The Complete Guide To JVs

The Complete Guide To JVs

Everybody talks about how JVs are important and how they’ll change your life and even share their own secrets for getting joint ventures.

But nobody really has a heart to heart with you about how JVs have really changed their life. That’s what I hope to do in this
newsletter so you can see just how important they are.

I’m not going to lie to you. I was already having success online even before I got my first JV, at least as far as income went. But
I was doing it alone and I was out of the loop.

I felt like a loner and not part of the inner circle, even though I was just as successful as many of the so called “big guns”. I just wasn’t a well known commodity.

When I finally discovered the secret to actually getting any JV that I wanted, which I share in my book “The Complete Guide To JVs” and actually put these principles to use, my whole life changed.

I had discovered something that had been missing in my 4 years prior of Internet marketing.

It’s called interaction and a sense of belonging. I no longer felt like a fish out of water. I was getting emails from some pretty successful marketers. I was working with other people.

Yes, I was also earning more money (that is a side effect of the process) but for me, it was more about the relationships. I was a part of
something bigger.

Pride? Maybe. We all have our egos, no matter how successful we are. But it’s more than that.

The truth is, running a home business, even a successful one, is lonely. You work alone and you’re on your own.

By getting JVs, you are no longer the only one responsible for your success. You have others helping you but even more importantly, you
have to now be accountable to somebody else.

Trust me…it’s a scary feeling at first.

It’s one thing to let yourself down and fail at a project. But when you let your JV partner down, it’s not a pleasant thing.

It’s actually the last thing you want to happen. As a result, you will work harder than you will working for yourself.

Guess what happens when you work harder?

You get better results. So the nature of a JV makes it so that your chances of success are greater simply because you’re going to try

In a few days I’ll have some more.

In the meantime, you might want to check out my new book, “The Complete Guide To JVs” which you can get below.


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