Essential Hunting Stuff That Every Badass Hunter Needs

A hunter is only as good as his/her hunting stuff. From necessary items carried on long treks to clothes and gear, it’s important to have all the right, well, hunting stuff!

Take a pair of hunting boots, for example. People can’t withstand wet or cold feet for very long and that means that a good pair is in order for any great hunting expedition.

What about guns? How many are needed for your particular trip? Which are easiest to keep up with or will perform the best in your particular environment? Have you thought this all through?

Here’s a quick guide of some of the essential things needed to live a badass hunter’s lifestyle in case you haven’t:


It’s already been mentioned that a good pair of hunting boots is imperative, and it’s worth mentioning twice because a good pair of boots will severely impact comfort and prevent health risks such as frostbite, which can quickly lead to gangrene.

The right boots will be comfortable, durable, and badass. Try guide gear boots, which are insulated and water-proof.


Guns are obviously on the list for required hunting stuff. They’re at the very heart of hunting, after all (besides the game, of course). Try your hand at a Beanfield Sniper or a Timber Classic Marlin.

Always make sure all the weapons are safe, clean and ready to use at all times. Gun safety should always be a top priority.


No ammo, no hunting.

Searching for bullets can be a grueling task so buckle up for your search. Check the weight and caliber of the ammunition, it has to be the right size for the gun. Double check, in fact. A box of useless bullets will become a burden really quickly.

Gear/Supplies and Hunting Stuff!

Hunting stuff isn’t just about boots and guns; it’s also about the quality of the gear.

Having the following items ready for a hunting trip is essential:

Lighters or Flints to Create Flame

Where would one be on a hunting trip without the lighters or flints to start a fire?

Probably wet, cold, or both.

Make sure flints and lighters don’t get wet in transit and bring more than a couple to be prepared for the unexpected.

Water Supplies

Fresh, clean water can be transported, but one should always be prepared to turn stream, creek, or river water into fresh, drinkable water. Stock up on supplies that will help you filter water and make sure to bring jugs or containers.

Knives to Cut Meat and Rope

Knives are essential in the wild acting as scissors, axes, and maybe even additional protection if things go south. Also, consider carrying a few small knives to cut up a fresh kill or to cut a rope to hang up tents and kills (don’t rely on just one big knife).

A Reliable Flashlight

Make sure to have a flashlight (preferably two) on hand, along with reliable, new or rechargeable batteries.

You never know when you’ll need a flashlight, but you’ll be sure glad you had one when you do in the wild. You may need to shoo bears and other critters away from your campsite or answer a late night call of nature. And who wants to be stuck in the wild without anything lighting your path?


The possibilities for what rope could come in handy for are endless. Always have extra on hand. Make it a part of your emergency kit and find creative ways to store it. Consider tying in around other items or looping it around a backpack.

Rope can be used to tie and hang up your game, as well as secure cargo when the trip is over. You may also need rope to secure items at camp (like a tent) or hang clothes to dry near a fire.

Tent/Sleeping Gear

Obviously, you’ll need a place to sleep and keep warm in the night. And a good tent or sleeping gear is important for safety to keep you secure from mosquitos, which carry disease, and other bugs and curious critters in the night.

Kind of like boots, a tent and/or sleeping bag and gear will make for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience in the wild. And don’t forget a pillow!

Gun Cleaning Equipment/Kits

Always keep cleaning kits in with the guns and always keep the guns clean. They should be maintained after daily use for safety and cosmetic upkeep.

Every badass hunter needs these supplies to truly be a badass. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to the essentials of hunting.