AT88 Resetter – Hardware ( based on CD4050B )

AT88 Resetter – Hardware ( based on CD4050B )

AT 88 Chip Resetter

How make your AT 88 Chip Resetter:

When you make a payment you will receive schematics and build info. Building time will take only 20 – 30 minutes depending of your skills.

You can read/write and convert chips like:

Chip based on AT88SC0204C, АТ88SC0204CA:
Samsung ML-1630
Samsung ML-1631
Samsung ML-2850
Samsung ML-2851
Samsung ML-3050
Samsung ML-3051
Samsung ML-3470
Samsung ML-3471
Samsung ML-3472
Samsung ML-4050
Samsung ML-4550
Samsung ML-4551
Samsung SCX-4500
Samsung SCX-4501
Samsung SCX-4725
Samsung SCX-5330
Samsung SCX-5525
Samsung SCX-5530
Samsung CF-560
Samsung CF-565
Samsung SF-560
Samsung SF-565
Samsung CLP-350 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-351 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-610 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-660 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6200 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6210 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6240 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-3200 MFP
Xerox Phaser-3250
Xerox Phaser-3300 MFP
Xerox Phaser-3428
Xerox Phaser-3435
Xerox Phaser-3600
Xerox Phaser-3635 MFP
Ricoh Aficio SP-3200 SF
Ricoh Aficio SP-3300
Ricoh Aficio SP-5100 N
Gestetner SP-3200 SF
Gestetner SP-3300
Gestetner SP-5100 N
Chip based on 24c02/24c04:
Dell-1320С (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Docuprint-205 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-255 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-305 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-C1110 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Docuprint-C1110 (Image Unit)
Xerox WC-PE220
Xerox WC-PE120
Xerox WC-M20i
Xerox WC-4118
Xerox WC-3119
Xerox WC Pro-423 (Emulator)
Xerox WC Pro-428 (Emulator)
Xerox WC-7328 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7335 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7345 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7346 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-850 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7760 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7750 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7700 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-6140 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6130 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6128 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6125 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6110 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6110 (Image Unit)
Xerox Phaser-6100 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6360 (Bl/M/C/Y) (Emulator)
Xerox Phaser-5335
Xerox Phaser-3500
Xerox Phaser-3450
Xerox Phaser-3420
Xerox Phaser-3425
Xerox Phaser-3150
Xerox Phaser-4510 (Emulator)
Ricoh Aficio P-2600
Ricoh Aficio P-2610
Ricoh Aficio C-220 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio C-221 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio C-222 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio CL-4000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-410 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-411 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-420 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung SCX-6220
Samsung SCX-6320
Samsung SCX-4250
Samsung SCX-4520
Samsung SCX-4720
Samsung SCX-4200
Samsung ML-1661 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-1861 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-1866 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-3560
Samsung ML-3561
Samsung ML-2550/2551/2552
Samsung ML-2250/2251/2252
Samsung ML-2150/2151/2152
Samsung CLP-600 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-600 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-650 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-650 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-510 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-510 (Transfer)
Samsung CLP-300 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-300 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-300 (Formater)
Gestetner DSm-520
Gestetner 7126
Gestetner 7132
Gestetner 7535
Gestetner SP-C220 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SP-C221 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SP-C222 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner GX-2500 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner GX-3000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner CL-4000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-410 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-411 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-420 (Bl/M/C/Y)
MB Office Center-220
MB Office Center-221
Toshiba 200s
Toshiba DP-1820
Tally Genicom-9022


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