K-Software Installer

K-Software Installer

A Java base software installer that organises your favourite downloads or favourite executable setup programs, displays Version, Product, Company & Version information about the files it found – It uses JNI to find the version information about each of the Windows files.

Requires a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run, preferably 1.4.2_0x or 1.5.0_0x

Designed to be placed on a CD with your favourite programs/setup applications or others of the like.

o Create an Autorun.inf and copy
JVersion.dll, JVersion.exe,
version.jar and your perfered JRE
to the ROOT of the CDROM and
then copy (including directory
structures), all of your installable
software to the CDROM

Place the CDROM into the
CDROM drive of your computer.

o The Autorun.inf – Should look
similar to this:
* Exclude the hyphen’s.

It will traverse the directory structures in the root directory and find all files that have version information and display them in a Table. After whcih you can double click the (Version column) entry to install the application.

If you want to have this software on your local machine and wish to search another directory or drive, simply, make a shortcut of JVersion.exe and pass the following arguments like so:

[ JVersion.exe -filepath x:\my\downloads\ ] where x:\my\downloads\ is your favourite drive:\[path].


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