Alexander Technique PLR Pack

Alexander Technique PLR Pack

Complete Body Balance using the Alexander Technique is a collection of high quality Self Improvement content, packaged for marketers in Private Label Rights (PLR) format.

Discover the biggest open secret in the health and wellness industry that your buyers and subscribers will LOVE you for introducing to them!

Did you know that Hugh Jackman used this old fashioned technique to help build poise during his Wolverine training?

When something of an underground movement starts happening among Hollywood celebrities, you know it’s only a matter or time before the trend breaks the surface and starts becoming wildly popular on every website and in every newspaper and magazine you can see.

We’re talking about the Alexander technique.

The health and wellness industry is just like the movie business – it’s full of evergreen content. But here’s why you’re not succeeding in that niche:

Your content is bland. Nothing is setting you aside as “different” from any other site that publishes the same old same old.

Yoga ~ Weight Loss ~ Mindset ~ Success ~ Confidence

These are all great topics and there’s huge markets out there for someone who can find a different angle to take advantage of.

Your blog doesn’t have to be bland. You don’t have to be stuck behind the times. You don’t have to be stuck for a new way to introduce an old concept. You can provide content that will impress your readers and introduce them to a way of life that opens up the door for a profitable relationship.

My name is Dave Lynch, and together with my writing partner, Lisa Melia, we bring you “Complete Body Balance using the Alexander Technique.”

The Alexander Technique combines all aspects of positive living into one easy to learn, affordable process.

If you market to anyone who is looking to improve any aspect of their lives, this will turn you into a superstar!

Reach out to the millions of people currently suffering from back pain, low confidence, poor posture, RSI…. the list goes on – and on – and on…

People eager to buy information to improve their quality of life, pain relief that works when all else has failed.

This is a tool to ease existing problems; improve poise, balance and a confidence – but it’s so much more…

Most of us don’t really think about how we use ourselves. The way we walk, talk, sit, stand etc, communicates a huge amount of information about our character to others. The Alexander Technique is life changing.

Pack includes:

10 x 500 word articles
3 x Amazon book reviews
7 part email autoresponder series
Main eBook with 20 cover designs
Pubic domain book written by the creator of the Alexander Technique

While the main report gives a broad overview of the Alexander Technique along with example exercises to try at home, the topics covered in the articles are:

Can the Alexander technique Improve your Singing Skills?

Can Writers really Benefit from Using the Alexander Technique?

How can the alexander Technique Benefit Runners?

The Alexander Technique – How Does it Benefit Actors?

How Can the AlexanderTechnique Make You a Better Musician?

The Alexander Technique and How to Alter Your Breathing

The Alexander Technique and Public Speaking

What Does the Alexander Technique Bring to Cycling?

What Will You Learn from the Alexander Technique as an Office Worker

Why All Dancers Should Adopt the Alexander Technique


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