The Wonders Of Wicca Collection

The Wonders Of Wicca Collection

At over 2000 pages, this is the best Wicca Witchcraft and occult E book collection.

The following items are included in this collection:

Witchcraft Collection Part I:

A True History of Witchcraft

Book One of Wicca

The Necronomicon Spell Book

Witchcraft and Medicine

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-Telling

The Book of Shadows

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Study of the Tarot

Witchcraft Collection Part II:

Alexandrian Book of Shadows

Mysteries of the Druids

Magick Books of Occult Philosophy: Four Volumes

The Greater Key of Solomon Book 1 & 2

The Greater Key of Solomon Order of the Pentacles

Numbers – their Occult Power

Sacred Text of the Wiccan Religion

Witchcraft Collection Part III:

Arbatel of Magick

Basic Technologies of Witchcraft

Wiccan Healing Spells

Herbs and Their Magical Properties

Wiccan Protection Spells

Legends of the Gods

Wiccan Magick Spells

Sword of Moses

The Order of the GBG

The Truth About the Masons

Law of Wicca:

Drawing Down the Moon

Invocation of the Horned God

The 13 Principles of the Wiccan Belief

The Charge of the Good

The Charge of the Goddess

The Decent of the Goddess

The Four Powers of the Magus

The Great Rite Invocation

The Law of Power

The Three-Fold Law

The Wiccan Rede

The Witches Chant

The Witches Creed

What is Magick

What is Wicca


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