Affiliate Advantage WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Advantage WordPress Plugin

Make sure you get paid for the products your post about with this WordPress affiliate plugin called Affiliate Advantage.

Do Not Post About Another Product, or Write Another Review, Until Youve Installed This Profit Boosting WordPress Affiliate Plugin that protects you from losing commissions you work hard for.

This isnt like my usual products because with this one, there is a giant elephant in the room which we need to address right off the bat. Im going to point it out and fully explain everything, and then you can decide whether this is for you or not.

What I am about to reveal to you is a bit grey hat, so if that kinda thing upsets, or offends you do not read further, and do not pass go just move along and let me talk to the Warriors that are interested in making sure they dont get screwed out of commissions.
The Affiliate Advantage Plugin stops that happening.

Heres a brief overview of what you get this WordPress Affiliate Plugin..

This plugin sets your affiliate tracking cookie for the product they are reading about when they read your post. This means that if they dont click your affiliate link and go direct to the product site, you will still get the commission for it.

You dont have to have obvious affiliate links in your post. People are more trusting of plain links, and that is exactly what theyll be clicking on, and because the plugin has made sure they are cookied for you.

You can set cookies for multiple products in one post. This means if you write a review that compares three products, they click on your affiliate link for one but are then put off by the price, if they then go back to Google and search and go directly to one of the other products you compared you still get paid!

Easy to configure and no short codes needed! This means there is nothing to remember and nothing to go wrong. Just go to the settings menu, enter your affiliate link and select the post from a drop down menu.

Links easily edited or removed. If an affiliate program changes you will only have to change the link one time in the admin screen no matter how many times the link appeared in the original post.

Warning: Do NOT buy any plugin to do this job unless it meets the following THREE criteria

There is a lot of confusion with WordPress plugins, especially as many are outsourced to the cheapest bidder (what a terrible idea) so I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

1) It must be easy to install and configure and not require you to edit every blog post youve already made.

2) It must work with the latest version of WordPress! So many plugins are left outdated, but this one isnt. Fully tested with the current latest version and updated whenever necessary.

3) It must have a flexible license that allows you to install it on as many sites as you own. You dont want to have to pay a license fee every time you create a new blog.


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