How Being Able to Purchase eBooks Has Revolutionized Education

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Did you know that the first eBook came out in 1971 and was a digitized version of the US Declaration of Independence?

The eBooks industry continues to grow and it’s expected to make up about 26% of total book sales this year.

eBooks changed the way people read books and despite some criticisms, a lot of people use them now as part of their life. When you purchase eBooks, you gain several benefits compared to its traditional counterpart.

Using eBooks is not a new thing when it comes to education. A lot of developed countries purchase eBooks and let their students use them as part of learning. These schools embrace the challenge and use these devices to complement their traditional teaching methods.

But how did eBooks change education? Let’s find out.

How eBooks Work Today

When schools purchase eBooks for education, they’re meeting the students where they’re currently are. These devices are part of their daily lives, and they use it at home or anywhere outside. Most of the students nowadays are comfortable with the digital environment, which means that the use of eBooks can make their experience more fun and fulfilling.

Integrating eBooks into the educational system allowed instructors to engage more reluctant and busy students. It enables these people to have an exciting means to access school-related information no matter where they are 24/7. Some apps allow students to highlight and add notes to the eBook itself.

The ability to purchase eBooks made it easier to foster a learning environment and create a more interactive experience for students. It’s important to mention that eBooks can adjust their fonts on-screen to help students with their dyslexia. It aids students that have visual impairments and eases the reading process.

The shift to digital education through eBooks is something schools should start embracing, regardless of whether it’s public or private. Digital learning is something people are getting excited about, especially students. It encourages students to interact while giving them new things to engage in learning.

The Future of eBooks in Education

A lot of educators know that the United States education system must become more efficient and effective with the shifting classroom environment. Purchasing eBooks promotes innovation and technology in schools, but the adoption of advanced e-learning practices still need polishing. The future of eBooks is bright since it’s predicted to become a major component of digitalized classrooms across the world.

The trending data from the past years show that the eBook usage will grow at a steady rate. It shows through the continued sales of devices that are capable of establishing internet connections and e-reading. Reading apps for school purposes will continue becoming more popular but the new HTML5-based platforms will fix compatibility issues that arise from proprietary app use.

Schools will most likely purchase eBooks with HTML5 as its platform because it gives students an enhanced reading experience and makes it more compatible with more devices without the need to download supplementary apps. It allows instant access and responsive designs that enable students to read eBooks no matter what size of the screen their device has.

Future eBooks can have embedded links, videos, and audio through the use of HTML5. It has the offline capabilities to let the users interact with eBooks without the need of internet connection.

Benefits of Learning with eBooks

With eBooks, studying online is easier and more affordable as a supplement for traditional classroom learning. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you use eBooks for learning:

Instant Delivery

When you need an eBook, you can download it right away as long as you have a good internet connection. There’s no need for you to worry about catching up on your lessons because the book is out of stock or it’s not delivered yet. You can store your eBooks in convenient places online so you can get it no matter where you are.


With eBooks, you don’t need to worry about carrying a bag full of heavy books that clutter your desk. When you purchase eBooks, you can keep your class materials organized and easier to access from a number of devices like your laptop or tablet. You can access your books on the go and have the reliable information whenever you need it.

Search Features

A lot of students agree that the search feature is one of the best things about eBooks. Traditional books require you to check the table of contents and flick pages until you find the right page. With the search function, it makes information access extremely convenient when you need to study or complete your homework.

Wide Learning Style Accommodation

Students who prefer watching videos or looking at infographics and diagrams can benefit from using eBooks for learning. It’s a richer experience rather than relying on plain text traditional textbooks offer. With this, schools and teachers can expand their learning opportunities and cater to the students that don’t respond well to traditional forms of studying.


It’s estimated that the average American student spends $1,200 yearly on books and school supplies. A single physical book can cost as much as $200. When you purchase eBooks, you don’t need to expect this range of prices.

True, some eBooks allow you to have them on a subscription basis. Despite this, using an eBook instead of the traditional one can still save you a lot of money. Some classes might benefit from having free eBooks posted online through legal means.

Purchase eBooks for Learning Today!

The ability to buy eBooks made it much easier for students to learn more since it offers more varied means of presenting information. Learning is easier with eBooks since they’re portable and you can take them anywhere, allowing you to study no matter where you are. It’s convenient, easy to download, and cheaper compared to traditional physical books.

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