Unstuck Seminar – Lessons Week 6

Unstuck Seminar – Lessons Week 6

Welcome to 7 Week UN-STUCK Online Seminar (Breakthrough!)

Get UN-Stuck So You Can Finally Be Financially Free On Your Terms. Break The Barriers To Wealth, Success and Happiness. I guarantee it.

My Dear Friend,

This is a letter from one person to one person -from Me to You- about a very personal subject.

Let me ask you a couple of question before we get started:

– Are you feeling powerless to change your life?
– Are you feeling out-of-control, helpless and poor?
– Are you feeling like you have no real choices to make – all your choices are made for you?
– Are you in a business that cant seem to break-out and make you the financial success you thought it would?
– Are you having trouble sleeping?
– Are you in a job you hate, but feel stuck because you need the paycheck?
– Have you tried starting a business but failed or couldnt figure out how to even get started?
– Are you secretly looking for help, but cant find anyone to help you with these kinds of problems?

Look, Ive been there. At one time I was $60,000 in debt. I was scared to lose everything in my life including the family I love. During this time I was very depressed (wouldnt you be if you were that much in debt with no way visible of getting out?)

For 15 years I was stuck in a job that I didnt hate, but bored me to tears…I was desperate to find a way to break-out, change my life and live life on MY terms instead of everyone elses.

Nothing excited me. Nothing moved me. I was truly a dead man walking…

Then, something turned me around…

It shook me up and slowly an almost magically power started to well up from within me.

A boldness and a new hope.

I want to share not only what Ive learned about breaking out of this deep rut I was in, but what has led me to a whole new world where suddenly opportunity is REAL.

I want to take you by the hand and share with you the techniques, strategies and methods that have made such a dramatic impact on my life financially and my mind-set.

If you think I am any different than you – and this will only work for some people – youre wrong. Although, since this is the very first time I will be teaching this I dont know for sure if anyone elses life will be changed by this. But I believe it will work for almost anyone who listens and applies the un-common sense techniques I will share with you..

There is nothing special about me… I am married have four kids and put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. But I found certain techniques that can totally change your life by practicing them in just a few minutes every day.

And the techniques are not your typical self-improvement junk… these are mental and physical techniques that anyone can use to make a dramatic change in their lives – for the better.

And I am not talking just about financial changes, such as more money. I am also talking about becoming happier, more satisfied about life in general and feeling like nothing is impossible to you.

Dont believe me?

Well, I mentioned that I was $60,000 in debt. Since then I have gone on to make over $1,000,000 online. I would say that is quite a change in my life. But the change was more than financial, I began to see opportunity where none existed. I realized that the only barriers in my life were the ones I imposed on my self. My relationships with my family and others were more fulfilling.

But I do not want to sugar-coat this. Your life is your own. What you may not know is that something can be done about your life if youre not 100% satisfied with it. Its never too late. You can make a difference… that bad news is (or good depending on how you look at it) is that you are the ONLY one who can change it. But it wont come easy. It will take a few minutes each day to practice the techniques and methods Ill share with you. You have to THINK and STUDY and ACT.

What are people saying about this UNSTUCK Seminar?


(With all the the privacy issues around today the names of commentors have been withheld for privacy. We guarantee they are real and verifiable comments):

– Your videos have really made a difference in understanding the process it takes to get up and going in business.


– Great program. It really helps to have you be so candid with your personal experiences. It reminds me not to give up and take a healthier approach which is to get laser focused on what I really want. I am (was) a victim (by choice) of being an opportunity junkie and you give great sound advice.

Thank you!

– Hi – I am just re-listening to the Idea Alchemy stuff: and its good stuff too.

I dont know what your musical tastes are, but theres a song by Peter Gabriel (late of Genesis) which has some lines in it which encapsulate one of your points.

In the song Mercy Street, he sings this:

– Looking down on empty streets, all she can see Are the dreams all made solid, are the dreams made real.

All of the buildings, all of the cars Were once just a dream in somebodys head.

Your words reminded me of this immediately … thanks!

– just a quick line to say how much I have enjoyed viewing the first part of Unstuck this weekend.

I very soon got the feeling that This is just what I *need* at this time !. In fact, here I am at 4am on Monday morning, the sky is growing brighter and the Dawn Chorus has started but I have not been able to sleep … I have been so excited since finishing it earlier today (well, yesterday now).

– I have just finished watching all the first videos in UNSTUCK, and I wanted to say Thank -you. I think this series is very important for me, and thereby to my whole family.

– Great stuff!

I am thrilled that I followed my gut instinct to enroll in this seminar.
I am a strong believer of when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
It just feels so right to be a part of this.
But now…the tough part. I now feel like a child waiting for Christmas to finally be here…as I will be wanting the weeks to speed by, so I can get each new lesson. Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for making all of this valuable information available.

This is not your typical self-improvement seminar online… it will be different and many of the techniques youll learn may appear to be esoteric or even weird in nature and some will even be totally outrageous. But they are totally safe and easy to do. They have worked for me, but I cannot guarantee they will work for you.

If you want:

To make more money…
To enjoy life more…
To learn how to recognize opportunity when you see it…
To have more fun with less worry…
To understand why you sometimes feel out-of-control…
To discover what your own personal mission in life is…
To learn how to be mentally tough…
To potentially uncover the secret of who you really are…
To understand why you do the things you do…
Hey – Im no psychologist… and Im certainly not going to give you any personal advice because that would be wrong (not to mention probably against some law or other). Thats not the purpose of this seminar. What I will do is share with you the strategies, methods and techniques that have helped me change my life for the better and make a ton of money for me. Hopefully you will be able to apply some or all of the techniques to your life, in a way that makes sense to you and change your life for the better starting right away.

This is the one online seminar you do not want to miss.

Its not for everyone, but I think, if youre feeling like youre in a rut and cant break-out or get un-stuck and youre frozen, un-able to move your life or business forward – then this is perfect for you.

If you want to break-out of whatever is holding you back, then this is perfect for you.

If you have any doubts that a seminar like this will help you, then do not take it. On the other hand, if you want the same advice I give to my own children and the very closest of my friends and family for breaking out of ruts and breaking through personal, business and financial barriers to their happiness and success, then this could be just right.

Join Now and receive all Lessons immediately!

The seminar will contain audio/video lessons that you can download in FLV (PC and MAC online video) and WMV (PC) video formats.

Each lesson will be approximately 1 to 1/12 hours in length and some support materials in PDF format will also be available.

A seminar of this type should sell for $1500 live. Because its 100% online, it will be priced at only $397.

But because this seminar is brand new and you are the first students to take it, I am offering this one-time opportunity to enroll for just $97! And, of course, as an enrolled student you will have LIFETIME access to the course as well as LIFETIME access to the changes and updates made through the years…

Dont lose this opportunity to finally discover the techniques and methods that could change your life once and for all… and save $300 on the enrollment fee. And hey, of course, theres a money back guarantee: Just ask for your money back at anytime during the entire 7 week seminar and your money will be promptly and happily returned to you with no hard feelings whatsoever! Thats right – take the entire course, and if youre not happy with the techniques and methods I present, simply say money back please and your wish is my command!

Why am I doing this?

Frankly if this isnt much of a money-making deal for me – but Im doing it because I want to leave it to my 4 children to help them succeed and some personal friends who have sought my advice on success in business and in life and its something that I think will help a lot of people. If its right for you, you will know it. If its not right for you, youll know that too.

This is the very last course I will ever teach in the Internet marketing niche. Everything I have ever learned about success that I never mentioned or have learned since I wrote Advanced Email Marketing will be included in this course. Theres just a ton of stuff that I left out of these courses… not because I wanted to, but because there was a lot of things I just could NOT say in them… stuff that was too sensitive that would have hurt my business – secrets, that if I told you would totally ruin what I have built.

Now, the time has come to share the really juicy stuff… a totally no holds barred, in-your-face, tell-it-all knock-down, drag-out revolution of life changing information. Why now? Because this is the very last course I will ever teach to other Internet marketers

In addition, I will reveal the most powerful strategies I have ever used but could not talk about anywhere else will be included. I will hold nothing back. What I will say in this seminar will shock many of you, but the truth needs to be told, because most of what you learn online is pure garbage (with very, very few exceptions).

I will teach you what you need to do to make a million dollars if that is what you want. I will also help you find out what it is you REALLY want out of life – money, success, business, lifestyle and more. What you will learn will change your life and how you look at life forever. I know it has for me and I hope it will do the same for you. Best wishes always for your success,

If this sounds good to you just order now and enjoy the reward!!!

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Unstuck Seminar – Lessons Week 6.


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