Secret Affairs in the Nude Millenium

Secret Affairs in the Nude Millenium

Need help after wife’s Affair

I actually do not know how to start but here it goes and will try to keep it to the point . we started dating in march 2005 and were really happy until I decided to go to University about 4 hours away to get higher education in 2009. We argues many times and seem like long distance was hurting this relationship. I came to see her every month as I was really busy with my projects. December 2009, I met some of her friends and we celebrated new years together. I noticed a strange change in her behavior in January and I asked what was wrong. After asking 100 times, she told me that she has made a mistake of sleeping with one the guy friends and she has feelings for him. I felt devastated and did not know what do for few months.

We still talked even though she told me that this would not work out. After few months I came back and decided to give it one more chance as I still had feelings for her. We started again and felt like we were doing even better.. After a year in 2011 I decided that I want to spend rest of my life with her and she said and we got married. within 2 years of marriage we had difference of opinion and argued multiple times and i though it was fine. I did everything I could to make her happy. I sacrificed many times just so she does not much stress or she can do things she wants to do (e.g. travel, parties) , I am saying this from emotional support as well as financial point of view.

A month ago, my friend who spends times with us told me that you and your wife need to talk about sometimes. I was confused and asked my wife directly to see what is going on. It turns out she slept wit her manager at work after 1 year of her cheating with the guy before. Again, I had to ask her 100 times to get the truth out of her. she had feelings for the second guy and slept 4 times before marriage and 3 times after. she kept crying and told me she is extremely sorry and she knows she has messed up really big and she wanted………………

I am Married but in love with a married man

Cancer Sex

I need advice. My husband and I have just recently married after knowing each other for less than 2 years. While dating him i got pregnant hence the reason for marriage. We broke up numerous times before we got married and he was always very insecure. We fought a lot but I always stayed because of my children. About 2 months before our marriage I fell in love with a guy from our church. He is a lot like me in personality and gentle and we share the same interests. We tell each other that we love each other with all our hearts everyday. I have told him many times that i couldn’t do this anymore with him and he has always told me that he respects my wishes. But I feel like i cant go on the day without hearing from him and i always call him back and i tell him that i would never stop loving him. He never hesitates to take the time to listen to me and is always……………


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