Why It’s Important to Perform a Drug and Alcohol Test Before Hiring

It’s a fact that drug use in the workplace causes more accidents, more absences, decreased productivity and higher turnover. This costs employers an estimated $197 billion per year. And workplace drug use is now at the highest level it’s been in the last ten years, especially in the retail, food and beverage and education industries. […]

The 5 Best Adventure Video Games on Steam

Steam is a digital distribution platform that allows players to play and download thousands of video games as well as play co-op with other people. Steam is extremely popular; it boasts around 15.5 million users on their platform every day. But with the thousands of games you can play, how do you know where to […]

How the Digital Catalog Could Help the Retail Industry

Last year, people downloaded over 197 billion apps. This statistic alone proves that today you need to evolve to survive. Retail companies have had to adapt fast through these recent digital marketing trends in order to stay alive. Website downloads alone are increasing rapidly while print media reached a low of only 35 million print […]

5 Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends

Technology is evolving. As new technology emerges, industries are impacted in a variety of significant ways. Healthcare is one of these industries. The changes in technology in the past few years have been immense. From new software and systems to new ways to track important medical records and details, healthcare technology trends are changing the […]

How to Find Out Reviews for Your Answering Service

If you run a business or manage a company, such as a lockout service for an apartment, it’s likely you want someone available for your customers to call when a need arises. You don’t want to keep yourself or your staff around just for the odd emergency that may happen. For these reasons, it’s best […]

10 Reasons You Should Have a Skincare Routine

Are you struggling to maintain a regular skincare routine? Your skin is an important part of who you are. Its health can affect how you feel about your appearance, how you physically feel, and more. Even with this knowledge, it can be tough to commit to a skincare regime. This is especially the case if […]

10 Best Sites To Go Furniture Shopping Online

When it comes to redecorating your home, finding the perfect pieces makes all the difference. Whether you’re an interior design expert or not, you know that the right furniture and a few great details can complete a space. But before you rush out to your local furniture store, think twice. Even if you visit a […]

How to Start Your Online Boutique Today

More than half of Americans choose online shopping over typical brick-and-mortar stores these days. When was the last time you walked into a department store instead of ordering something from the Internet? As more people decide to shop online, the market continues to expand and make room for more possibilities. Now it’s the best time […]

Top 10 Tips for Planning a Small Wedding

Planning a small wedding isn’t the affair it used to be. It could range from you and two witnesses to a group of fifteen. Either way, small weddings are on the rise. Why go small? Because the average couple spends $35,329 on their wedding day. Chances are, you don’t have that kind of cash to […]

9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Are you using your phone and SMS technology to its full potential? Did you know that marketing via SMS is a viable strategy to boost your company forward? The number of cellphone users will increase to more than 270 million. This increasing trend of cellphone usage will only continue as the years go by. Most […]