Local Electricians Postcard Template

Local Electricians Postcard Template

For those of you would like an inexpensive and high-impact way to prospect by mail, we have
created Postcard flyers. These are high resolution .png format with space to add your phone number and other contact details.

Your postcard are provided in both standard postcard (5.47 x 4.21 inches) and oversized postcard (8.52 x 5.47 inches) sizes.

These files can be uploaded directly to postcard printing services such as Vistaprint.com.

You can use their online editor to add your contact details to the postcards in under 3 minutes. These services allow you to print postcards you can mail to prospects yourself – or you can use their mail services to handle everything for you.

You can also open these postcards files in any image editor, add your contact details and
print on postcard paper on your home printer or bring to the local copy shop if you are
doing a larger campaign.


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