Contest List Builder with MRR

Contest List Builder with MRR

“Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Add Loads Of Subscribers To Your Mailing List, Using The Proven Power Of Internet Contests”

Dear Friend,

How would you like a serious boost to your website visitors – plus loads of new subscribers to your newsletter or mailing list – all without having to spend any money on advertising or search engine optimization?

For many years now, smart marketers have been using Internet contests as an easy, low cost way of getting traffic and subscribers.

Now with our powerful new Contest List Builder software, YOU can quickly and easily start doing the exact same thing.

Marketing through contests really is nothing new.

Companies have been doing it offline for over 30 years.

Polls show that every year over half the adult American population enter contests and sweepstakes (contests in which the winner is chosen at random).

Online contests are also becoming increasingly common these days. One of the top contest directories currently lists around 6000 active contests, showing how popular this form of promotion is becoming.

Despite this fact, the vast majority of small online business owners have never even considered running their own contest.

It’s actually very easy – and costs very little – to run your own contest.

You just need a web page to announce the details of the contest and a suitable small prize for the winner (preferably related to the theme of your website). Common prizes include books, music CDs, pet accessories, etc. (depending of course on the theme of the site).

Once you’ve set up a contest, you can list it on lots of contest directory sites, completely free, generating a steady stream of people to your website at zero cost.

Contests don’t just draw people to your site though. They also allow you to capture names and email addresses through the contest entry form.

This gives you an easy way to build a profitable mailing list as well as generating immediate traffic to your website.

All this makes for a powerful solution for promoting your site at minimal cost.

Of course running your own contest is a lot easier if you have some sort of software to manage the contest for you, allowing people to submit their entries and automatically adding their details to your list.

Our special Contest List Builder software will instantly build you a contest entry form with all the necessary script to manage it for you.

You entrants will simply fill in their name and email address, type in their entry information (if any is required), then click the Submit button.

As soon as they click “Submit”, their entry will be automatically sent to you by email and they will be subscribed to your autoresponder, allowing you to email them in the future.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Contest List Builder is very easy to use.

To use the software, just enter your details and it will build a complete, ready to use, custom contest script for you and give you the HTML code for your contest form to paste directly into your contest page.

You can enter your own email address, to receive details of each entry.

You can also enter your autoresponder signup form. Contest entrants can be automatically subscribed to any autoresponder. The software uses a specially developed solution that automatically fills in and submits a normal autoresponder form through the entrant’s own browser. This unique solution makes it simple for your visitors, while ensuring that the submissions conform with the terms and conditions of all autoresponder services.

If you want to create a “rules and regulations” page for the contest, simply create the page and enter it’s web address into the software and it will automatically be added to your form, with a checkbox forcing people to accept the rules.

The software can build forms for both sweepstake contests (in which you simply choose a winner at random) and skill-related contests where people have to submit some sort of information and you choose the best entry.

In 50 words or less specify what you like about our website*:

– I agree to the contest Rules & Regulations
– required fields
Note that by submitting an entry, you will be automatically subscribed to our
mailing list to receive the names of the contents winners as well as
promotional emails from our website. You may unsubscribe at any time.

As you can see this is a comprehensive and professional looking form, designed to capture everything you need – and with full scripting to manage all the submitted information.

The software comes with comprehensive help and even includes links to lots of contest directories where you can submit your contest free.

With your copy of Contest Form Builder, all you need is a small prize and a few minutes work and you can easily set up your own list building, traffic generating contest.

Get Your Copy Now

Visitors and subscribers are the lifeblood of any online business.

Running your own Internet contest offers a quick and easy way to attract visitors and subscribers, at minimal cost.

With your copy of Contest List Builder, you can have your own contest set up in a matter of minutes, ready to start pulling in traffic and adding people to your mailing list.

This Package Contains:

1. Software – Contest List Builder

2. MiniSite

3. MRR License

Your Rights:

You can use the tools however you want
– give them away,
sell them with Master Resale Rights,
add them as bonuses to other things you sell
– and anything else you can think of.


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Contest List Builder with MRR.

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