Over 2100 Sound Effects – Wav Samples Pack

Over 2100 Sound Effects – Wav Samples Pack


Professional Sound Effects For Your Audio And Video Productions!

Over 2150 sound effects collected and presented, all in wav format.

Royalty Free.

This product comes with absolutely everything you need to get started right away.

Genres are as follows…

Crash, take off, B 52,landing, cessna, F15, F16, hornet, helicopter, sonic boom, space shuttle etc

Bats, bears, bees, birds, dogs, cats, chickens, crocs, dolphin, farm, gorilla, horse, jungle, kitten, lamb, lions, monkey, peacock, pigs, seal, sheep, tiger, whale and loads more.

Plane, cattle, cheering, crickets, crowd, station, slot cars, sporting event, water, walking, subway etc

Artillery, battle, bugle, explosion, flag raising, jets, howitzer, impact, infantry, machine gun, misslie, mortar, pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, shot gun, biplane etc

Church, herald square, horn, train crossing etc

Car on fire, audi, volvo, BMW, crashing cornering, skidding, stuck car, dodge stealth, fiat, hot rod, jeep, model A, VW, wipers, starting, turning off etc

NBang, bells, comedy effect, comical sounds, dog, drum roll, falling, horse grunt, plop, pop, spring, sqeak, splash, twangs, bongs, whip bonk etc

Baby, burp, fight, gulps, hiccups, laugh, pleasure, smooch, sneeze, straining etc

1920s phone, camera, air conditioning, drill press, electrical buzz, generator, grinding, lathe, milling, projector, radar, shaver, static, radio tuner, telegragh etc

Alarms, sirens, coast guard, fire truck, horn, morse code, tornado warning etc

Horse eating, chewing, breathing,grunting, screaming, snorting, whinny, baby pig, blacksmith, cattle drive, chicken coop, cow, filling a bucket, herd of cattle and sheep, pasture door, pouring water, shoveling, sliding door, sweeping, swimming pool etc

Demented man, screaming, vampire, electric chair, door creek, growling, whipping, monster fight, monster movement etc

Alarm clock, blender, broom sweeping, clocks, clothes dryer, coffee blender, door close, door latch, door opening, drawers, mixers, fire, frying pan, furnace, glass breaking, phone rings, shower curtain, smoke alarm, teapot, telephone, toilet, vacuum, washing machine etc

Air hammer, conveyor belt, elevator, garbage truck, gas station air pump etc

Jungle, night, rainforest, ruscello, swamp, water, summer etc

Childbirth, coughing, doctors office, sneezing, colds, fetal heart, flatline, heartbeat, lazer beam, life care pump, paging, pulse, taking blood pressure, sick moaning etc

Bees, aerosol, airport control tower, alarm clock, alien space chatter, archery, babbling brook, battle sounds, beating eggs, bell, bird song, bite, bloodhounds blow torch, boots, bowling, brushing teeth, bulldozer, bugle, camera, car seat belt, car exploding, car horn, casino, cash register, cement truck, children playing, church bell, cork popping, crows, curtains, dial tone, dogs, door sounds, dragsters, drink fizz, ice going into a glass, egg breaking, electric shaver, fireworks, firing squad, flock of geese, foghorn, frying, garage door, haunting, marching, motorbike, niagara falls, outboard motor, parties, running, phones, police radio, radio, rooster, roulette, space launch, suitcase, sword fight, tennis, tugboat, whistle, zipper etc

Drums, bass, bongos, boom, chinese gong, congas, singing, harp, tap dance, train crossing, trolley bell, tympani etc

Tropical birds, crickets, earthquake, forest, lava, locust, ocean, rain, rattlesnake, river, rocks, spooky, swamp, thunderstorm, walking, wind etc

Aircraft carrier, boats, buoy bell, coastguard, ferries, fishing boats, foghorn, harbour, ocean liner, sonar, submarine, tugboat, waves, water pump, whistle etc

Adding machine, coins, copier, dot matrix, electric pencil sharpener, electric typewriter, paper crumbling etc

Baby crying, gurgling, cooing, laughing, talking, kiss, nose blowing, burp, carousel, cheering, sc hool, cleaning, fighting, grunt, gulps, panting, giggling, screaming, sighing, playground, pool, restaurant, shopping, sleeping, snoring, crying, moaning, christmas etc

Announcer, bus driver, grand central station, sports announcer, track announcer etc

Amusement park, baseball game, crowds, horn blast, organ charge, pinball game, race finish, sports event, start of horse race etc

Sci Fi:
Alarm, alien, atomic overload, space launch, laser, mars probe, meteor, mother ship, photon, radar, satellite, space noise, ufo, whoosh etc

Big storm, hurricane, rain, thunder, storm, water, wind etc

Air compressor, digging, drill, hedge clippers, lawn mower etc

Diesel train, steam train, subwat, commuter, trains passing, stopping , arriving etc

Jeep, truck, jeep horn, pull offs, grinding gears, stopping, starting, doors opening and shutting etc

Skidding, BMW, Volvo, bulldozer, bus, cable car, cornering, gas cap, doors, starting, stuck in mud, cement mixer, dirtbike, dune buggy, engines, fiat, harleys, hot rod, kick start, model A, race cars , revving, stage coach, suzuki, tank, toboggon, tractor, traffic, troop carrier, VW, whoosh etc

Aqua lung, beach, brook, drain emptying, gulls, ice crunching, waves, ocean, river, rushing water, scuba diver, sea, shower, sprinkler, stream, trickling water, walking in water, walking on ice, pouring, flowing, pouring, waterfall, splashes etc.

Instant Download – ready to use in any type of media productions such as music, film or games!

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