent company who does. Knowledge is power, and this app gives you just the information you need to make some smart consumer decisions


greenMeter is a great app that is, sadly, exclusive to iOS.

It also costs $5.99, though in the grand scheme of apps that really isn’t a whole lot of cash. This is without mentioning what a worthwhile investment it is. In fact, the software can supposedly pay for itself within 1-2 tanks of gas.

greenMeter calculates your vehicle’s fuel and power usage. It evaluates your driving and displays real-time results for instant feedback on how to increase fuel efficiency, lessen fuel consumption and cost, and lower the environmental impact of you and your car.

At its best on the road, greenMeter can help you even before you set foot in your vehicle. You can simulate acceleration by tipping your phone back and forth, aerodynamic drag, and more.

Great for those interested in eco-driving, or even if you’re simply interested in greenifying your entire lifestyle. This is one of the eco apps that is definitely worth your time.

Found Some Eco Apps You Want To Try?

There’s something here for everyone. Every single one of these eco apps can assist you in making more sustainable choices in your day-to-day life.

Reduce your carbon footprint, share them with your friends, and learn from them. These eco apps all provide a service that, were more people to use them, may leave the earth in a better state for future generations.

Inspired by our list of eco apps? Why not check out more of our app recommendation lists?

Whether you’re looking for fitness apps, travel apps, or even apps for home security – we’ve got you covered!


The 5 Best Free App Store Games of 2017

November 7, 2017 - By 

Studies have found that 56% of Americans played mobile app games in 2016. This number will continue to grow as the mobile gaming industry evolves. More and more iPhone users enjoy App Store games as a way to pass time and check out what’s new.

What’s better than coming across a game in the App Store that looks awesome and also costs you nothing? Free game downloads are increasing in popularity. And don’t think for a second that because they’re free that these games lack quality.

Many new free games for iPhone users have hit the App Store in 2017. From card games to fantasy to interactive sports games, there’s something for everyone.

To help you choose your next mobile gaming obsession, we’ve put together a list of five top free App Store games of 2017.

1. Asphalt Xtreme

This series is a favorite in the mobile world and offers several thrilling racing games. In the new Asphalt Xtreme, the action is now off-road. As a player, you’ll experience extreme racing through canyons and sand dunes.

The vehicle selection for this latest Asphalt game includes everything from monster trucks to dune buggies. This free download includes hundreds of single-player events and challenges. It also includes a live multiplayer mode where you get to race with up to eight other players.

2. Critical Ops

This is one of the better new generation first-person shooter games. In Critical Ops, you’re placed in a number of urban settings to battle terrorists. You also have the option to mix it up and play as one of the terrorists.

The multiplayer community for this game is strong, so you can play along with friends and other fans of the game. For a great mobile gaming fan network, check out

3. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

App Store games come in all different genres, and this includes great card games like Hearthstone. This one incorporates a fantasy Warcraft world where you get to play as the hero or villain. In this game, you’ll be summoning allies and minions to help you fight epic battles.

The rules of Hearthstone are easy to learn. Card enthusiasts will enjoy earning gold that can be exchanged for stronger powers. The game also has an arena mode with a sealed draft that rewards smart deck building.

4. Madden NFL Football

A list of gaming apps wouldn’t be complete without a good sports game, and this one is a classic. The new update to this favorite includes both league and season modes along with weekend tournaments. All this includes the stellar graphics and interactive game-play of the old version.

The new version has also added an interesting story mode. In this mode called “Longshot,” you will guide a player to victory in the NFL. What a great new feature to this classic football game!

5. Battle of Polytopia

Strategy and role-playing games are notoriously in-depth. In this scaled-down strategy game, you get to develop your own civilization and negotiate conflicts with neighboring tribes. This all takes place quickly as you try to get the most points possible in only 30 minutes.

Although the mechanics of the game are fast-paced, the strategic options are still varied and numerous.

The Best App Store Games for You

You probably already know what type of mobile game you’ll enjoy the most. But if you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, try out one of the free downloads mentioned above.

We offer digital download services for everything from music to e-books.

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