First Date Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

First Date Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

First Date Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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Picture this… you go out on a first date with a lovely lady. You have a great time. She seems to enjoy it too. Everything goes really well.

But, for some reason, you never hear from her again. She barely talks to you when you call… or she completely ignores your calls and text messages.

And, the chance of a second date is nowhere in sight. When you try to set something up, she always comes up with some lame excuse about being too busy, too tired… or (again) she just ignores you.

What the heck happened?!?

If anything like this has ever happened to you, youre not alone. Most guys go through the same thing.

And, theyre left sitting there, scratching their head, wondering what went wrong… especially when that first date seemed to be fine.

If you havent already figured it out, there are a lot of first date mistakes that you just cannot recover from.

Your date may sit through the entire date, just to be nice or polite, even if you made one of those deadly mistakes,.

But, it does not mean that she will be willing to go out with you ever again. Especially if you made more than one of those mistakes.

There are a lot of dos and donts floating around out there, about first dates. (Entire books can be written on the subject.)

However, you could do almost everything right and still blow it… by making just one of the deadly mistakes.

Whats included in this package:

– pdf file (12 pages)

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