Gain Advice and Insight From a Marriage Podcast

In the United States, between 40 to 50 percent of people will get a divorce.

With statistics like that, it’s no surprise that after the wedding itself, the task of maintaining a healthy marriage takes some hard work.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of online resources that offer marriage advice.

Check out a marriage podcast from the list below to learn and make improvements to your relationship:

Stronger Marriages: The Anatomy of Marriage Podcast

This podcast currently features one season with 13 episodes. These episodes chronicle the almost-failed marriage of the couple that hosts the show.

The hosts, Melanie and Seth Studley, discuss their own marriage and it’s shortcomings. They also explore stories of other marriages that have found themselves in similar circumstances.

After 12 and a half years of marriage and 3 kids, this couple offers a wealth of knowledge and an honest look at the struggles a marriage can face.

Confessions of a Terrible Husband

If you feel like your marriage is in trouble and you’re looking for honest advice on taking responsibility for your relationship then this marriage podcast is the place to look.

In this podcast, listeners will hear the host Nick Pavlidis discuss every aspect of marriage and life.

When he isn’t discussing his own takes on life and marriage he’s interviewing people like Marcus and Ashley Kusi from the Our Peaceful Family, and Fawn Weaver from The Happy Wives Club to get their insight on the same topics.

Love-Life Connection

Formerly known as “Date Yourself Radio” this podcast hosted by love and life coach Veronica Grant.

The philosophy of this podcast centers around becoming your own best partner while you’re alone and creating a life that another person would want to be a part of.

Whether this means seeking counseling from a source like Sam Nabil Counseling, or working on yourself through her candid advice, this podcast will help you turn your life and your love around.

First Year Marriage Show

From Marcus and Ashley Kusi from the Our Peaceful Family, the First Year Marriage show podcast is here to help newlyweds navigate their first year of life together.

The episodes feature the hosts discussing topics like the struggles and problems they encountered in their first year of marriage and how they resolved them and how to adjust to life together. and a few handy tips on how to thrive through the first little while of being married.

Listen to this podcast for a few handy tips on how to thrive through the first little while of being married.

Anything & Everything

Hear from hosts Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke who have a 7-month-old child and are somewhat new to married life.

The topics covered here are perfect for anyone who needs a little bit of faith sprinkled into their advice.

The couple discusses culture, marriage, and answers questions sent in by listeners.

Make a Marriage Podcast Part of Your Day

Take some time on your morning commute or while you’re at the gym to make a marriage podcast part of your daily listening.

With such a diverse amount of experiences and advice found in the list above, there’s sure to be something that fits anyone’s needs.

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