Template Shares 5.6 – WDW Edition

Template Shares 5.6 – WDW Edition

TORRENT TRACKER SCRIPT Template Shares 5.6 – WDW Edition
Hi, I promised that I will post my version of TSSE 5.6.

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By the way, I have included 3 more templates made by me (bibicu_dark1, 2 and 3), and some cat icons … feel free to use them …

Files needed:
Inside that archive you will find also the wdw56.sql file …


Download the .rar file from the attachement, unrar it and install the files in the tracker’s root.

Now, we have to edit some files to fit your needs (the fields in RED colour shown below):


a:22:{s:11:”site_online”;s:2:”no”;s:7:”useajax”;s: 3:”yes”;s:14:”externalscrape”;s:3:”yes”;s:14:”incl udeexpeers”;s:3:”yes”;s:11:”MEMBERSONLY”;s:3:”yes” ;s:10:”waitsystem”;s:2:”no”;s:11:”maxdlsystem”;s:2 :”no”;s:17:”showlastxtorrents”;s:5:”multi”;s:15:”i _torrent_limit”;s:1:”5″;s:10:”showimages”;s:3:”yes “;s:8:”SITENAME”;s:11:”WDW Tracker”;s:13:”announce_urls”;s:40:”http://your_site_url/announce.php”;s:7:”BASEURL”;s:27:”http://your_site_url”;s:9:”SITEEMAIL”;s:7:”office@”;s:11:”reportemail”;s:7:”office@”;s:12:”contactemail”;s:7:”office@”;s:11:”torrent_dir”;s:8:”torrents”;s:12:”pic_base _url”;s:4:”pic/”;s:9:”table_cat”;s:10:”categories”;s:5:”cache”;s: 5:”cache”;s:7:”maxchar”;s:3:”250″;s:16:”max_torren t_size”;s:8:”10485760″;}

a:8:{s:8:”smtptype”;s:7:”default”;s:9:”smtp_host”; s:9:”localhost”;s:9:”smtp_port”;s:2:”25″;s:9:”smtp_from”;s:0:””;s:11:”smtpaddress”;s: 17:”your_mail_server”;s:8:”smtpport”;s:2:”25″;s:11:”accountname”;s:13:”your_smtp_login”;s:15:”accountpassword”;s:8:”your_smtp_password”;}

$mysql_host = (!empty ($DATABASE[‘mysql_host’]) ? $DATABASE[‘mysql_host’] : ‘localhost’);
$mysql_user = (!empty ($DATABASE[‘mysql_user’]) ? $DATABASE[‘mysql_user’] : ‘your_batabase_user’);
$mysql_pass = (!empty ($DATABASE[‘mysql_pass’]) ? $DATABASE[‘mysql_pass’] : ‘your_database_password’);
$mysql_db = (!empty ($DATABASE[‘mysql_db’]) ? $DATABASE[‘mysql_db’] : ‘your_database_name’);

if(!defined(‘IN_ANNOUNCE’)) die(‘Hacking attempt!’);$announce_interval = 2400;$BASEURL = ‘http://your_site_url’;$SITENAME = ‘WDW Tracker’;

Of course the fields in RED you have to edit to your needs… (Especially the ones with URL addresses and DB information)

CHMOD Files:
Then, CHMOD the following files/folders to 0777 (ie, make sure that PHP can write to them).
– ./config/
– ./config/CLEANUP
– ./config/DATABASE
– ./config/DATETIME
– ./config/EXTRA
– ./config/FORUMCP
– ./config/KPS
– ./config/MAIN
– ./config/PAYPAL
– ./config/PJIRC
– ./config/REDIRECT
– ./config/SECURITY
– ./config/SEO
– ./config/SMTP
– ./config/STAFTEAM
– ./config/TWEAK
– ./config/THEME
– ./config/WAITSLOT
– ./torrents/
– ./torrents/images/
– ./include/avatars/
– ./tsf_forums/uploads/
– ./admin/backup/
– ./cache/
– ./cache/funds.php
– ./cache/indexstats.php
– ./cache/systemcache.dat
– ./cache/massmail_config.php
– ./admin/ads.txt
– ./admin/adminnotes.txt
– ./admin/quicklinks.txt
– ./include/config_announce.php

Ok, now, the admin user is: admin, with the password: wdwtracker
And the pincodes for staff panel and Tracker Settings: both are “wdw56”


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