How to Make an App for Your Small Business

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The average business owner doesn’t need to read another article about how to market online.

Their social media is more than on point, their website is mobile responsive, and they’ve got their PPC campaign running like a well-oiled machine.

Most businesses have clearly conquered the internet, but have they mastered the newest platform for customer engagement and outreach?

Apps are beyond popular, and their use is only going to grow.

How to create your dream app

It’s very clear that apps are the marketing tools of the future.

A lot of small business owners may already know that they need an app, but they aren’t sure where to start.

Luckily for them, they don’t need to be designers or developers to have a great app for their business. BrainyApps and similar sites have made app creations simple. All they need is an idea and clear path for bringing their app to life.

Think about your end goal

If people are short on app ideas, they just need to think about their end goals and what their ideal app would do once it’s made.

It’s important to think beyond wanting an app that will make you money. This is a “big picture” kind of thing.

Would the app make it easier for people to learn about the company?

Do they need an app that makes checking out a breeze for customers? Would it make the process much more streamlined and less complicated?

Do they just want an app that’s entertaining enough to get a lot of downloads so their company can get a different kind of exposure?

Thinking about what businesses ultimately want their app to do is important.

Even professional app designers can run into problems when they set out to make an app without thinking about its main objective. Have an objective in mind, then go from there.

See the app as a problem solver

Sometimes businesses don’t need a big brainstorming session to discover the kind of app they want. In fact, existing customers have probably already identified the key features the app should have.

Have customers expressed an interest in being able to see more of what the company sells? Make an app that beautifully displays your full inventory.

Have customers complained about having a problem after typical business hours? Create an app that can answer their questions and act like a personal concierge when employees can’t help them.

Do customers want an easier way to buy and have items shipped? Make an app that has a robust checkout system that can have the process done with a few taps.

Get ready to market it

After months of work, the dream app is fully designed and ready to be used. Now the time has come to properly promote it!

Too many companies make the mistake of financing an app and then doing nothing to promote it.

Simply having a “download” our app button somewhere on a website site isn’t enough. App launches should be promoted on social media to make sure that followers know about the release.

It’s also important to write some amazing copy for the app store description with SEO keywords so that new people can easily find your app.

The end?

The app creation process doesn’t end once it’s released. You should be paying close attention to user feedback so you can make needed updates as time goes on.

And of course, there’s always the possibility of making a brand new app as your needs evolve.

As you can see, the app creation process can be simplified when you have the right mindset. Keep your ideas flowing, don’t be afraid to try something new, and always reach out to app experts that can help you along the way.

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