Protect Yourself, Family & Valuables Ebook

Protect Yourself, Family & Valuables Ebook


Are You Prepared?
You WILL BE With This eBook!

In todays world we can no longer keep our doors unlocked, kept the keys in our car nor can we count on someone not breaking in our homes when we are there. It is sad but crime in our country is high.

According to the FBI Crime stats, there were 11,635,149 reported crimes in 1999. For every 100,000 inhabitants thats 4,266.8 crimes!

The Crimes

Percent of Total Crimes
violent crimes of murder
& nonneglient manslaughter – 0.1%

forcible rape – 0.8%

robbery – 3.5%

aggravated assault – 7.9%

property crimes of burglary – 18%

larceny-theft – 59.8%

motor vehicle theft – 9.9%

arson – Not included in totals

Here’s some of what you’ll learn…

How to protect your home while away!
How to protect your home from intruders!
How to protect cars, bicycles & motorcycles!
How to protect your valuables from theft!
How to protect yourself from armed robbery!
How to protect yourself while traveling!
How to protect yourself on city streets!
How to avoid being arrested!
About personal safety!
About fire safety!
About emergency preparedness!
Handy first aid tips!
Where to hide your valuables!
What to do if you are a crime victim!
About living with police radar!

Order today and find out just how easy you can make yourself, your family and your valuables safer.

Requires Windows 95/98 & I.E. 4.0 or Greater Installed


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