Make Your Own Merry Christmas,Christmas

Make Your Own Merry Christmas,Christmas

Make Your Own Merry Christmas.

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THE CELEBRATION of Christmas has two familiar and important aspects. Its real significance is religious, a festival kept with reverence by people of many faiths. But there is also the joy of Christmas. It is a time of jollity and good will, of family gatherings and happiness for children. Most grown people, aside from the spiritual meaning of the day, look at Christmas through the eyes of children. Its more familiar symbols, for both young and old, are Santa Claus, the tree, filled stockings, beautifully wrapped gifts, wreaths on the doors, holly, mistletoe and other decorations throughout the house. For nearly every American, these mean Christmas.

Then there are the customs of Christmas, borrowed from many lands and many ages. Carol singing, sleigh bells, yule logs, turkey, plum pudding, mince pies and cookies, crowded streets and stores, parties and merrymaking-these also mean Christmas in America. Most people have hobbies. Stamp collecting, painting, fishing, gardening and a host of others fill the spare time of all sorts of people. It has been one of my own hobbies for many years to invent and make Christmas decorations. The idea is to devise decorations that are easy to make, not too expensive and yet effective…

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Make Your Own Merry Christmas.


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