50 Glossy Layer Styles MRR + Reseller Website + Bonus

50 Glossy Layer Styles MRR + Reseller Website + Bonus

50 Glossy Layer Styles MRR + Reseller Website + Bonus Software

zip file content:

how to seeker README.txt
How To Seeker.exe
Instructions For Photoshop Elements.mov
Kreeger PLR.url
Video Instructions.mov
50 Glossy Styles Flat.jpg
50 Styles Footer.jpg
50 Styles Header.jpg
Box Big.jpg
Box Med.jpg
Box Small.jpg
Box With Samples Big.jpg
Box With Samples Med.jpg
Box With Samples Small.jpg
check mark.gif
Order Button.gif
Text And Shapes Sample.jpg
Text And Shapes Sample Black.gif

Your “How To Seeker” (Bonus Software) is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Select the appropriate folder and open it for your platform of choice (Windows or Mac)

The folders contain the following:

FOR-WINDOWS: The How To Seeker .exe files – Note: The software doesn’t come with a typical ‘install’ process, where you have to accept a license, decide whether to allow shortcuts to the software can be placed on you desktop, and so on. As a result, It’s recommended you simply place the .exe file on your desktop, and double-click that file whenever they need to use it.

FOR-MAC: The How To Seeker .app files – Can Be Installed On: Most versions of OSX released in the last 10 years – To Use: Just drop the .app folder into the Applications folder on your Mac.


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