Linde Order Picker Type 149: N20V, N20VI Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Linde Order Picker Type 149: N20V, N20VI Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Order Picker Type 149.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 62 Pages
Language: English


Plates and labels
Technical data
Technical description
General view
Running-time meter operation
Battery discharge meter operation
Daily checks and work before startup
Safety rules
Definition of terms relating to safety
Use of lubricants
General periodic verifications of pallet trucks
Advice for initial use
Checks prior to initial operation
Daily checks before use
Check FOR/BACK and lift/lower controls
Check electrical steering
Check braking
Check emergency stop button
Check operation of the horn
Checking the battery charge
Removing / Replacing the driving platform handling tray
Opening the battery cover
Closing the battery cover
Locking battery
Connecting/disconnecting battery connector
Recharching the battery with an external charger
Checking the condition of the battery cables, terminals and connector
Checking level of electrolyte and water supplement
Checking electrolyte specific gravity
Removing/replacing the battery
Safety locking of battery
Removing the battery from the side
Requirements for use
Emergency stop button
Directions of travel identification
Forward/reverse travel
Direction of travel reversal
Steering direction in forward travel
Operation with driver off the truck
Operating the truck on ramps
Ascending/descending slopes
Starting on a slope
Electro-hydraulic braking
Braking by reversing the direction of motion
LBC (Linde Brake Control) automatic braking
Horn control
Speed limit with fork raised
Lifting/lowering the driving platform
Gradually lower and stop the driving platform
Positioning the platform
Reading the load diagram
Picking up a load on the ground
Transporting a load
Putting the load down on the floor
Order preparation
Truck automatic standby
Before leaving the truck
Slinging the truck
Lifting the pallet truck
Transporting and storing the truck
General remarks
Working with driving platform in the raised position
Standard lifting mast of the man-lift
Blocking the driving platform in the high position
Checks and maintenance work after the first 50 hours of service
Scheduled maintenance and inspection
Maintenance as required
Cleaning the truck
Clean and lubricate chains
Lubricate mast
Opening motors compartment cover
Removing the sensitive platform mat
Handling the sensitive matting of the operating platform
Cleaning of steering ring and pinions
Checking tightness of the wheels
Checking the state of the wheels
Fixing and adjusting the stabiliser wheel
Checking the fuses
Adjusting the battery cover lock
Checking level of electrolyte and water supplement
Checking electrolyte s. g.
Checking the condition of battery connector, terminals and cables
Cleaning the battery and its compartment
Battery in sealed case
Maintenance every 500 hours
Greasing the turntable bearing of the motor unit
Cleaning of steering ring and pinions
Checking reduction gear oil level
Checking hydraulic oil level
Checking tightness of hydraulic circuit
Checking condition and fixing of electrical cables and connections
Checking the condition and fasteners of the driving platform and the chain
Adjust length of mast chains
Checking the various hinges
Cleaning and checking wear of contacts
Checking and, if necessary, changing traction motor brushes
Checking and, if necessary, changing steering motor brushes
Adjusting the electromagnetic brake
Maintenance every 1000 hours
Checking the high lift pump motor brushes, and replacement if necessary
Cleaning the hydraulic filter (screen) and the tank breather
Replacing the filter cartridge for the L.S.L. distributor block
Checking mechanical fixing of the components
Maintenance every 2000 hours
Replacing the hydraulic oil
Filling the hydraulic oil
Replacing the reduction gear oil
Filling the reduction gear oil
Recommanded lubricants
Hydraulic system diagrams
Electrical diagrams
Index .


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