Collection of the best Classic SoundImages
For Love and Attraction

3-Original-Subliminal-Tracks-Package.rar contains
Mega_Big_T*its_Women_Attractor.mp3; classic Sound Image for attracting specific targeted type of women.
Sound Image 2.2 S*ex&Attraction Remix.mp3; remix of the best SoundImage mp3s design for creating attraction and aura of attractiveness. Builds charismatic attention.
Sound_Image_2.1_Big_T*its_Women_Attractor.mp3; one of the best SoundImage ever attract specific targeted type of women it add aura of self-esteem and attract women after few days of listening 2-5 per day: other guys around show respect and are not aggressive natural effect of smooth charisma.
Attract-Women-with-Big-Tits-2010 Remix with some add-ons of original mp3. Mp3 is enhanced with brainwaves and solfeggio there is as well re-design of subliminals and some misc changes. It works almost more stable and because of frequencies and brainwaves giving better synchronization of attracting opposite sex.
Big-T*its-Women-Attractor-2.1-with-Dance-Background thats original track but with Dance Background this kind of music has been used with premeditation because its add motion to subliminal programming under this Dance sound masking track. There is difference between playing ambient and other types of music that masking subliminal suggestions.
Charisma-and-Attraction-Subliminal-For-Men-2010 this mp3 add some charisma and create attention. Under masking music there are re-mixed subliminal audio tracks with TimeRemix and MasterRemix (these are two very effective NewAge/Spiritual remixes which can boost power of subliminal by many times so as end effect there is something like subliminal on steroids.
Mega-Big-T*its-Women-Attractor-2010 its remake of original track include brainwaves and solfeggio frequencies for the best reality synchronizations.
Mega-Big-T*its-Women-Attractorambient- this is original legendary mp3 file with ambient music.
Mega-Big-T*its-Women-Attractordance- the same as above except dance music masking track.
Seductionmagicflow-Sexvideo-001-with-Sexually-Irresistable-Personality-Creator contains:
Seductionmagicflow Sex Video 001.mp4 this is video which base on Eyes Energy Activator these are images of women with special images for activate manifesting energy during watching. The effects will be visible after 1-3 days by watching 20-30 minutes per day. Classic video that everyone must have it open eyes on what is possible and what not. It as well lead to discover how our own reality is flexible and how easy it can be changed with positive end results.
SMFSeductionVideo001.exe this is almost the same as above except its in form of executable slideshow (Windows only).
S*exually Irresistable Personality Creator.mp3 thats for creating irresistable arua of super attraction DO NOT USE IT MORE THAN 2 times per day.
Instruction files
S*ex-And-Attraction-Remix-2010 – mp3 with the same subliminal track as original one but remixed slightly so end effect is a bit different there are used brainwaves and solfeggio frequencies for optimally best attraction synchronicities.
S*ex-Attraction-Remix-2.2with-Dance-Background Original audio that contains subliminals with Dance backgrounds.
Sound-Image-2.2S*ex-Attraction-Remix remix of the best SoundImage mp3s design for creating attraction and aura of attractiveness. Builds charismatic attention.

Listening Tips: Usually 2,3 up to 1 hour per day. If listen in loop listen as long as it is comfortable for you. Only one mp3 listed above cant be listen more than 2 times per day. All of them can be listen in public places. Optimal time of listen is 30minutes up to 1,5 hour per day for at least 7 days more stable effects after 14 and 30 days period.
Get 14 files for love and attraction for men
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