Flag Football Strategies Offense Report

Flag Football Strategies Offense Report

This article will cover flag football strategies. I am going to assume you are coaching or playing 7-on-7 flag football.

Offense in flag consists of a couple of key things, first misdirection. Misdirection is key for running an efficient offense. Reverses, halfback passes, and having your offensive lineman pass are some very effective trick plays. Those plays are a good place to start from. You can add your unique touches on these plays. Try to run a trick play once every 12-15 plays.

Next, remember to use your offensive lineman for catching passes. Most teams just use their offensive linemen to block. Using your offensive lineman to only block will limit your offense. For example, when starting a game, start the game by passing to your offensive lineman. As the defensive begins to key on your offensive lineman, your wide receivers will begin to get open for the deep passes.

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