Forex INDICATOR System best Proprietary

Forex INDICATOR System best Proprietary

Most Accurate Forex INDICATOR System best Proprietary Algorithms custom fx
Forex Indicator system works on ALL Currency Pairs and ALL Time Frames !!!!!!! MT4 platform only
Pop-up window sound alerts on new signals, if desired ! DOESN’T REPAINT !

YES ! I’ve finally found a Indicator system that is actually working !

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL Forex Indicator system ! Avoid falling for other fx indicators and EAs which claim to be so profitable, except almost always don’t work. This forex indicator is an extremely powerful tool to help you get the edge and help you make consistent accurate trading decisions. Custom made indicator !

ARROWS will only show the direction that is imminent. The rest is up to you to find the take profit and stop loss levels (support / resistance). I highly recommend to trade outside of NEWS for your currency pair. News times for each currency can be found on google.

This Indicator uses PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS to find when the Moving Averages, MACD and Proprietary Algorithms are best lined up for exemplary trades. This particular kind of Indicator can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. Only on my ebay homepage !

You will find that almost all indicators sold on the internet are always losing ! I’ve spent a lot of dollars on various indicators, just to find that they keep losing !

I’ve spent a lot of time finding the best combination of PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS and what I’m selling is the best combination I was able to find !

YES ! I’ve finally found a Indicator system that is actually working !

You should be able to get many profitable pips per week using your trading strategy with this indicator. The pictured results show the consistency of this indicator to predict strong breakout trends and trend reversals. The results are consistent through all currency pairs and all time frames, throughout at least 1 year of forward testing.

Works on 4 and 5 digit brokers. You get 3 .ex4 files + 3.mq4 files + 1 template file .tpl + instructions. I advise only 1 trade open at a time with proper money management. You also get another 7 files with ALERT SOUNDS if you prefer Alert sounds when a new signal develops.

These PROPRIETARY ALGORITHMS are designed for ALL currency pairs and ALL time frames .

Please keep the Indicators and templates to yourself only and don’t share or sell them !

You will receive the files by email without shipping costs. I check my email every week, so please be patient for up to a week!

Reason for selling : I’m seeing if I can get a quick extra income.

YES ! I’ve finally found a Indicator system that is actually working !

This Indicator system is very accurate with very good accuracy


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