How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Finan

How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Finan

How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Financial Independence!

This book will show you how to achieve great success & wealth in the Health & Fitness industry – whether you are just a beginner, a hardened fitness pro, or an entrepreneur looking to start a serious business! Few people get rich working for others; but it also takes courage, determination, knowledge and all the help you can get to go-it-alone! So, would you like to know how to…get rich using your training expertise and skills…or go about acquiring this essential information if you do not already have it? It is easier than you think! Do you want to be successful, independent and completely secure in a unique and still unexploited area of Health & Fitness?

I guarantee you can increase your potential and earning power at your own pace – and even take your income into the super league with your own Agency! This fitness book is like no other you have ever seen before, and I can assure you that it will open your eyes to opportunities and earnings you always thought were unattainable! Suffice to say that there is not only a huge amount of detailed business and practical money-making information here, but also far more in-depth facts, advice and material on exercise training and how the human body functions and reacts to exercise…than you will ever find in books exclusively dedicated to these subjects!

However, before continuing with the real major benefits – which you can read later on towards the end, I think it would be best for me to include an Independent Official Review that was written by a professional book publisher recently! Please take a few minutes to read this Review because it will give you a genuine perspective about this book from another person’s professional point of view…and it REALLY is worth reading! Afterwards, if you so wish, you can then find more in-depth, detailed facts and material about the book from me, the author!


First and foremost, I must congratulate you on writing such an informative, uplifting and motivating book. You have clearly drawn on every aspect of your 25-year industry experience to create this book because you have left no stone unturned. This is a most impressive read which, I have no qualms in stating, should generate a great deal of interest. How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Financial Independence! caters competently for the lay reader and the fitness expert, as well as the entrepreneurial personal trainer who is serious about embarking on an independent career.

The style in which you have written this book is not at all what one would expect from a practical work of this kind. And I think this is its most appealing feature. Many books in this genre are somewhat banal. But this certainly is not! Your expertise and extensive knowledge in this field are evident and your passion practically oozes from the page. This is a lively, engaging and fun read which is also pragmatic and clear. What I like most about your inspirational writing style is that it gives your readers the impetus to start taking action instead of just dreaming about starting a Personal Training business.

You are not afraid to lift the veil on so many of the old wives’ tales and fallacies that most people have come to believe as fact, either. Instead, you share your wealth of knowledge and do so in such an articulate and credible way that your reader knows you are a trustworthy and reliable source. One final point about your style is that it is very easy to understand. You tackle many important and complex topics and strip them back to basics. And the result is a reader-friendly book which neither alienates nor patronizes your audience.

In terms of content, How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Financial Independence! is positively brimming with valuable facts, advice and support. From a health and fitness perspective it encapsulates everything one would expect…physiology, nutrition, training programmes, anatomy and some excellent explanations about how our bodies function. From a business perspective, it is also very adept. You have provided a sound business model here which equips your readers with so much detail that they really have no excuse for not taking that entrepreneurial step. Your insight into how to grow the business from working solo to finding an assistant, to setting up an Agency shows your reader the real extent of their potential career, if they are prepared to work hard.

Marketing can be something of a stumbling block for entrepreneurs, but you have covered this subject most comprehensively. You have provided excellent tips to show your readers where and how to find their clients and you have also offered great advice about how to retain them too. Rates and finances are something of a taboo area for most entrepreneurs, but again, you have not been afraid to tackle this issue. You suggest rates for the newly-established business, and then give worthwhile recommendations for increasing them as the business grows. In short, this is a valuable book for any entrepreneur.

From a structural perspective, I think you have, again, planned this perfectly. You have set out the chapters very clearly and as such, the reader is able to dip in and out of the book most readily. From an aesthetic point of view, you have broken up the text brilliantly with the use of bullet points, bold, italics, lots of headings and sub-headings and this fits in very well with the lively narrative. Your detailed appendices are thorough and filled with sample questionnaires, reference sheets, charts and forms…and there is some extremely valuable information here that your readers will be so grateful for. The useful contacts and links at the end of the book are also very helpful and again, demonstrate your professional stance perfectly.

Overall, How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer – and Achieve Financial Independence! is a winning combination. The unique style in which it is written is confident, motivational and so refreshing from the norm. The content is rich, diverse and utterly entertaining. You share so much of your hard-earned knowledge; in fact, I defy any reader not to feel sufficiently armed to start up their own business. In short, this is a gem of a book that is fully deserving of success.

Well, that is just one of the professional Reviews, so I hope you liked it! Now back to the book details and contents! Often, the hardest aspects of starting your own business venture are a lack of knowledge and experience. You start from scratch without really knowing how or where to begin, and your plans are all based on guesswork! The information and guidance you so desperately need is just not available! This book will set you on the right track immediately, because ALL the hard work has already been done for you!

Although the book is written to a high level of English, it has also been really carefully designed and produced in such a way as to greatly simplify subjects which sometimes can be complex or difficult to understand, let alone learn! The book is therefore divided almost 50/50 between topics concerning how to build the business: marketing, promotions, locations, sales etc., as well as how to develop it financially in a realistic and progressive manner – all the way up to Agency level with other trainers working for you!

The other half is concerned with ALL aspects of exercise & training, and includes very comprehensive and detailed information on the human body: anatomy, physiology, nutrition, mechanics etc.; as well as medically-based formats for official Fitness Testing – and rarely described details on how the Cardiovascular & Respiratory systems react to exercise! You will also find invaluable explanations on how muscle cells & fibres really work and react to stress, as well as exactly what HIGH-INTENSITY training is, along with its many benefits. Actually, the author has covered fitness training and how the human body works in such great detail that everyone will find new and immensely beneficial answers here!

There is also a huge amount of additional information on financial projections, how to develop the business realistically and many discussions on a multitude of interesting and innovative health, fitness and medical issues. Coupled with a strong sense of humour, you will also find the author debunking a variety of still prevalent fitness myths and misconceptions!

However, what really separates this book from all others of this kind, irrespective of the enormous amount of marketing and entrepreneurial business content, or the sheer volume of extensive exercise training material, muscle physiology, anatomy and in-depth Health & Fitness technology…is the meticulous way in which it has both been written and designed to facilitate easy reading and the learning process! Numerous Charts, Tables, Forms and Questionnaires also make the absorption of information much easier, as well as providing a sound basis upon which to build a new business!

GENUINE exercise and muscle training little known facts finally revealed! How bad do you want to know how the body really works?….and much, much more! It is ALL here!


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