Compost Fruit Growing

Compost Fruit Growing

Compost Fruit Growing.

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There are few parts of the country where some fruit at least cannot be grown. Except on high ground-where houses and gardens are rare in any case-there are but few districts in which some fruit, whether apples or pears, plums or cherries, blackcurrants or strawberries, to mention but a few of the subjects available, cannot be produced under small garden conditions…
Some gardens are steep and this makes for difficult working but bush apples, pears and plums may be grown under these conditions, as well as soft fruit. Rows of the latter should run across the slope to prevent soil being washed down to the lowest levels in heavy rain.
One of the main difficulties with top fruit, and to some extent with certain soft fruit crops, is exposure to cold winds in spring at blossom time. One can do little in an exposed position to cut down wind damage, as a screen of trees may be quite impracticable. In many gardens, soft fruit crops may be attacked by birds. To ensure that a harvest is obtained, a fruit cage has to be built or, on a small scale, the crops “netted”…

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Compost Fruit Growing.


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