Home Run Copywriter with PLR

Home Run Copywriter with PLR

Top 6 Reasons To Secure PLR To This Brand New Copywriting PLR Package

* Instant ownership to a proven to convert product in a hungry niche market.

* All the content you need to profit in this niche which can be sold to webmasters and business owners globally!

* Over 150 PowerPoint slides loaded with content so you can produce your own live trainings and webinars to presell this course, rerecord the entire course with your own twist, or create videos to drive traffic!

* All Templates: Sales page, Squeeze page, Download Page, Thank You Page, 7 Series Email Follow Up Messages, Free Report to Giveaway, and Graphics

* The ability to quickly turn this course into a physical package and make $297 to $497 per sale!

* Impress local offline businesses by giving them a short video on copywriting and instantly expand your services from just SEO to copywriting after they see what you know about copywriting!

Top class quality as usual. The 150 PowerPoint slides alone are worth the price of this WSO.

My recommendation is don’t buy it – the least competition I have the better.:D

Seriously, this is great stuff so JUST BUY IT!

Thanks guys.


Watch This Video To Learn More About This Amazing Offer!

In my opinion dont waste your time…

… reading the sales page I mean 🙂

Just Buy it now its a phenomenal package and I have bought everything Jeff and Paul have done and their courses get better and better!

You can count on Paul and Jeff to give Top Quality material every time!

Looking forward to your next offer – I have bought happily!

Thomas Smith
eBSI Export Academy
***What People Say About Our Other PLR Offers***

This is the best PLR package I have ever seen offered anywhere. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Liz Tomey
This is one of the best PLR packages I have ever invested in…(no bull)… you guys really over-delivered on this one!

Frank Salinas
Your Very Own Copywriting Course…


Today you have a chance to own the Private Label Rights to a full course on copywriting.

Copywriting Is Hot!

Literally you can walk away from this page with private label rights to a course which can help your customers and you increase your profits and sales without even having to increase traffic! You can easily double, triple, or quadruple your sales with good copy and the same amount of traffic! In tough times people need to know this kind of information and they want it!

Reasons Someone Would Invest In A Copywriting Course From You…

1) Need a dramatic increase in sales without increasing traffic!
Example: Improving conversion rate from 1% to 3%

2) Need help writing more effective email copy and blog posts which increases profits from affiliate sales and from your own products.

3) Want to offer copywriting services to other online & offline business owners. Start low and build an entire business out of copywriting.

4) Want to generate more overall profits.

No Fluff, Theory, or Hype…

This 5+ hour copywriting course with PLR is not fluff, theory, or hype. It is pure content. Just read what some of those that have gone through our past trainings had to say about their experience!

Packed with value! Thank you!!! FINALLY someone to teach me the nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing, and I didn’t have to spend a fortune. Thank you so much for your help.

Fae Mayberry
You are an excellent teacher – simplifying complex methods – especially to beginners. Your professional training is very valuable.”

Tammy N
This detailed step by step training is an answer to my prayer and I appreciate you for doing this and offering us this opportunity. Thank you very much.

Jeff & Paul I love your style of teaching! I thoroughly enjoy hearing your voice on the webinars. I think that is your appeal to beginners, a soothing voice helping them through the jungle of the Internet.

I have purchased several other of your PLR courses and each time you over-delivered. Keep going strong.”

Mary Ann
Jeff & Paul, I’ve attended you trainings for some time now and I have to say that not only are you giving me the first views of your newest online products but you are also giving me the training to use the product you are creating and offering as PLR.

Thanks, you have the most informative trainings I have ever attended!”

Lorrie Craven

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your trainings. I have been attending training with one or both of you and Paul Counts for quite some time now.

To be quite frank, your courses have more content and real training than stuff I have paid for from the so called “Gurus” in the past. Those guys only tell part of the story and then want you to cough up more money to get another little part of the puzzle.

Your training is in depth and comprehensive. You explain things in such a way that anyone can understand it and you leave no stone unturned. I have learned more from you than anyone else out there. Not to mention the fact that I can buy the training and watch it over and over until I get it down.

I don’t even want to mention how reasonable your prices are because if people knew how cheap your training is, they would think it isn’t valuable. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is one of those few times in
life that if it seems too good to be true, But it really is true. No other marketer on the internet gives more or better training than you do and absolutely no one else does it for a better price.

I am one happy customer and your support is top notch too.

Thank you and God bless.

Pete Bass
Jeff & Paul,

You have been offering high quality training all during the 12 plus weeks of Easy Sales Blueprint. I can promise you the training on these webinars could easily be converted to a GURU product for over $1000. Post my email address with my testimonial, I’ll say all of this all over the internet.”

Thanks and Many Blessings,

Clyde Reid
Seize This Amazing PLR Opportunity

You know by now that having your own product is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Not only does it increase your credibility, but it also allows you to sell a product that you can make 100% profits on!

Well this package is truly special because you are getting the rights to an in demand course that you can package and sell in both digital or online format in a variety of niche markets from regular online businesses to offline businesses!

You are getting PLR to over 5 hours of intense copywriting training plus over 150 PowerPoint slides that you can use to conduct your own webinar trainings, live workshops, and more.

With this one of a kind PLR package you can:

* Setup a 5 month fixed term membership that you make monthly residual income on! Drive traffic to one page each day and generate income for almost half a year from customers you worked to get one time!

* Package this product onto multiple DVDs and sell it as a home study course for $297 to $497 or more! Net hundreds of dollars in profits with each and every sale! Combine with other video PLR as well.

* Sell this entire course as is…simply add your name to the sales page, add your payment button, and upload the files and you are ready to cash in selling this entire package in digital downloadable format for $27 to $97 per sale easily!

* Run a local workshop in your community and bring on new clients using the provided PowerPoint slides. Even local businesses want to learn how to increase conversions! You can walk away with not only SEO, but copywriting clients as well!

* Break each 1 of the 5 modules into a separate product and upload it to Clickbank so you have 5 product live on Clickbank so you can cash in with massive commissions and generate a huge subscriber base with an exit pop on each one of these product pages.

* Transcribe the audio from the videos and create your own ebook to complement the videos you already have the rights to! Make your package completely desirable to the market so they can’t help, but give you the money for your new products!

* Sell On Auction Sites – Burn the video files to a DVD and sell the course on eBay or other auction websites to tap into a huge influx of new interested buyers! Believe it, or not people buy information products on eBay all the time! Simply upload your sales letter and start potentially profiting like crazy! Just sell the DVDs for a price that does not devalue them at $27 or more!

* Turn Into A Massive Home Study Course – Convert all of the training over to DVDs, transcribe the audios into physical workbooks, and now you have a “thud factor” physical home study course that can net you even more per sale plus drive your credibility through the roof!

* Increase Affiliate Profits for Yourself – Simply use elements of this course as a bonus, or parts of it, as a bonus for higher end affiliate offers and make people want to buy through your link! Make it a no brainer for them to give you the commission instead of going to the competition.

* Bring On Affiliates To Launch These Products for You – Turn this course into your own package and sell it through affiliates by doing your own launch with it!

* Learn From The Products Yourself – These 5 modules are absolutely jam packed with information on how to increase your conversion with good copywriting. Even if you don’t sell these products, but just go through the training you can gain a ton of value!

* Start offering copywriting services to clients and make a killing!

* You Keep 100% of the Profits! You keep all the profits from every sale you make of these products! They are 100% yours now, and you get the money instantly instead of having to wait to get paid as an affiliate!

What Does This New Training Course With PLR Cover?

Here is a breakdown of what you will find inside each of the 5 modules.

Module 1: “Avoiding A Strikeout”

“A.I.D.A” Marketing’s oldest formula & the fundamentals every online entrepreneur should know.

Double or Triple conversions with your existing sales letter or write a brand new killer one that takes your visitor from suspicious reader, and turns them into a trusting, eager to buy customer at the blink of an eye!

(Running Time 72:12 + 39 PowerPoint Slides)

Module 2: “Pitching The Perfect Game”

“Researching & Targeting Your Grand Slam Message”. Personalizing your copy to speak directly to your “Target audience” and make them feel like you have written the sales copy specifically for them.

If you can master this than you will be able to almost guarantee more sales and more profits for yourself.

(Running Time 69:40 + 30 PowerPoint Slides)

Week 3: “Homerun Sales Page Construction”

The Powerful Step-By-Step Process Of Constructing Your Sales Page For Maximum Conversion

(Running Time 71:49 + 41 PowerPoint Slides)

Week 4: “Hitting A Grand Slam”

Effectively Using Persuasion In Your Sales Message. Learn the skills to simply get others to agree with our opinions and come over to our side. Basically get what you want and when you want it.

(Running Time 84:10 + 41 PowerPoint Slides)

Week 5: “Pitch Hitting Swipe”

The Powerful secret to the success of many Grand Slam Hitters

(Running Time 49:10 + 17 PowerPoint Slides)
Sample Video

It is one thing to read about all the content being offered here in these modules, so we decided to provide a link so you can actually watch one of the modules. Click below to watch the module 3 training on “Homerun Sales Page Construction”.

Click Here To Watch Module 3 Sample Now

Notice how much detail and content is provided with just this one training. Now imagine you will have the PLR to 5 modules just like this! We always deliver value with our PLR products!

What Is Your Time Worth?

We all know that one of the most valuable resources we have is time so you know creating a course of this magnitude would take a ton of time and cost you a lot of money because time is money. So let’s just imagine for a moment that you know everything we have compiled in this course so you could train on it and you value your time at just $15 per hour which is very conservative.

If you add up the 5 hours of training alone that would cost you $75 worth of time just for recording. Now for each 1 hour of training there is easily 3 hours of preparation (PowerPoints) and another 1 hour of rendering the videos and working with the recordings. So that is an additional 4 hours per hour of recording or another 20 hours of time on this training!

So in total you could easily put in 25 hours of your time into this course.

At just $15 per hour it would cost you $375 to create this course! Now, most of you value your time at $20 to $50 per hour or more so just continue doing the math and you can see that conservatively for PLR to this turnkey course you should pay around $350!

Stay tuned because you won’t pay close to that!

Also keep in mind that the above example was assuming that you knew all about copywriting and increasing conversions already. So just researching, testing, and tracking alone you are looking at countless more hours!

We Simplified Your Life!

Completely No Risk Investment – 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy

Offering a refund on a product like this is risky simply because it involves PLR and it is easy for someone to rip us off. Well, we decided
that we would still offer people a 30 day refund on this which gives you a full month to check out the product in full. We are doing this because we know the value of this course and we are fully confident that you won’t even consider refunding this after you get it, but the refund is here to prove that we are willing to remove all risk for you!

So What’s Included Again In This Amazing Turnkey PLR Package

Over 5 hours of video content you can Re-brand & sell for 100% profits online and have your own massive product or membership! (These recordings come with an editable WMV source file available for each!)

PowerPoint Presentations that go with the training course. You have the right to Brand as your own and add even more content and record your own live presentations or workshops with these. In total there is over 150 content rich slides in this package!

Giveaway Report to help you build your list and get people into your product funnel. The giveaway report is 12 pages!

Squeeze Page Template

Download Page Template

Thank You Page Template

Sales Page

7 Series Follow Up Presell Messages (7 Emails)

How Much for All of This?

As outlined above you know it could easily be justified that in time alone this course could cost you well over $350!

Well, you won’t have to pay close to this figure!

You can easily sell a course of this magnitude for $77 in just one shot, but we aren’t even going to make you pay this price!

Right here and right now you can grab private label rights to your own turnkey digital copywriting home study package for a ridiculous price of only $47!

Your Rights

In order to keep the value high with this series I have put in special rights that you have. You can brand the videos and edit them however you like though, and of course sell the package as-is, or create your own hot product from the content and PowerPoints.

Please note that you can include this in paid membership sites with personal use only. We do not want people buying this and putting it into mass resell rights memberships for $4.95, $9.95, or $19.95.

* Suggested Selling Price: $47
* Minimum Selling Price $27

[Yes] Can be sold
[Yes] Can be edited
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for high end paid products
[Yes] Can be included in “paid” membership sites only with Personal Use Only (No Resell Rights Memberships)
[Yes] Can Sell Resale Rights – Only can pass rights to your customers. Your customers cannot pass on any rights. They can only sell the course. No MRR.
[Yes] Can be combined with other offers.
[Yes] Can be turned into DVDs.
[Yes] Can claim yourself as the author or producer of the videos.
[Yes] Can sell on eBay.com.
[Yes] Includes Sales Page
[No] Can pass Private Label Rights
[No] Can Pass Master Resale Rights
[No] Can be used as free web content
[No] Can be given away free (Only Free Report)
[No] Can be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites.
[No] Can be sold as a WSO.
[No] Can offer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a Classified
[No] Can pass the editable source video files and PowerPoints along to customers.

Still on the Fence?

If you are still on the fence here just remember that you are getting rights to a massive course that you can sell for more than what we are asking for the one time PLR payment! Also, we are backing this up with a 100% money back guarantee.

This is truly an insane deal and one of the top PLR video offers yet to be offered. Take action on this before you forget and grab ownership to your own copywriting course!


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