How to train your puppy – eBook

How to train your puppy – eBook

How to train your puppy – subjects to be covered

Housebreaking your puppy

This section will involve Potty training, and familiarizing your puppy to his kennel and the appropriate day/night behaviours

Kennel training

Getting your puppy to stay in his Kennel at your command when you’re not at home


Get your puppy to sit, stand, roll over and other commands you wish using an inexpensive clicker toy, rather than shouting.

Walking your puppy

Your dog will most likely want to explore the world and sniff everything, which can make it difficult to have a pleasant walk. This section will teach you how to balance your dog’s desire to do this and walking besides you in a controlled way.

Controlling your dog’s barking

Learn why dogs like to bark and the best way to train a puppy into barking only in appropriate times, like when someone uninvited enters your house.


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