Rearrange Your Furniture to Keep Your Style Fresh

Are you bored with your home?

When you buy a house, you often sign the lease papers with the intention of staying for years, sometimes for life. These days, though, you can’t help but notice how your home feels drab and uninspired. You know that home is where the heart is, but your heart’s not in it anymore.

When was the last time you rearranged? This doesn’t mean you have to call an interior decorator and redo your whole house.

By moving decor and furniture (and using furniture pads to keep your floors damage-free), you can make a huge difference in the way you see home sweet home.

How? Allow us to explain.

Make Some Space

When you first bought your house, did you marvel at the size of the rooms? Do you often wonder what happened to all that space?

It’s easy (a little too easy) to clutter up rooms with stuff. Small piles become bigger piles you’ll get to later. Those bigger piles become unmanageable, so you ignore them.

With furniture on top of that, the room can start to feel a little stifling.

It’s time to declutter. Grab two boxes and label one “keep” and the other “toss.” Go through the room and put things in the appropriate box.

If the space still feels too cramped, move your furniture around. Instead of the couch being next to the loveseat, try pushing the loveseat to the opposite wall. You’ll be surprised how much more floor space you have.

Find a New Focus

What’s the focus in your living room?

It might be the TV. It might be an eye-catching piece of artwork. It may be something else entirely.

That item should be the center of attention, literally. The rest of the furniture and decor in your living room should flank the main item.

Let’s say your focus item is the TV. If this is up against a wall, your couch should be several feet back but centered with the TV. Loveseats, recliners, and other chairs should be arranged around the couch.

This informs you where everything else should go. For example, you might put a coffee table between the TV and the couch. You could position lamps on either side of the recliner and loveseat.

With a main item to focus on, your room is more cohesive.

Move Away from the Light

Speaking of lamps, the positioning of the furniture plays a key role in how bright or dark a room is. If you have a standing lamp in the corner and you put a recliner in front of that, the chair blocks most of the light.

If your rooms feel a little dark, you don’t always need brighter bulbs. Just rethink your furniture. Your couch, for instance, can be a huge light hog.

Of course, thus far we’ve only mentioned artificial light sources. Your furniture can also block natural sunlight.

This is detrimental for two reasons. First, you’re missing out on the mood-improving effects of sunlight. Second, your furniture can get discolored and faded from long-term sun exposure.

Rearranging your furniture can transform any room. This frees up space and lets more light in.

However, moving furniture can be risky on hardwood or marble flooring. You don’t want to accidentally damage your floors while lugging around a heavy couch.

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