Looking for a New E-Liquid Flavor to Try? Look no More!

We get it.

Vaping has been around for a minute and you’re looking for something.

But how can you pick?

So many flavors, from basic to complex, there’s a ton to choose from.

But, sit back and relax, we’re going to help you figure out what to try next.

Breaking it down

Just like there are a ton of flavors, there are a ton of places to choose from.

From the shop at the mall to sites online, there’s a lot going on in E liquid manufacturing.

We’re not here to get into those details, you’re looking for flavors.

So let’s get started.



There’s pretty much an E liquid flavor for every fruit under the sun.

And a few we’re pretty sure were made up.

You name it, it’s likely been made.

One of the top choices for fruit flavors is the combo of strawberries and cream.

Beyond strawberries, you can find mango, banana, honeydew.

And most every brand offers a version of the basics: grape, cherry.

Some of the more subtle fruits, like honeydew, can be more versatile.


After fruits, dessert-based flavors can be tasty.

Everything from cake to pie and all the desserts in between.

Smurf Cake is an actual thing, a combo of wild blueberries and cheesecake.

Some even say that it has hints of the graham cracker crust.

Or you can go all out with vanilla custard with hints of bourbon.

And don’t forget chocolate and caramel, but those may be a little too sweet for some.

Some companies offer sample boxes, so you can try a few flavors.

If not, make sure you buy the smallest bottle to start – it’s no fun if it’s a flavor you don’t like.



Maybe you’ve switched to vape to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

But you’re really not into sweet things and you miss the taste of tobacco.

You’re in luck!

There are several brands that feature tobacco in their line-up.

Some do feature sweet flavors like caramel, too, so read up before you buy.


If you like regular cigarettes such as Newports, you can still find that taste.

You can choose from flavors like menthol or even mint and chocolate.

You can mix the fruity and minty, combining sweet and sour berries, with mint. Definitely a unique taste.

ADVs (or All Day Vapes)

Just like you wouldn’t eat the same meal 3 times a day, the same vape might not work for you, either.

(And if you do eat the same thing all the time, we won’t judge – but we want to know what it is!)

Some might be too sweet, or too boring, to last you from morning til night.

Types of flavors that will go the distance tend to be a little softer and less intense.

There’s enough flavor to stay interesting, but you won’t have tongue fatigue later.

Strawberries and cream combos seem to have staying power, at least according to the lists we’ve read.

It’s your choice

Whatever flavor you like, make sure you know what’s in your vape.

There are lots of places that do E liquid manufacturing.

Pick the right one that fits your tastes and budget.