Insta Marketing: How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

Do you use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy? With 700 million monthly visitors, Instagram is the second largest social media platform in the world and a great place to raise brand awareness and market your business.

But marketers are struggling to drive Instagram traffic back to their websites.

Maybe you have a large following on Instagram, but how do you get that traffic to your website when you can’t post links in the photos you post? Instagram Stories are helping businesses have Insta-marketing success.

Keep reading to learn how to add links to your Instagram Stories and drive more traffic to your site.

Do You Have Access to Add Links in Instagram Stories?

Clickable links for Instagram Stories were rolled out first only to verified accounts. But in May 2017, Instagram expanded the feature to more business profiles. Now, business profiles that have over 10,000 Instagram followers have access to clickable stories links.

At the time, personal profiles do not have access to clickable links for Instagram Stories.

If you run a blog, online business or store, adding a link to your Instagram Stories can help drive more traffic through to your website.

Here’s how to add links:

1. Start your Instagram Story

You can easily create Instagram Stories in two ways: Use the app to take an image or video, or from the Story screen, swipe up to import an image taken within the last 24 hours.

2. Add the link URL

At the top of your Instagram Story, click the chain link icon. Enter the link destination in the new window that appears. If using an Android, tap the green check mark, or from iOS, tap Done to save the link.

You may want to track how much traffic and conversions your get from this. Try a link shortener like or These tools will shorten your URL so you can easily track and measure your metrics.

3. Edit your story

You may choose to add text, stickers or filters to your Instagram Stories. When completed, upload your story to your profile.

When you include a link, it will appear as a See More option at the bottom of your screen. Viewers might not see it right away if they’re not looking at it. Try including a call to action, such as “Tap ‘See More’ to visit our website,” in your Instagram Stories to draw attention to your link.

How to Take Advantage of Links in Instagram Stories

What links should you include in your Instagram Stories? Where should you direct your audience? How often should you include links?

Use links to promote recent blog posts or products you sell. Share content that is exclusive to your Instagram followers. If you’re sharing tutorials or recipes in your Instagram Stories, include a link to the complete instructions at the end.

You don’t want to include a link in every post. Include one link for every three or four posts in your story collection.

Only include links in your if they provide value to your followers. Avoid including links in every story you share.

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