Guru Crafts

Guru Crafts

Sales copy, loads of traffic, affiliates, having flashy graphics, a wanted product and all the other trappings of internet marketing may help, but I firmly believe that the single most important factor in making the sale online is trust.

Potential buyers want – need – to know who you are, what you’re about. Can they trust you? Do you know what you’re talking about, or are you about to disappear with their money?

The gurus know this and spend a huge amount of time and effort in making sure that they are perceived as experts – gurus – even though many of them know less about a given subject than you and I.

You think I’m joking?

Think about this – many gurus are extremely successful in tens of different niches. Do you really think it’s possible to be an expert in dog-breeding, hang-gliding, self-help, tattoo removal and another ten or twenty different subjects at the same time?


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