Blog Theme Generator (MRR)

Blog Theme Generator (MRR)

Instantly BOOST The Profits Of Your Niche Blogs With Your Own Exclusive, Professional-Quality Blog Themes
…Created In 60 Seconds Flat!

Official figures say that there are now over 50 million blogs on the Internet – with thousands more appearing every day.

Visitors arriving at any blog for the first time usually spend just a few seconds looking at it to decide whether to read the content – or to just click their Back button.

Thats why the theme (or template) you use for your blog really can make or break your blog. After all its the first thing that visitors see.

Your theme must look professional – and it must be directly relevant to the niche or subject matter of the blog.

Now with our brand new Blog Theme Generator, youll get loads of different ways to instantly create great looking themes for all your WordPress blogs…

Instantly Turn Any Photo Into A Complete Blog Theme In 60 Seconds

With Blog Theme Generator, you can turn any photo into a complete blog theme in around 60 seconds.

Now lets turn this into a blog theme.

It takes about 30 seconds to crop the photo (i.e. chop off the bits we dont want – in this case the top and bottom) – and then another 30 seconds to create the theme.

Instantly Turn Any Header Graphic Into A Complete Blog Theme In 30 Seconds

Its quick an easy to create a theme from a photo – but its even easier to create a new theme from a ready-made header graphic.

Header graphics are available from lots of sources. There are lots of packages of them available on the Internet – and many private label articles come with matching headers.

There are also many web designers who will create custom headers from as little as $10.

With Blog Theme Generator, you can turn one of these headers into a complete blog theme in around 30 seconds!

This offers a quick and easy solution to quickly create lots of great looking niche blogs – with almost zero effort!

STOP Losing Visitors And Search Engine Ranking Through Third Party Themes

Most themes available on the Internet include a link shown at the bottom of every blog page, crediting the creator of the theme.

This gives theme creators an incentive to create new themes.

BUT it means that you lose some of your page rank from every single blog page, reducing the search engine ranking of your entire blog.

It also means that you may lose some visitors, who leave your blog by clicking on the link.

When you create a new theme using Blog Theme Generator it does not contain a link to any other site.

This means that simply by using a theme created using Blog Theme Generator, you can increase the page rank of your blog – and avoid losing visitors!

Instantly Customize Existing Themes

As well as creating new themes, Blog Theme Generator can also be used to customize existing themes.

Customizing an existing theme does mean that youll have the theme creators link at the bottom of your blog pages – BUT it allows you to take almost any existing blog theme design and turn it into your own exclusive theme.

There are thousands of ready-made blog themes on the Internet – mostly available free – with a huge range of design features.

With Blog Theme Generator, you can change the header graphic on these themes – replacing it with your own photo or a ready-made header graphic – and you can change the theme colors, too.

Quick And Easy Photo Cropping…

When using a photo (rather than a ready-made header graphic), you need to crop the photo to a suitable size first.

You can crop the photo using any graphics program – but its much easier to use our Photo Crop Tool.

Quick And Easy Theme Creation…

Its quick and easy to create a new theme using Blog Theme Generator.

You can use either a ready-made header graphic or a cropped photo.

Quick And Easy Theme Customization…

Its also quick and easy to customize an existing theme using Blog Theme Generator.


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