How Installing 12V LED Lights Can Increase Home Security

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Home security is not a priority to take lightly. The feeling after someone violates your home is something you won’t soon forget.

Most people have the same “Yeah, but it won’t happen to me” attitude. Well, with on average almost 4 million home invasions per year, you’re chances are worse than you’d think.

Though even beyond the odds, losing personal possessions to a break-in is always devastating, and something that’s easily avoidable.

Imagine if a burglar stole irreplaceable family heirlooms or anything at all you had earmarked to stay in the family lineage.

We’re willing to guess that you wouldn’t take kindly to having your personal belongings messed with. Not to mention the sense of creeping doubt that you’re not safe in your own home.

It’s why burglar prevention solutions are so popular. Home security systems, a mean dog; you know the drill.

What surprises people is that many of these systems pale in comparison and value to simply leaving a few lights on when you leave the house.

Choosing the correct lighting to leave on is paramount to making this strategy work. When we leave the house, and even when we’re home, we turn to 12V LED lights.

Wondering why? Keep reading to find out.

12V LED Lights For Home Security

If you’re not familiar with LED lights, they acronym stands for light-emitting diode. They’re lights designed with efficiency in mind.

Twelve volt LED lights are rather bright. If you think about it, even a 12V “normal light” is going to cast a large swath of illumination.

When we’re protecting against home invasion, it’s this light swath we’re interested in.

LED Lights Are Bright

LED lights are brighter than your average bulb. Get your hands on a 12V LED light, and you’re lighting up the yard.

This why they make such excellent burglar deterrents. The bulbs are bright enough that no one can approach your house unseen.

If you were a burglar, would you rob the house shrouded in darkness, or the house illuminate in light? Obviously, you’re robbing the dark house.

Set up these 12 V LED lights around your home’s perimeter. It should only take two or three to achieve maximum coverage.

While you can also achieve the same effective with fluorescent lights, LED lights aren’t nearly as intense. There’s no piercing light to shine through your own, or your neighbors, curtains.

Not only will you family thank you for the low-intensity light, but your neighbors won’t angrily knock on your door at bedtime.

Energy Efficiency

LED bulbs are energy efficient and last for long periods of time before blowing out. This is perfect for your home security needs.

Low-cost security? Check. Reliable? Check. Efficient? Check again.

Reliable? Check. Efficient? Check again.

Efficient? Check again.

For people living in your average neighborhood, LED lights are the best security bang for your buck.

You certainly aren’t going to install a home security system for the same cost as a few high-quality 12V LED lights.

Don’t believe us? Shop around and see for yourself. We’re betting you settle on a few high-quality 12V LED lights instead.

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