PayMe Instant Profit Spree – Full PLR Funnel

PayMe Instant Profit Spree – Full PLR Funnel

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PayMe: Instant Profit Spree

20 Ingenious Ways to Make Money
With Your New PayPal.Me™ Link

We Found Over 20 Unique Ways You Can Use Your PayPal.Me™ Link Right Now To Make Money!

Having a PayPal.Me™ link makes it super easy to get paid and we thought up over 20 unique ways to make money with it.
A couple of our favorites include:

[+] If youre on the latest Periscope / Meerkat / Blab / Live Streaming craze… While on a live broadcast, sometimes you ask people to tap the screen or like the broadcast for appreciation. Well now you can easily say Hey, if you thought this content was valuable, send me a donation to {insert link here}.

[+] A well known guru E. Brian Rose (co-founder of JVZoo) recently posted on FB that once he sent a PDF short report to his email list and attached it to the email as a test. In the email he said Heres my latest report. The cost of this report is $7. If you like it, click the link below and pay me. If you dont like it, please delete it from your hard drive.
This resulted in over 200 sales from a list of about 2,500 subscribers!
With your new PayPal.Me link, doing that just got 3x easier.

[+] We all know YouTube videos can bring mad traffic but aside from ads its hard to monetize without creating a web page to send viewers to. Now you can make videos and put your PayPal.Me link in the description for donations if they like the video.

Weve got a ton more of cool little methods like these.

When you pick up our PayMe : Instant Profit Spree report, youll get instant access to all 20+ methods as well as several bonus methods like automations we found with that kick butt!

With these methods you can easily make some quick cash as soon as today and the best part is were only asking a teeny tiny price to get in.


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