How Old Is Too Old To Play Pro Football Report

How Old Is Too Old To Play Pro Football Report

There have only been just over 40 professional football players who have continued to play after reaching the age of 40. Football is one of the few sports where the players usually quit playing while they’re still in their 30s, and possibly even younger if they’re seriously injured. There are several reasons why these pro players retire so young. Since football is such a physical sport, it is quite normal for NFL players to attain some type of injury on a regular basis. These injuries vary in seriousness from simple bruises or sprains, to more serious injuries such as dislocations, breaks, etc. Some players simply tire of incurring these poundings and choose to leave. The body can only take so much abuse, and it’s a fact that the older they get, the more likely they are to be seriously hurt.

The body is less resilient at thirty-eight than at twenty-two. Others may wish to pursue other career options, and possibly even play another sport.

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