Great Downloadable Instructions for Rolling Cigars

Smoking cigars is a great hobby and it’s easy to gain a passion for cigars. Don’t be surprised if you become interested in rolling cigars. This skill is often taught to cigar enthusiasts who own their own cigar store or make their own cigars.

But if you’re a passionate user and want to roll a cigar for yourself, here’s a step-by-step instruction guide on how to roll cigars like a pro.

Rolling cigars isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to remember tobacco leaf care and use a very skilled way to pack and roll the cigar papers.

But for now, learn the easy way. Here are downloadable instructions for rolling cigars.

Separate Leaves

Your tobacco leaves will be used for different purposes. Separate them from fillers, binders, and wrappers. Your best tobacco should be used for your wrappers.

Filler tobacco is usually a combination of two different types of tobacco. But if you’re only using one type or you grow your own tobacco, then one type is fine to use as a filler.

If you’re looking for quality leaves, check a great source such as Eurobacco.

Moisten Leaves

You don’t want to smoke dry tobacco leaves and you don’t want your tobacco going stale. Before you start rolling the cigar papers, make sure the leaves are moist. Make the leaves wet by just adding a little bit of water.

A spray bottle works perfectly to moisten the leaves without leaving them too wet.

Leave the spray bottle out in case the leaves start to become dry.

Remove the Stems

Start to remove the stems.

But the whole stem, meaning the stem in the middle.

Start to separate the whole leaf from the end stem, and work your way up the middle vein. That’s one half of the leaf, now separate the second half of the leaf from the stem. You should have two leaf halves and the ripped stem.

When removing the stems from your binder and wrapper leaves, make sure the leaves are smooth. Make sure all of your leaves are moist.

Shred or Bundle Your Filler Leaves

Start to shred your filler leaves. You can either use your fingers and find a downloadable tutorial for shredding the leaves. Or, a grinder works great.

You can also use a small cylinder to bundle the leaves. Make sure your leaves remain moist.

Trim the Binder Leaf

Straighten out your binder leaf by trimming it. Lay the leaf out on a smooth workstation and trim off the edges. Use any sharp blade or find a downloadable tutorial on cutting leaves. If you want to be legitimate, use a chaveta.

Gather Your Glue

Use glue to hold the cigar together, but not the glue you use for art projects. Most cigars use either tragacanth or Guam gum.

If you would rather do the homemade approach, use either egg whites or a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon of flour and 2-3 teaspoons of water.

Fill the Binder Leaf

Start by filling the binder leaf with the filler tobacco. Roll the binder leaf into a cylinder shape. As you roll, add the glue to the edge of the binder leaf. When you’re done rolling, add the glue to the end of the wrap.

A great method when rolling is to roll at an angle. Start with a corner of the leaf and roll the paper to the opposite corner of the leaf. Think of candy cane stripes.

Mold the Cigar

Start to mold the cigar. Keep it in the mold and heat it at a low temperature. Press on the cigar to give it a better shape. Keep the cigar in the mold for an hour or two.

If you don’t hold a mold, you can skip this step. It isn’t necessary, will just perfect the shape of your cigar.

Prepare the Shell

Lay out the wrapper leaf. Make sure the vein is up. Smooth out the leaf. Moisten if necessary; if the leaf is too dry, it will crack. But if the leaf is too wet, it will tear.

And be careful. This will serve as the outer shell of your cigar.

Trim the Shell Edges

Like you did for the binder leaf, trim the edges of the wrapper leaf. However, the cut needs to be perfect.

When you trim the edges, make sure the top cut is especially perfect. Make sure there are no bumps or dips on the edges, the cuts need to be perfect. Use the same knife or chaveta you did for the binder leaf.

Roll the Wrapper Into the Body Mold

Place your molded cigar at one end of the wrapper leaf, but make sure there’s some space between the leaf and the mold.

Like the binder leaf, put some glue on the edge of the wrapper leaf. Start to roll the body mold on the wrapper leaf, making sure there the mold is rolled on the surface of the wrapper.

Don’t roll the cigar in the air. Make sure you’re rolling it on a smooth surface. Roll the cigar in the candy cane stripe way, starting at one edge and rolling at an angle to the opposite edge.

Before you finish rolling, put some glue on the final edge of the wrapper leaf.

Finish and Age Your Cigar

If there’s excess leaf sticking out on the ends of your cigar, that’s normal. You can cut the bottom leaf off, and most cigar makers roll up the leaf on the top. You can also add a small piece of leaf at the top if there’s not enough leaf left to roll.

Place your cigar in your humidor. If there’s a room in the house that’s a great temperature with good humidity levels, the room will work just as well. Wait a few months to smoke your cigar.

This will allow the tobacco leaves to blend, giving the cigar a great flavor.

Create the Best Cigars with These Downloadable Instructions

You don’t have to be a genius to roll a perfect cigar, but expertise does grow with practice. Cigar rolling takes a lot of effort and patience; as much as you would love to smoke that perfectly rolled cigar, you have to discipline yourself and wait.

But once you smoke the cigar you rolled (and maybe even grew the leaves yourself) you’ll feel so much pride.

For more downloadable instructions, check our database.