How To Set Up A Domain Name For Your Blog

How To Set Up A Domain Name For Your Blog

How To Set Up A Domain Name For Your Blog And Professional Email Address (Money Machine Magic Book 1)

Richard Jagger is the owner of

Through his love of Internet Marketing, he is writing a series of guides which will walk ANYONE step-by-step, through the process of setting up a blog and making an income from the internet.

In this first guide of the series, you’ll learn:-
1. How to select your blogs domain name and where to set it up
2. How to register your domain
3. How to set up your hosting
4. How to login To Your CPanel
5. How to set up your PROFESSIONAL email address (
6. How to add your PROFESSIONAL email address to your Email Client
7. How to link Your Domain Name To Your Webhosting

This is also all don in a very NON-TECHY way, as there are tons of pictures to help walk you through each of the steps, in tiny bite-size chunks.

Don’t get overwhelmed with techy talk, instead take the non-jargon route where we break everything down in nice and easy stages, to you can follow along and basically watch over my shoulder, as I teach you EVERYTHING you need to do.

I know you’ll find this guide useful, especially if you’ve ever wanted your own proefessional email address, rather than something like looks so much better !


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