Gorgeous Greenery: 5 Unique Plants for Your Garden

If you have a garden blooming in your backyard, why not consider growing a few unusual plants?

Roses and butterfly plants are so common nowadays. With the evolution of plant life, there are a few new ones that you should be aware of. Something else you need to be aware of is the potential for bugs to invade your garden.

However, don’t let them stop you from finding awesome new plants.

Our list of 5 unique plants that you need to plant in your garden will impress all of your neighbors.

1. Succulents

Have you seen these plants on the Internet yet?

It seems like succulents have taken over the country!

What makes succulents so easy to take care of is the fact that they require very little work. You don’t need to constantly water them. This is because they are similar to cacti, and store water in their leaves.

Succulents also don’t like a lot of sun. So, installing a cool retractable awning will help protect them. These plants can also come in a variety of colors and shapes. When placed together in your garden, succulents will transform your space into a beautiful habitat.

2. Paintbrush Lily

Another gorgeous and unique plant is the paintbrush lily.

The leaves on this plant are bursting with vibrant red color. Paintbrush lily leaves will also grow in size to become very noticeable once they fully bloom in the warm summer climate.

The cacti family includes a variety of plant types. Succulents and marijuana plants, for example, that are made from marijuana seeds UK  both contain resins that keep them from drying out.

The waxy coating on their leaves is important in the growing process of both plant types. Choosing this option as one of your unique plants in your garden will entice visitors.

3. Devil’s Tongue

What a name for a plant!

This plant enjoys the subtropical weather. It is great for gardening beginners, because it’s so easy to grow. At the base of this plant is a calla lily flower. Surrounding the center flower are fleshy spadix leaves. One leaf can grow to be up to 4 feet tall!

The tubers on the devil’s tongue plant are also said to be edible since the Japanese use it as a starch. This gives it an added bonus!

4. Hoya

The hoya plant is also called the “wax plant” because it has waxy leaves.

Hoyas like bright lights and a lot of humidity. The hoyas are known for their long vines that stretch out and resemble ropes. Once they bloom, they create beautiful axillary umbellate clusters of star-shaped petals. These petals come in colors that range from white to purple.

5. Sensitive Unique Plants

Watch out for these plants, as they may move right in front of you!

The sensitive plant is known for making seismonastic movements (more commonly referred to as the response of a plant.) They use this sense to trigger a defense mechanism that the leaves perform to shy away herbivores.

Whenever these plants feel threatened, they simply droop their leaves and close up. The name sensitive plant truly describes how this plant has a mind of its own.

In Conclusion

If you want to spice up your garden, consider planting one of these five unique plants. Having a lush green garden will be easy to create once you add some colorful plants, such as the hoya or paintbrush lily.