PANIC – One Time Offer

PANIC – One Time Offer

Panic One Time Offer

Imagine being able to easily create a sense of urgency that will make your customers go into a buying frenzy…
Make Your Customers Decide On The Spot & Instantly Boost Your Sales
By 300% Or More…

With this little tool, it takes only 3 steps to create your very own PANIC OTO:


Answer some questions about your offer.

Save the generated page.

Upload the files to your server.

They don’t come any easier than this!

Using a One-Time-Offer is an excellent marketing technique that can make you tons of money! We all know that.

But imagine being able to make sure that One-Time-Offer is displayed ONLY ONCE to each viewer? It is a proven fact that people are more likely to read your offer if they know it’s the only chance they’ll get. A simple little marketing trick that will almost certainly boost your sales.

And guess what happens when you add a live countdown so your visitors know it is a one-time offer that will expire automatically, forcing them to decide on the spot?

Well, I’ve checked it out: I’ve added both features to my OTO, and guess what… One week later, my sales had tripled.

PANIC OTO is a simple tool that allows you to create a TIME LIMITED offer that will be displayed ONLY ONCE to each visitor.


With this cool little software tool you can…


… easily add your own special offer.


… decide on the countdown length.


… use this tool with every payment processor that provides a URL for payment. (This includes PayPal & Clickbank.)


… easily change the background image.

If you know some HTML, you can change the look of the entire page.


… rebrand the ‘Powered By PanicOTO’ link at the bottom of the generated page with your own PayPal address.


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