The Untamed – Book 1 of the Dan Barry Trilogy

The Untamed – Book 1 of the Dan Barry Trilogy


This is the first of the three Dan Barry books by Max Brand. Whistling Dan
Barry is the most enigmatic figure in the Western genre. Dangerous and
mysterious as he is; his companions are worse: a savage wolf dog and a
horse that is a statue in black marble.

The unlikely trio would be equally at home in horror or science fiction as
Brand has given them powers that set them
far above their numerous enemies.

Max Brand is known for creating the Destry series which spawned a chain of
money making films; as well as the Doctor Kildaire books, that led to
highly rated radio and tv series as well as a half dozen or more movies.
After reading this trilogy, you may well say that Mr. Brands three greatest
creations are three: Whistling Dan Barry, Black Bart the wolf dog, and
spirited stallion, Satan.

…….Forward by Amazon Kindle Author, …………..Bill Russo

This book is in the Public Domain


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