Is Honeyfund the Way to Honeymoon Savings?

There are a few common features every woman thinks of when she imagines her wedding.

She thinks of the dress and being walked down the aisle. She thinks of how it will feel to share her vows and say “I do.” She’ll picture the decor, the teary-eyed guests, and the man of her dreams standing right there alongside her.

But, these celebrations continue long after the vows and last dance.

Next comes the honeymoon!

As important as it is to plan for every detail of the wedding, honeymoons need just as much attention. This is particularly important when it comes to budgeting, which is why any honeymoon savings you can get are worth looking into.

Honeyfund has been growing in popularity among soon-to-be newlyweds.

But, this is not a savings method friends and family are always happy about.

Here’s a closer look at how Honeyfund works and why it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks.

What Is Honeyfund?

Honeyfund is the new alternative to traditional wedding registries.

In years past, a bride and groom would make a list of the things they needed to start their new life together. This was composed of items like kitchen appliances, bed and bathroom sets, and the like.

Now, most couples already live together and share a residence before they get married. This means they don’t need as much for their “new” home.

But, they still have many memories to make.

That’s where Honeyfund comes in.

This is a way for new couples to have the honeymoon of their dreams without having to worry as much about honeymoon savings.

It makes that Mediterranean cruise or week in the Caribbean possible.

Honeyfund works similar to other crowdfunding systems – like GoFundMe or Indiegogo.

Users activate an account asking for money from their friends and family. The account comes with a link that can be shared far and wide – on social media, the wedding’s website, and more.

The money flows in and the honeymoon savings even out.

The following are a few more reasons why Honeyfund is the way to go with your post-wedding planning.

More Financial Freedom to Plan Your Wedding

There wouldn’t be a honeymoon without a wedding in the first place!

But, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the budget of one to enjoy the other.

Honeyfund gives you access to honeymoon savings that can trickle back into your wedding account.

This means you might be able to spend a bit more on things like…

The Dress

With some dresses coming in at costs of double-digit thousands, it may surprise you to know the average cost for wedding dresses is $1,000!

Still, $1,000 can be one of the honeymoon flight tickets you need to purchase.

Or, it could be the cost of staying at your hotel when you get to your destination.

When someone covers such savings for the newlywed trip, you get to be the soon-to-be-wed bride you want to be.

This means you get the gown that caught your eye before you checked the price tag. You may even have enough for the Rachel Simpson vintage wedding shoes to match, too.

The Venue

Finding the right dress is just as important as booking your venue. The venue sets the scene for your wedding to unfold into a night of timeless memories.

This means more than just the space itself.

It means the decorations and other details that make everything come together. After considering table settings, flowers and lights, and music options, the venue prices add up.

But, with the right honeymoon savings, you may be able to make all your dreams come true.

The Catering

Another necessary yet often expensive detail is the food!

Let’s be honest – everyone loves an open bar and a buffet at a wedding.

Not many guests think about how much money goes into that, though.

If you and your soon-to-be hubby (or wifey) are pinching pennies just to feed everyone, your Honeyfund honeymoon savings can help.

This may not mean a champagne fountain and an ice sculpture, but it will help make the night more comfortable for everyone.

Less Worrying for Everyone Involved

Speaking of making guests as cozy as can be, let’s talk about the benefits they get from using Honeyfund.

This tool is not rude, pushy, or extreme.

It actually makes gifting easier and more enjoyable when used correctly.

Luxury wedding planners even say so!

Tell anyone who sticks their nose up to the idea to take that. Or, go the classy route and mention these two simple, yet significant, arguments to use Honeyfund.

The Problem with Traditional Registries

Let’s say you decided not to use Honeyfund and opened a traditional registry instead.

This means you’re sending many people to stores to find the one thing you “need” but probably won’t often use. Not to mention, it’s hard for guests to know if someone already bought a certain item!

A registry could end up resulting in multiple coffee makers or cast iron skillet, but no bed linens or nice picture frames.

It could mean someone gets you what you think you need, but not the right model or color, either. This leads to awkward returns and exchanges that could have easily been avoided.

Objects Versus Experiences

The main argument for most registries is the desire of friends and families to help celebrate your special day.

Many will turn to the registry as a way to make up for not being able to attend the festivities. Others will still want to give you something as a sign of their support long after the wedding is over.

Tell everyone to just give you an experience instead!

This means much more than a home decorating item or a kitchen tool you don’t even know how to use. When someone helps make your honeymoon dreams come true, they are directly investing in the love between you and yours.

Honeymoon savings could be the funding you need to do that fancy candlelit dinner.

Or it could be what gets you all the way to Bali to disappear for a bit.

The funding could even be as simple as staying one extra day wherever you go.

Such moments create lasting, beautiful memories.

They are worth their weight in gold, beyond what any object can provide.

Other Tips on Wedding Planning and Honeymoon Savings

Whether for the day of your wedding or the honeymoon adventures after, you have some serious planning to do.

Stop stressing over the budget and scheduling and enjoy this time.

Think it’s easier said than done?

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