How to Know When You Should Just Call an Electrician

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There are a million DIY TV shows and websites. You can paint it, you can stain it, you can cover it with fabric.

For the advanced DIY’er, you can learn how to build a deck chair. Or, even the entire deck.

But, when it comes to electricity, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s how to know when to call an electrician.

Your home’s electricity

For most of us, there are two times we think about electricity:

  • When it’s time to pay the bill
  • When we flip a switch and something doesn’t work

The majority of the time, electricity is our silent friend. It keeps our food cold and lights our way.

But it can also be a dangerous friend if you’re not careful. Yes, it is more likely that lightning will kill you instead of your outlets at home.

But why take that chance?

It doesn’t matter whether you need something fixed or something brand-new installed.

Certified electricians can help you with any of your home’s electrical needs.

When you should call an electrician

Octopus outlets

There are so many things that need to be plugged in, in a typical household. From cellphones to hair dryers, lots of things need electricity.

The problem comes from plugging too many things into too many outlets.

Do you have multiple outlets that look like an octopus is trying to escape the wall? If so, your home’s electrical system may be overloaded.

An electrician can help sort out what you need and get it taken care of safely.

Those annoying, flickering lights

Have you noticed that when you turn on a major appliance that your lights flicker?

When the motor in that appliance starts up, it can draw a major amount of current.

It may be good to have that appliance on its own dedicated circuit instead.

You’re trippin’

Your breakers, that is.

Your octopus outlets and flickering lights may leave you in the dark when a breaker trips. Yes, they’re a safety measure meant to keep the system in check.

But they shouldn’t trip every time when you start the microwave.

Having an electrician assess your home’s electricity needs and use will help.

Warm isn’t good when it comes to electricity

Unless it’s an actual space heater, then it’s probably OK. But if you notice a switch or other power point that’s warm to the touch, something’s not right.

Older homes may have older wiring, too. Homes over 25 years old should be regularly inspected.

If you have anything that’s warm to the touch that shouldn’t be, you should call an electrician.

You’re grounded but your appliances aren’t

Especially in an older home, not all of your outlets may be of the 3 hole variety.

The bottom hole provides a ground for whatever you’ve got plugged in. This is even more important for larger appliances, like refrigerators and microwaves.

Don’t break that ground off the plug!

Call an electrician who can install new outlets that are safer for you and your family.

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