The Essential Guide to Using Whitening Strips

What’s the easiest way to get pearly white teeth? Using whitening strips can give you that big, Hollywood-white smile.

Practicing good dental hygiene is essential, but there are times when brushing and flossing isn’t enough to achieve that sparkling smile.

Coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, cigarettes, and other dietary factors stain your tooth enamel and cause discoloration. Avoiding cigarettes and cutting this food out of your diet helps, but whitening strips help to repair the damage.

This tutorial will give you a reason to smile! Read on and find out the best way to use whitening strips.

Brush Your Teeth

It’s a good rule to brush your teeth before you use the strips. A good tip to keep in mind: Crest toothpaste pairs perfectly with Crest White Strips.

If you skip this step, bacteria could be trapped between your teeth and the strips. As you can probably guess, the results won’t turn out well.

After you brush your teeth, wait a half hour before using the strips. Let your saliva clean out the fluoride before whitening.

Open Up The Package, Peel Off the Bottom Strip

After you open the package and pull out the sheet, take off the bottom layer. This will be attached to your bottom teeth.

Tip: Fold the strip in half before placing it on your teeth. Some have stated this helps conform to the curve of your teeth.

Tip: Dry your teeth with a napkin or paper towel. This will prevent saliva from interfering with the strips.

Putting on the Whitening Strips

Place the gel-side on the front of your teeth. Smooth the strip over your teeth; you can use your nails or even your toothbrush to get into the creases.

There will be a part of the strip that’s sticking up. Fold that over to the back of your teeth. Smooth out the back.

Apply the Top Strip and Wait

Use the same technique you did for the bottom strip.

Have the strips on for the recommended amount of time (read box or instruction manual).

Take your nail and lift up one of the corners of the strip. The strip should come off easily.

Right after the strips are off, either rinse your mouth with water or fully brush your teeth. Either method will take off any residue left by the strips.

Additional Advice

Make sure the strips are on tight. There are chemicals in the gel, these should only be on your teeth. If they leak from the strips and get into your mouth, it will taste bad.

The best time to use the strips is when you’re at home and getting ready for bed. The strips also shouldn’t have contact with your gums. This will burn and could make your gums look white.

To reduce saliva production, lie on your back with your mouth open. If you’re doing a task requiring sitting or standing, breathe through your mouth.

Don’t swallow the residue left by the strips.

Wrapping Up

Whitening strips are an affordable and convenient way to whiten your teeth. Whitening your teeth is a process; however, discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. If you’re ever unsure or concerned, ask your dentist.

If you want to have whiter teeth, there’s no easier and more effective way than using whitening products. Be sure to read more ways you can improve yourself.