How To Dress Like the Celebs in 2018

It may feel impossible to dress like the celebs and appear as chic as your idols when you lack a glam team, personal stylist and million-dollar budget but with just a few simple tricks you can transform your high-street look into one that’s worthy of the runway.

Trends Help You Dress Like the Celebs

Trends have never been more daring than as of late. Throw your fashion rule book away and embrace the weird this year just like all your favorite celebs.

Millie Bobby Brown recently rocked double denim on the red carpet as she showed her support for #MarchOfOurLives and proved that she won’t conform to society’s expectations.

Sporty Luxe is also a trend that is no longer confined to the gym. Striped sweatpants can now be seen in every high street shop and in most paparazzi shots from the airport.

You may not even have to get dressed at all now pajama fashion is being shot on the streets of LA. Selena Gomez was seen dressing up a nightshirt with high-end accessories as she went out for the night.

It seems celeb style is finally embracing comfort. Find out more on this with Elfann.

Accessorize with accessories

If you are nervous to step out in some of the bold new trends of Hollywood then accessories are your savior. They don’t have to be expensive either.

They can help with dressing up or dressing down your clothes so you can feel less self-conscious about your daring outfits.

A lot of the trends from last year have continued into 2018 and become more popular than ever. For example, choker necklaces, tiny sunglasses, and even gloves.

If these options don’t suit your style, pair your outfit with a simple scarf.

Hats, Hats, Hats

As for hats, Meghan Markle has shown us that the beret doesn’t just belong in Paris anymore.

Adding an extra touch to her elegant monochrome outfit, she wore a white beret to Westminster Abbey. Berets are a simple touch you can pair with any outfit.

This style is definitely a winner as many other celebs, such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, have added this piece to their outfits.

The baker boy that is also a trend this year which will be a blessing on bad hair days and help you dress like the celebs!

Statement Shoes

One of the easiest (and laziest ways) to turn your outfit into a statement is through your footwear.

Celebrities have recently been seen wearing simple, almost boring outfits and tactfully accentuating them with their vibrant shoes.

The Queen of heels, Victoria Beckham, has been rocking more colorful footwear in 2018 that she uses to dress up her classic, elegant style.

But, don’t worry, M&S may just sell similar shoes which are more affordable.

Stepping out in just jeans and a sweater earlier this year, she wore burgundy heeled boots paired with her matching bag. She’s taught us all your attitude can lie just below your ankles.

Your Final Option to Dress Like the Celebs

Finally, if you want to dress like the celebs in 2018 but aren’t a fan of these trends, then your final option is to buy a pair of sneakers!

It may sound surprising but the new supermodels on the block have brought back classic ’90s Adidas and Pumas so its now fashionable to pair them with any outfit, even club attire.

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