Here’s Why Your Next Project Needs 3D Laser Scanning

If you think your next project needs 3D laser scanning, you aren’t alone. Streamlining the engineering and construction process saves money.

This saving is part of the reason 3D scanning is projected to be a $3.74 billion market by 2022.

Change isn’t always comfortable when it comes to internal processes. If you and your team are debating deploying 3D scanning on your next project you may risk losing clients, time, and money.

Here’s how 3D laser scanning can help your projects:

Streamline the Process with 3D Laser Scanning

Maybe your project teams are questioning the use of 3D technology for scanning. They have been getting work done without that level of detail for years. Why start now?

Beyond keeping up with your competition, there are great reasons 3D scanning will streamline the entire process.

From client approval to supporting digital marketing efforts, the level of detail will accelerate the process. Buyers and investors will be able to virtually tour projects, and complex projects will face fewer roadblocks.

The Level of Detail Required

The engineering and construction markets have changed. The level of detail required to adapt to client requirements and building codes is more advanced than it was 20 years ago.

You may be working on a historical building where precision is essential to preserve its structure. Or you may be planning build outs for an industrial Internet of Things company.

Either way, your project requires an extra level of perspective.

Productive Engineering

The line between building envelope infrastructure and manufacturing is blurring. The need for efficient space utilization is more important than ever.

Engineers and construction professionals need to account for equipment density. This is true for both the maintenance and production sides of the trades.

Proactive Planning

With 3D scans, you can plan the use of space efficiently. This approach requires more than what used to be possible with 2D rendering. Plus, 3D scanning allows clients and engineers to make more informed decisions prior to breaking ground on a project.

Your crews and planners will be more effective. They can make strategic use of every aspect of the project’s plans before creating costly work stoppages.

Cost Savings and Safety

The ROI on 3D scanning means that you can accelerate sales as well as project time. Heading off issues before they arise allows your resource planning to make optimal use of your construction teams.

In addition, you can perform quality control and quality assurance on projects as they are in-progress using virtual teams.

There are also safety applications to 3D scans. You can proactively plan for space utilization and safety needs prior to beginning a project.

Boost Your ROI

The more familiar every member of your team is with the requirements, the more likely that the work will get done safely and efficiently.

Those cost savings fuel more projects. Use 3D scanning to make the most of your next project and watch the ROI grow.

But manage that cash flow. The best projects mean planning on the financial side as well. Make sure you are using the best business finance solutions available today.